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School of Law December 9, 2009. Thank you for this opportunity! It is good to be back to visit with you! And of course… 2.

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1 School of Law December 9, 2009

2 Thank you for this opportunity! It is good to be back to visit with you! And of course… 2

3 Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays! 3

4 Goals Talk about where we have been Where we want to go Listen to you And of course, thank you for what you do! 4

5 Economists like pictures and graphs Some dots and a triangle… 5

6 Weather Neurosurgery Other And of course, stinking economy… Its Been Some Year 6

7 We know that nationally times have been unprecedented… 7 GDP Declines During Postwar Recessions (peak-to-trough percent change; date is year of peak quarter)

8 U. S. Job Loss Are we out of the woods yet? 8

9 Kentucky has not been immune to those impacts 9 Notes: 1.Employment 2009 < employment 1999 2.Sept. 08 – Sept. 09 employment loss -4.7% General Fund decline – 4.0%

10 Oct. 09 207.0 (p) Kentucky Economy: Manufacturing – Our Bread and Butter Manufacturing employment (in thousands) p: preliminary 10

11 We (Kentucky) face challenges Big challenges Structural challenges We will struggle for a while – next biennium budget will be ugly (How is that for a forecast?) In the words of that great philosopher, Lily Tomlin, Its going to get a lot worse before it gets worse. 11

12 Whats all this have to do with UofL? We are expected to help improve economic opportunity and quality of life for Kentuckians (HB1 – 1997) Law has not changed. 12

13 U of L to be Premier Nationally Recognized Metropolitan Research University Challenge for Excellence (1998 – 2008) We met Challenge 2020 Plan 13

14 And the weak economy has an impact on us too… Kentucky Employment Losses Cuts/Cuts/Cuts 9 for 9 State Individual Income Tax/Sales Tax 14

15 Some numbers… (Depressing, arent they) 15 e – estimate a – actual r - revised Year State General Fund (000,000) FY 08$8,664.0 (a) FY09 $9,005.7 (e-budget '08) $8,548.4 (r-Nov. '08) $8,426.0 (a) FY10 $9,417.6 (e-budget) $8,295 (r-May 09) $8,214.0 (r-Aug. 09) $8,135.0 (r-Oct. 09) FY11$8,315.0 (Oct. 09) FY12$8,623.0 (Oct. 09)

16 But no one is… hanging it up or calling it quits just because we are challenged – To the contrary… 16

17 Despite cuts and other distractions, we are making progress… We are resilient 17

18 Our Students… Freshman class average ACT 1998 – 21.4 2009 – 24.5 State avg. – 20.8 (19.4) National avg. – 21.1 24 National Merit Scholars More students from outside Jefferson County than inside 18

19 Our Graduates… 1998 – 1,734 degrees awarded 2009 – 2,428 degrees awarded – 2020 Goal – 3,074 Graduation rate – Increased from 30% in 1998 to 48.4% in 2009 – 2020 Goal – 60% Doctoral Degrees – 1998 – 76 – 2009 – 142 – 2020 Goal – 350 A Rhodes Scholar 19

20 Our Research… 20 Research Funding and NIH Funding Total grants: 1998 - $42 M 2009 - $140 M 2020 Goal - $400 M

21 From mind to marketplace 199820082020 Goal Startup companies (cumulative)12234 Patents (cumulative) Applications filed 1517101,064 License option agreements (cumulative) 1773110 Note: By 2008, 130 patents were issued, a 136% increase since 1998. 21

22 School of Law The opening of the University of Louisville Law Clinic. The inaugural class of students in the University of Louisville Law Clinic: Dustin Thacker, Becca O'Neill, Chad Reid, Christopher McDavid, Caroline Lynch Pieroni, and Amy Jay. Beginning the process of integrating the full-time and part- time divisions into a single program conferring the degree of juris doctor

23 School of Law Hiring two new tenure-track faculty members: Ariana Levinson and Shelley Santry (our new clinic director) Some representative faculty achievements: – Sam Marcosson received a 2009 Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching – Les Abramson edited "Kentucky Lawyers Speak: Oral History from Those Who Lived It" – John Cross and Lars Smith staged the second annual Conference on Innovation and Communications Law – Susan Hanley Duncan completed her term as president of the Legal Writing Institute

24 School of Law Our faculty's scholarship runs the gamut of contemporary legal issues: social networking sites, indigenous peoples' traditional knowledge, the language of judicial decisions, professional responsibility, commercial transactions, securities regulation, mental illness in the legal profession, corporate ethics, same-sex marriage, race-consciousness in public education, special education and disability law, and immigration. Some significant student achievements: – More than 4500 hours in public service performed by the members of the class of 2009 – Continuing to outpace statewide averages in overall bar passage rates (86% versus 80%) and bar passage rates for first-time candidates (89% versus 85%)

25 We have far, far more to do despite the challenges! 25

26 1.Reengineer operations 2.Convert underperforming assets to fully performing assets 3.Increase fundraising 4.Expand clinical activities 5.Develop partnerships 6.Improve contract research/commercializing 7.Being creative (e.g. TIF) But – we will have to do more! How do we do this with cuts? 26

27 How do we do this with cuts? 2. Under performing assets… 3. Increase fundraising… 4. Expand clinical activities 1. Reengineer operations 27

28 How do we do this with cuts? 5. Develop partnerships… 7. Being creative (e.g.. TIF) 6. Improve contract research/commercialization… 28

29 Biggest dividends Minimized unit cuts Continue to leave carry forward with Deans/VPs but We know…salaries/operating/etc. Some other thoughts… 29

30 1.We have been challenged, significantly challenged 2.But we have progress, significant progress 3.It isnt going to get any easier – challenges are not going away 4.But we will stay focused and do the best we can WHY? Before we hand off to the Provost 30

31 Per Capita Income in All 50 States v. Adults with Bachelors Degrees or Higher - Data for 2007 2007 31

32 The 2020 Plan What we will try to do 32

33 2020 Strategic Plan Creation 33

34 House Bill 1: Become a premier metropolitan research university by 2020 34

35 2020 Strategic Plan Areas of Focus 1.Educational Excellence 2.Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity 3.Community Engagement 4.Diversity, Opportunity and Social Justice 5.Creative and Responsible Stewardship 35

36 Trying to improve something when you dont have a means of measurement and performance standards is like setting out on a cross-country trip in a car without a fuel gauge. You can make calculated guesses and assumptions based on experience and observations, but without hard data, conclusions are based on insufficient evidence. Mikel Harry, author of a good book on Six Sigma. 36

37 Measurements that are not in service of an organizational strategy are worthless. So I would agree that if you are measuring for measurements sake, you are wasting time. Metrics should be aligned to an organizational vision. When they are, they tell you if you are headed in the direction of fulfilling your strategy or not. 37

38 Our scientific age demands that we provide definitions, measurements, and statistics in order to be taken seriously. Yet most of the important things in life cannot be precisely defined or measured. Can we define or measure love, beauty, friendship or decency, for example? 38

39 Scorecard implementation plan and schedule developed, presented and discussed with Deans, Academic Officers, and Vice Presidents. Annual goal setting and accountability. Scorecard metrics reviewed and revised slightly to ensure they are SMART: S. specific, stretching M. measurable, motivational A. agreed upon; action oriented R. relevant; results oriented T. time-based; trackable Scorecard metrics and baselines defined Scorecard goals projected from 2009-2010 to 2020-2021 2020 Strategic Plan Implementation 39

40 40

41 41

42 42

43 2020 Strategic Plan Assignment Strategy 43

44 – Graduation rate Best students Transfers – NSSE i2a – critical thinking and engaged teaching – Ph.D. – Faculty Educational Excellence 44

45 Funding Clinical – translational CTSA Interdisciplinary programs Prestige Economic development Research 45

46 Diversity plans Create an engaged, inclusive community How do we keep commitments and respond to changing world? What are the metrics to measure accomplishment? Diversity, Opportunity & Social Justice 46

47 City Solutions Center Signature Partnership Our neighborhood Campus community Great Places to Work Carnegie Classification Clinical and service opportunities Athletics Community Engagement 47

48 Philanthropy Efficiency Accountability Haymarket/Shelbyhurst Sustainability Responsible Stewardship 48

49 49

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