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Unit 8 Protecting our Environment

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1 Unit 8 Protecting our Environment
Text A Saving Nature, but Only for Man

2 Vocabulary 1. (L 3) everyone has claims to … claim: a statement that sth. is true * make/ have/ deny/ reject/ support a claim --- They made claims that they couldn’t live up to.

3 * a claim to do/ be sth. --- I make no claim to understand the complexity of the situation. * false/ extravagant/ dubious claims --- This firm makes false claims about their products.

4 2. (L.7)distinguish between environmental luxuries and environmental necessities.
distinguish: to recognize and understand the difference between two or more things or people distinguish sth. from … distinguish between right and wrong

5 3.(L.9) things we must have regardless.
regardless: in spite of everything, anyway carry on/ go on regardless ---- His parents objected to his marriage, but he carried on regardless. --- He got a lot of criticism, but he just went on ~. regardless of:

6 5.(L13) preserving the atmosphere
preserve: to save sth. from being harmed or destroyed ---to plant trees and preserve the existing woodlands

7 6. (L.14)halting the greenhouse effect
halt: to prevent sth. from continuing (=stop) --- to halt economic decline n. bring traffic to a halt/ come to a halt

8 7. (L20) its possible consequences are far deadlier
consequence: sth. that happens as a result of an action or set of conditions --- Do you believe poverty is a direct consequence of over population? as a consequence of sth. of little consequence (not very important) consequent (adj.) consequently (adv.)

9 8. (L 29) on the grounds of self-preservation
on the grounds of/ on .. grounds: for reasons of --- He was not employed on the grounds of his age. --- The proposal was rejected on environmental grounds. (on moral/ medical/ legal grounds) have grounds to do sth. (have reason to do)

10 9. (L 32) to sacrifice in the name of other creatures.
in one’s name/ in the name of sb. *officially belonging to one or is for one to use. --- The house is in my father’s name. *as someone else’s official representative --- I claim this land in the name of the king.

11 10. (L.34) the public resistance to foreign aid and welfare
resistance: opposition (followed by to) ---There is strong ~ to the plan for a new chemical plant in this area. welfare: help that is provided for people who have personal or social problems --- welfare benefit/ services/ programs

12 11. (L47) the current debate raging over oil drilling
current: occurring in or existing at the present time ( ~ affairs/ economic situation/ advertising campaign) debate on / about sth. rage: continue with great force, be intense --- Price inflation still rages although the government has taken some measures. --- Street fighting raged all over the city.

13 12. (L 48) a bill working its way through Congress
work one’s way to/ through sth.: to achieve sth. gradually by working

14 work one’s way through school/ college/ university: do a job while you are a student because you need money --- He had worked his way up to head of department. --- As my family couldn’t afford my tuition fee, I had to work my way through college. Others: fight/ shoulder/ elbow/ force… one’s way

15 13. (L 51) a substantial energy tax
substantial: large in amount, considerable --- a ~ salary/ breakfast/ --- We have got support from a ~ number of students.

16 14. a high aesthetic good aesthetic: connected with beauty and the study of beauty --- a work of great ~ appeal, from an ~ point of view aesthetically appealing aesthete: a person who loves and understand beautiful things aesthetics: the study of beauty

17 15. (L 70) The important distinction …
distinction: difference clear/ sharp ~ make/ draw a ~ between … and … --- Is it easy to draw a ~ between popular and serious literature? --- There is no ~ between courage and bravery.

18 16. (L73) … choose between his well-being and … nature will have to accommodate.
well-being: a feeling of being comfortable, healthy and happy (e.g.a feeling of ~, the physical/ emotional/ material/ psychological ~ ) accommodate: to get used to a new situation Her eyes took a while to ~ to the darkness

19 17. (L76) bound up together bind/ bind up: tie things firmly together with cloth or string If two people or groups are bound (up) together , they share a particular experience or situation which causes them to have a relationship. --- These two countries are bound together by a common history.

20 18. (L77) the very integrity of man's environment
integrity: the state of being united as one complete thing (the territory ~ of the country) the quality of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right (personal/ profession/ moral ~)

21 19.(L.84) humanistic environmentalism
humanism: the belief that human problems can be solved through science rather than religion Humanism: the study during the Renaissance of the ideas of the ancient Greeks and Romans

22 20.(L.85) for nature's sake but for our own.
sake: purpose, benefit or well-being for one’s sake/ for the sake of sth. --- For God’s sake. --- I’m studying history in its own sake, not because it will help me get a job. --- She argues for the sake of arguing. --- “art for art’s sake”

23 Useful Expressions 11. 保护自然 1. 环境意识 12. 以 --- 为理由 2. 对尼龙的厌恶
13. 对地球感情用事 14. 与--- 格格不入 15. 减少消费 16. 大气臭氧层 17. 保护环境 18. 感情用事的环境保护论者 19. 错误的心态 20. 为了大自然 1. 环境意识 2. 对尼龙的厌恶 3. 以 --- 的名义 4. 对环境的奢侈追求 5. 对环境的必需要求 6. 运用规则 7. 基本原理 8. 理智环境保护论 9. 遏止温室效应 10食物链

24 After-class assignment
Go over unit 8 of Intergrated Reading; Finish the the listening of Listening and Speaking, and the reading of Reading Course and Fast Reading according to the teaching plan. Thank You and Good Bye!

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