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The utilization of the HEC-ResSim 3

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1 The utilization of the HEC-ResSim 3
The utilization of the HEC-ResSim 3.0, at the formation of the river OHŘE model and its testing at the Dispatchers' Games 2008. Jiří Sovina, Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Spatial Planning, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague January 2011

2 HEC-ResSim 3.0
The HEC-ResSim 3.0 is released as a freeware. The user must agree to the given terms and conditions. The HEC-ResSim was developed at the: US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Hydrologic Engineering Center, Source: On the occasion of the Dispatchers' Games held in November 2008 at the premises of the Ohře River Basin Authority, state enterprise, in Chomutov, the model of the water management system control created at the Czech University of Life Sciences was tested. The model was formed with the help of the HEC-ResSim 3.0 program which is currently used, among others, for the students instruction in the lectures on hydroinformatics For the sake of the presentation, the real historical flood data were selected, with the flood passage somewhat increased, in order to demonstrate enhanced impact at the flood region. The result of the attempt ought to have been to define the most effective flood control by means of the appropriate operations on the reservoir system Skalka, Jesenice, Horka, Březová, Stanovice and Nechranice. This model was biuld in connection with the work on the grant project reg. n. 103/07/1620.

3 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Module Concept:

4 HEC-ResSim 3.0 The map basis, working with layers
(ESRI Shape-file) source: DMÚ 25, DIBAVOD HEC-ResSim 3.0

5 HEC-ResSim 3.0 The map basis,
Visibility of the conture lines in the scale below 1 : HEC-ResSim 3.0

6 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Formats supported by HEC ResSim: Auto CAD .dxf
Rastr .img, .gif, .jpg USGS .dlg, .dem (US geological survey) ASCI NetTIN .net ArcInfo ® DEM . asc For instance the background map from Google Earth (jpg) used in the south-west part of wateshed.

7 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Watershed setup
Using ESRI Shape–file as a bacground map is possible to import selected lines as the stream objects of the watershed directly to the watershed model. And another watershed elemnts can be created: Node Junction Resrvoir Levee Diversion Computation point Channel modification Off-Channel Storage Area Impact Area Other project Time-Series Icon

8 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Reservoir network
The Reservoir Network Module provides the tools what can be used to develop components as the reservoirs and reaches, set their connectivity and properties: Routing Reaches Resrvoirs Diverted Outlet Diversions The Junction is beeing created automaticaly

9 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Reservoir network – on screen

10 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Pool – storage capacity

11 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Object of the dam
Controlled Outlet Uncontrolled Outlet Outlet Group Power Plant Pump Tailwater Elevation Leakage For instance the bottom outlet of the Nechranice dam

12 HEC-ResSim 3.0 The rules

13 HEC-ResSim 3.0 The rules Logical constructions using If-blocks:
The finally rule:

14 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Alternative Editor
The connection of the time series data (dss file)

15 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Setting up the simulation Definování simulace:
Spuštění simulace:

16 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Simulation Results

17 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Simulation Results

18 HEC-ResSim 3.0 Simulation Results

19 HEC-ResSim 3.0 The Dispatchers' Games 2008

20 Thank YOU FOR Your attention.
HEC-ResSim 3.0 The Result: At the conclusion we can state that the mathematical model of the WMS of the Ohře river basin performed by the HEC-ResSim 3.0 program fully proved its functionality and practical usability. HEC-ResSim proved to be a very productive modelling instrument with the perspective of a wide use, and freely accessible at that. It was found suitable for the development and research purposes and for the school instruction on hydroinformatics. Thank YOU FOR Your attention.

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