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Tim Conlon & Gemma Irvine NUIG 20 th Feb 2013 Investing in People and Ideas.

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1 Tim Conlon & Gemma Irvine NUIG 20 th Feb 2013 Investing in People and Ideas

2 Two Councils become one The mission of the Irish Research Council is to enable and sustain a vibrant and creative research community in Ireland

3 Council Members Prof Orla Feely (Chair) UCD Prof John Brewer, University of Aberdeen Professor Thomas M Cooney, DIT Dr Ivan Coulter, Sigmoid Pharma Ltd Prof Caroline Fennell, UCC Prof James Gleeson, UL Prof Sheila Greene, TCD Prof Anita R Maguire, UCC Prof Rowena Pecchenino, NUI Maynooth Prof Sean Ryder, NUI, Galway Prof Alan F Smeaton, DCU Dr Eucharia Meehan (Director, IRC)

4 Executive Staff Dr Eucharia Meehan, Director Dr Gemma Irvine, Assistant Director Fiona Davis, Programme Manager Sorcha Carthy, European Projects Officer Dr Ruth-Blandina Quinn, European Projects Officer Liz McFeely, Research Support Margaret Egan, Research Support

5 Postdoctoral Fellowships Postdoc Government of Ireland 1 year 20 th March 2013 2 years Enterprise Partnership Scheme Elevate Fellowship

6 GOI & EPS Postdoc Fellowships All Disciplines & types of research Value of Award (Salary 31,275k; PRSI & 20% pension if applicable) Eligible direct research expenses <5,000pa Full-time Fellowships held at a recognised Irish HEI (does not include Northern Ireland)

7 Eligibility for GOI & EPS Fellowships have doctoral degree completed within five year period before call deadline have authored or co-authored at least one published peer-reviewed research publication or equivalent IP output or samples of written work Must not hold/have held a GOI or EPS Postdoctoral Fellowship before have been a Postdoc for <5yrs be a permanent member of staff at a Higher Education Institution at home or abroad

8 Be an Experienced Researcher (ER) of any nationality (e.g. hold a PhD or have 4 years full- time equivalent research experience) Be a resident of an EU or Associated Country - who is currently living in Ireland but does not have to be an Irish citizen. Have been an ER for no more than 5 years Have spent no more than 40% of his/her time during their ER career period carrying out research outside Ireland Elevate Eligibility

9 If international host is HEI: If international host is non- HEI: 40% EU Commission funding 40% EU Commission funding 60% IRC funding 30% IRC funding 30% Host Partner funding 3 year Postdoctoral Fellowship Total award, circa 87,000 per annum (x 3 = c260k) Includes all costs of researcher (e.g. salary 65k (incl PRSI, pension), mobility/travel 11k, research costs 10k, health insurance) Cost to non-HEI, circa 26,000 per annum (x3 = c78k) Quarterly or annual invoices paid to the Irish Research Council in advance Postdoctoral Researcher is an employee of the Irish HEI for the duration of the award Elevate FINANCE

10 Preparing an Application Read the T&C and Guide for Applicants Talk to Mentor/Enterprise Partner/Referees ASAP!! Talk to Research Office Ethical approval? Gender Dimension Statement? Data management, Protection & Security

11 Things to think about…. Make a proper plan of action. Think about your proposed study! Description of project; methodology; research plan) is key – its worth 50 marks. Answer all questions (or write n/a where not applicable). Word counts are maximums not targets! Remember first impressions do count!! Grammar, sqell cheak, proof read.

12 Things to think about…. Be focused!! Keep prose simple, declarative and precise in all sections – do not write in essay mode. Use jargon free language. The IRC Budget is extremely limited & we get thousands of applications: How can you make your application stand out? Think about potential outputs/dissemination International reputational risk particularly for HEI and mentor if application is poor Should not apply just for the sake of it!

13 FAQs The FAQs are available on the website. Queries that are not addressed on the FAQs list may be sent to The question and answer will then be posted on the website. The IRC will not enter into individual correspondence to ensure transparency and equity of access to information.

14 Application Process The IRC provides full guidance on using the online system APPLICANT: Individual applicant registers online Sent login details Fill in application form (English or Irish languages only) Provide contact details for other parties 20 th March 5pm (GMT) Review your application & submit by 20 th March 5pm (GMT)

15 Application Process The IRC provides full guidance on using the online system MENTOR/ENTERPRISE PARTNER/REFEREES: Mentor & Enterprise Partner need to pre-register on system (Referees dont) All parties sent login email invitation Fill in specific form 3 rd April 5pm (GMT) Review & submit by 3 rd April 5pm (GMT)

16 Application Process The IRC provides full guidance on using the online system HOST HEI ENDORSEMENT: Sent notice that application is ready to review Check all relevant parts 17th th April 5pm (GMT) Endorse & submit by 17th th April 5pm (GMT) No alterations can be made once application is submitted Applicant sent confirmation email of endorsement

17 Evaluation Process Three-phase approach: 1.Eligibility Check and Adherence to Terms & Conditions; 2.Remote evaluation by International Assessment Board, scoring & ranking; 3.Assessment Board meeting, scoring & ranking; [Project 50%; Applicant 30%; Environment 20%]

18 Focus on funding excellence, originality and potential Separate funding streams for GOI AHSS & GOI STEM & EPS & ELEVATE No subject quotas, no favoured topics nor disciplines Both new and repeat applications are funded Evaluation Process

19 Lack of awareness of ethical considerations; Process – significant and feasible; Need for clear methodological approaches Importance of certain skills – pre and post PhD e.g. languages; Choice of mentor & HEI – very important and generally not treated as such; Referees should be more to the point (frank) General Assessor Comments…. (why applicants dont get funded)

20 Apparent lack of input from Graduate Studies Office/Mentor/Department/ Research Advice Read Terms and Conditions carefully Read and re-read Evaluation Criteria whilst completing the application form Read your completed application before submitting – proof read at least and ask a second person to read it for you Listen to any advice given! General Assessor Comments…. (why applicants dont get funded)

21 Biological Sciences A Biological Sciences B Chemistry Computer Science Earth/Environmental Science Engineering Mathematics Physics Study of the Human Past Cultures and Cultural production Individuals, Institutions, markets, values, behaviour the mind and environment Primary Areas - Panels

22 Marie Curie 3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards Years 1 & 2: based in international host (HEI or enterprise, social or cultural organisation, NGO) Year 3: based in Irish HEI maintaining link to international host 2 Calls – 1st Call closing early 2013: 20 awards covering all disciplines (10 non-academic awards). – 2 nd Call closing early 2014: 25 awards covering all disciplines (15 non-academic awards). Elevate Fellowship

23 Eligible host organisations are research teams in HEIs or research locations that can demonstrate a sufficiently high international research reputation: national research institutions well-founded enterprise research facilities social, cultural and non-government organisations (e.g. library, archive, museum, institute with scientific, cultural, social or economic interest in the proposed project) Capacity to provide professional guidance and mentoring to the individual researcher Access to experimental facilities or data If non-HEI, a commitment to co-fund at 30% for the duration of the award Host Commitment

24 Value for Companies Benefits for Researchers Access to exceptionally talented pre- assessed researchers & potential future employees Mentoring from Enterprise Experts Build research networks and collaborations with Irish Universities and Institutes of Technology Enhanced Employability Low level of bureaucracy – Streamlined process from application to award Transferable skills Maximise potential for innovation – People and Ideas Exposure to non- academic research environment


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