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Ch 4 Review.

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1 Ch 4 Review

2 #1 The beatitudes are the very heart of Jesus’ preaching, taking up the promises made to Abraham and fulfilling them by leading us to God’s kingdom. The very word beatitude means “happy.”

3 #2 The Beatitudes begin Jesus’ great Sermon on the Mount which teaches us the how of our Christian vocation. Jesus teaches us what attitudes we should have and what actions we must do to live like him and attain true happiness.

4 #3 Why is it important to remember that Jesus was truly a human being? Since he was a human, we can relate to what he did.

5 #4 In what way was Jesus a perfect teacher? He was fully human and fully God (divine).

6 #5 According to the Gospel of Mark, what was the central focus of Jesus’ teaching? This is the time of the fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.

7 #6 True or False? The kingdom of God is not fully accomplished and it is our task to help further it. True

8 #7 What does repentance mean? We must reform our hearts, minds, and souls and avoid sin.

9 #8 Our willingness to repent is linked to our faith in Christ, the acceptance of God’s total, unconditional love for each of us. It means saying “yes” to God’s forgiveness as well as a positive response to Jesus and to his gospel.

10 #9 What is Jesus’ essential message for living the good and moral life? Love one another as I love you.

11 #10 For Jesus, love is not a warm, fuzzy feeling, it is sometimes difficult. Loving as he loves requires remaining close to him, allowing him to live in us and teach us by power of the Holy Spirit.

12 #11 Jesus has given us a way to grow in holiness and stay connected to him in the Eucharist. It enables us to enter into the mystery it represents and celebrates Jesus’ Paschal Mystery.

13 #12 What is the challenge of the Liturgy of the Word? To take the good news to heart and live in the present on our journey to the triune God

14 #13 What is remarkable about our union with the Lord in Holy Communion? Our risen Lord comes to us in the form of bread and wine.

15 #14 The Sermon on the Mount is a proclamation of the requirement for Christian discipleship. Because Jesus is with us we are in a new age and the values the world regards highly are being toppled. The secret to happiness is to live the Beatitudes, imitate and trust God, and put the law of love into concrete actions.

16 #15 True or False? God implanted in us a desire for material things. False – God implanted in us a desire for happiness.

17 #16 True or False? Jesus teaches what we have to do right now to develop the kind of attitudes that lead to happiness in the next life. True

18 #17 What kind of poverty recognizes that all we have and all we are is a total gift from God? Poor in Spirit

19 #18 In what sense are those who mourn, blessed? They will be comforted by God and Jesus

20 #19 In what sense are the meek, blessed? They identify with the Lord and will inherit the land.

21 #20 What does it mean to “hunger and thirst for righteousness”? They always strive for the better

22 #21 What does it mean to be merciful? Love your neighbor as you love yourself

23 #22 Who are “the clean of heart”? Single hearted, undivided in your loyalties

24 #23 What does it mean to be a “peacemaker”? This means to keep the peace and carry out God’s will

25 #24 Who are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness? People who stand up for what is right even in the face of abuse and mockery

26 #25 Jesus fulfills the Mosaic Law by emphasizing its Spirit and intent rather than stressing a strict interpretation of the “letter” of the Law. Jesus sets a higher Standard, the law of Love.

27 #26 True or False? In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus emphasizes the external observance of the Law. FALSE- internal

28 #27 True or False? Jesus overturns the sixth commandment against adultery. False- He upholds it

29 #28 True or False? Jesus perfects the old Law by teaching his law of love which extends to even loving one’s enemies. True

30 #29 Jesus’ disciples should forgive enemies in order to break the Chain of Violence and root out vengeance. He calls us to high standards of Behavior, motivated by love, giving us the help and grace of the HS.

31 #30 How should followers of Jesus perform religious works such as praying, almsgiving, and fasting? Humbly with purest of motives.

32 #31 In all his instructions Jesus continually gets at our Motivation, leading us to ask the question: “Why an I doing these things?”

33 #32 What is a double theme of Jesus’ teaching? Pure motivation and trusting in Gods goodness

34 #33 What is the Golden Rule? Do onto others what they would do onto you.

35 #34 What is the meaning of Jesus’ teaching about the narrow gate? Don’t live a risky or foolish life, and love God above all.

36 #35 True or False? Simply saying you believe in Jesus is enough for Christians. FALSE

37 #36 What is the difference between judging others and tolerating people?

38 #37 Jesus has given us the grace that “justifies” us before God and that empowers us to live morally as he requires of us. Justification is the giftof the Holy Spirit’s grace that cleanses us from our sins through conversion.

39 #38 What benefits do we receive from the gift of justification? It forgives our sins and brings inner renewal to our hearts as well as bestows on us the virtues of faith, hope, and charity.

40 #39 What is grace according to the CCC? To favor the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call and become the children of God.

41 #40 What is the difference between sanctifying grace, actual grace, and sacramental grace? Sanctifying Grace makes us holy, actual grace gives us God’s intervention, and sacramental grace is the specific gifts that come from particular sacraments.

42 #41 True or False? God never forces his love or his gifts on us but has made us with a hunger to do good and to search for truth. True

43 #42 Living a moral life and doing good requires self-denial and a lifelong commitment. These efforts are worthwhile (merit) for us an eternal reward of union with the Blessed Trinity.

44 #43 What is the one condition for us to merit eternal life?
We must cooperate with the many graces God has given to us.

45 #44 What does it mean to be holy? To live God’s law of love; to be God-like.

46 #45 The Sacrament of Baptism incorporates us into the Body showers us with of Christ and, along with the Sacrament of Confirmation, the graces of the Holy Spirit. The Eucharist unites us even more closely to the Lord.

47 #46 How do we participate in the priestly ministry of Jesus? The prophetic ministry? The kingly ministry? Priestly- offering everything we do in our daily lives to God Prophetic- by proclaiming the good news in both word and in deeds Kingly- by mastering our passions working for justice

48 #47 What is the vocation of every Christian? Discipleship

49 #48 Men and women in religious life try to live the virtue of charity in the most perfect way by following Christ more nearly by dedicating themselves totally to God to signify in the Church the glory of the world to come.

50 #49 True or False? Contemplative orders emphasize active ministries such as caring for the sick or teaching, while apostolic orders put primary emphasis on living a life centered on the celebration of prayer False; Apostolic orders emphasize active ministries, contemplative orders put primary emphasis

51 #50 True or False? Third Orders and Associates include lay people, both married and unmarried, who promise to live the spirituality of specific religious communities. True

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