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Goals of the course were to undertake a systematic, but reflective, study of the spirituality of (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth): 1. To gain a deeper appreciation.

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1 Goals of the course were to undertake a systematic, but reflective, study of the spirituality of (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth): 1. To gain a deeper appreciation of the elements of a spirituality 2. To understand, and to adopt a spirituality Textbooks and Reference books used were the Peace Messages ( ), (Gathering for Reading and Learning Series), 12 volumes True Fathers speeches & Dae Mo Nims speeches

2 The Spirituality of Spirituality: Not only to talk about it, but actually do it * To understand the ideal * To sees the reality of life (our own individual/family life) Eliminate all judgments and accusations Dae Mo Nims 7 points to overcome fallen nature: Unity between husband and wife to make an ideal family Rid fallen nature, change ourselves to become ideal people & family Never smoke, drink, or take drugs Do not fall Never misuse public money, or public things; tithe Dont hurt anyones heart (feelings) Attend church

3 The Spirituality of 7 fundamental duties and mission for every citizen of (the Path by which they must live) from the PM # 5 Peace Palace 1. About the family: 3 generations to live together Establish a true family and raise true children Protect and bequeath Gods lineage intact, generation to generation 2. Live with our mind & body united as one. True Fathers motto: Before I desire to have dominion over the universe, I must first gain dominion over myself (follow conscience, control sex organ) PM # 10 3. Educate all people and guide them all into the era 4. Live in harmony with the spirit world, preparing for eternity 5. Use our talents and abilities for the sake of the whole; no selfish individualism (tithe) 6. Take care of and love nature 7. Make this era blossom and bear fruit in blessing and glory Family spirituality: 4 great realms of heart; 3 great kingships; True Family Values (Family Pledge)

4 The Spirituality of The Importance of Understanding Gods Heart 1. Conceptual, intellectual, theological Understanding 2. Philosophical (Unification Thought) 3. Morality and ethically (Ethics) 4. Practical & Spiritual Understanding (prayer/meditation & action) 5. Effective Understanding of Gods Heart => My daily effort (will and action) to actualize true love (life for the sake of others) in my daily life, family, etc.

5 The Spirituality of Uniting the Physical World and the Spirit World Family Pledge # 5: to strive everyday to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners, by centering on true love. Peace Message # 5. True Father says: … even in the spiritual world we are destined to go on living in our spiritual bodies, and to form and maintain close relationships with all phenomena of the Spiritual World. (PM # 12, 184) …Be ever mindful to live in harmony with the spirit world. Communicate in prayer with the heavenly world with sincerity and dedication… (PM # 5, 76) Book: Earthly Life & the Spiritual World Dr. Sang Hun Lee

6 The Spirituality of Daily Home Life of a Citizen of In our daily life, we are involved with people and things Family altar, Family prayer Family development and relationships Relationships with Words (Love and Blessings) True Fathers State of Mind in Loving All Things In our home: furniture, telephone, electricity, water … Relationship with food, meals … Posture while standing, walking, sitting, sleeping … Our look face, clothes, shoes …

7 The Spirituality of Husband and Wife How do a husband and wife love each other? Communication is vitally important 31 Practical Ways to Love Your Wife (Husband) A Home is a Happy Place For children, their parents are God during their young life Children find security, safety, happiness, comfort at home with their parents Parents find great joy and fulfillment in their children The home is to be without fear, pain, anxiety, anger, etc. but instead a place of joy and happiness, freedom and comfort, creativity and unity, a place of learning and excitement, a place of wonderful, happy, unforgettable memories which realizes the home of spirituality Seminars & Books on the subject: The Act of Marriage (Tim and Beverly LaHaye, 1978) True Love, Sex and Health (Dr. Masuda, 2008)

8 The Spirituality of : A Life of Reporting to God 1960: Parents Day & Childrens Day, 1963: Day of All Things, 1968: Gods Day 1985 – 1992 = True Fathers responsibility (from 1985.08.15 Il Sung Il) 1992 – 1999 = True Mothers responsibility (World Tour) + Proclamation of CTA 1994 05 01 Family Pledge 1995 01 19 Start of CheongPyeong Providence with HJN and DMN 1999 Start of liberation of ancestors 1999.03.21 Satan (Lucifer) surrendered to True Parents and to God (1999.05.14) 1999.09.09 End of Satans dominion (Liberation Day of Cosmic Unification) 1999 – 2006 = Saints responsibility to restore Kingship (nation) 1999.9.10 True Father educates BCFs with the authority to convey the Blessing Pray, REPORT to God in our own name & Aju late August 2006 2000.9.14 Registration Blessing, 2001.1.13 Gods coronation ceremony Keep purity (Absolute sex) Do not misuse public property, Do not hurt peoples heart = Flow of heavenly fortune and heavenly blessing

9 The Spirituality of Spirituality of As Expressed in Ritual Life Everything must be connected with God and True Parents The spirit world works with and through ritual: Depends on our attitude, seriousness, heart of attendance & attention we find inspiration, energy, tears, feelings of determination, repentance … We must nurture a mind of absolute faith, love, and obedience in ritual Rev. Kwak (1987): Rituals can lose their spirituality Ritual is very important in the nurture of True Father asks we observe Hoon Dok Hae, Ahn Shi Il, Sunday worship at church, tithing, prayer, live for the sake for others These are all rituals, but they are the highest level of ritual, designed to make us citizens to help us make spiritual progress.

10 The Spirituality of Home Life: Parents and Children The family is the school of love and textbook of love Education, raising children and parent/child relationship Education by example Book 4, Chapter 9: True Education for Children Sun Myung Moons Philosophy of Education Gathering for Reading and Learning Series Vol 4: Unification Family Life Gathering for R & L Series Vol 5: Raising Children in Gods Will Gathering for R & L Series Vol 8: The Way for a True Child Raising Children of Peace (Farley and Betsy Jones) Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (Meg Meeker) The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy Families (David Niven)

11 The Spirituality of Daily Life as a Citizen of : Society Divine Principle: The economical, political & ethical society, based on the ideal family, is a society of: Interdependence Mutual prosperity Universally shared values Unification Thought: (centered on God) speaks about the Principles of: Mutual Existence (economy) Prosperity (political) Righteousness (ethical)

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