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La Sorbonne By Sascha Renjifo.

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1 La Sorbonne By Sascha Renjifo

2 The Gate of knowledge

3 La Sorbonne is a University located in Paris, it was built in 1257 by Robert de Sorbon, Louis IX’s confessor. Its original name was “Collegium pauperum magistrorum in theologica facultate” but since 1554 it has been known as “La Sorbonne”.

4 Robert de Sorbon ( ) was a poor chaplain who became a theologist. He dedicated himself to spreading knowledge to his students. To do so he asked the King Louis IX for a building and supplies. The king granted him a house in “le Quartier latin” and in 1257 the school opened. It was originally a theological school for poor students. But it soon became popular among Christians for its excellent theological studies. In 1469, the university printed its works on text books that were available to the students.

5 The university remained closed during the French Revolution as all ecclesiastical establishments. Napoléon I, in control of France gave La Sorbonne to the Paris University in 1808.

6 Interesting Facts La Sorbonne has one of the largest library’s in France, with more than 1.2 million books. Between 1626 to 1642, almost all of the original building had been reconstructed by Jacques Lemercier under the orders of Richelieu. Today the building has been fully renovated and none of the original building remains.

7 Interesting Facts Recents Strikes have taken place on the streets off the Latin Quarter, where La Sorbonne lays.



10 Conclusion La Sorbonne is one of the best universities in the world.
It is mostly known as a philosophy school. It is a French symbol of education. The French are feel proud to have such a wonderful university.

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