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Watchmen on the Walls Praying for the Kingdom to Come.

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1 Watchmen on the Walls Praying for the Kingdom to Come

2 Getting to Chapter 62: The idea of the already and the not yet The already: – Ch 60: the New Jerusalem is already real. – Ch 61: the Anointed One has already come. The not yet: – But the city of Jerusalem lies in ruins. – The work of the Messiah seems woefully incomplete.

3 Isaiah 62: The Watchmen on the Wall Praying for what has already been promised. Lords Prayer: – Your Kingdom come – Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

4 The One who commissions the Watchmen The Prophet? But if it is the prophet, he speaks in the voice of the LORD. The LORD (Yahweh)? Whoever it is says, I will not be silent. He is committed to crying out himself, and also (vv 6-7) calling Watchmen to cry out.

5 The Object of the Watchmens Prayer V. 1 (third person): Zion/Jerusalem. for Zions sake…./ for Jerusalem sake… – V 2 (second person): until the nations see YOUR righteousness…. Concl: prayer of the Watchmen is for: – Gods People, to be restored. – Gods Kingdom, to come. Keeping silent is NOT an option.

6 The Case for the Watchmens Prayer Verses 1-5 V. 1 It is for Zions sake: – 1b till her vindication/righteousness shines like the dawn – her salvation like a burning torch Fundamental to all: we pray for the sake of Gods people, that they might experience what God has for them.

7 The Case (continued) Vv 2-3. For the sake of the nations – the nations will see your vindication (righteousness NIV), and all kings your glory. Compare Is 60:1-3 Purpose of Israel: to bless the nations (Gen 12) Gods people: Exhibit A to the world: v. 3 you will be a crown of splendor in the LORDs hand; a royal diadem in the hand of your God.

8 The Case (continued) Gods people as proof to the nations: – Eph 3:10 His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. God has chosen the Church (Eph 5:27): that he might present her…a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle… All: so God can boast of his grace to angelic and earthly powers.

9 The Case (continued) Vv 4-5 For the sake of Gods love for his people. The marriage metaphor: she who was abandoned and desolate will now be chosen, betrothed, and an object of delight. She will have a new name(s) – Hephzibah: My delight is in her – Beulah: Married – NLT: your new name will be The City of Gods Delight and The Bride of God, for the LORD delights in you and will claim you as his bride V. 5. continues metaphor: God delights in his people.

10 The Case Summarised: Watchmen Pray for the sake of: Zion: the people of God, and their longed-for redemption. The Nations, that they might see Gods salvation. The consummation of Gods love for, and delight in, his own people.

11 The Commissioning of the Watchmen vv 6-7 The Speaker: The LORD The Watchmen: those who stand in the gap, to cry out to the LORD. Their task (described): to continue to cry out, day and night. Their commision (2 nd person): – Give yourselves no rest. – Give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem, and makes her the praise of the earth.

12 The Basis for the Watchmens Confidence: the Divine Promise Vv 8-12 Vv 8-9. the Curse is to be completely removed. – Based on the LORDs oath/Word. – Effected by the LORDs power (his right hand/arm) – Yahwehs Word and Power: what more required?

13 The Basis (continued) Vv 8-9. The content of the promise: removal of the curse. The curse (v 8): you plant and enemies eat; you tend vines and enemies drink the wine. The reversal (v 9): those who harvest will eat; those who gather will drink. – Note: both related to praising God in his sanctuary.

14 The Basis (Continued) Vv. 10-12. History is coming to full fruition. Picture: Yahwehs Anointed Savior enters the city in victorious procession. – V. 10: to the Watchmen: prepare the way. Cf. Isaiah 48:20; 52:11; 57:14 (Go out); 40:3; 57:14 (prepare a road/way) Job of the watchmen: through prayer and discernment, to get ready for what God will do.

15 History comes to fruition (continued) V. 11. Yahwehs announcement to Zion: Get ready. Your Savior comes. – He brings rewards (blessings, gifts) – He brings recompense (to the faithful, and the unfaithful).

16 History comes to fruition (continued) V. 12. The Result: a New People in a New City The New People. They will be called: – The Holy People (cf. Malachi 3:16). Set apart for Gods purposes and blessing. – The Redeemed of the LORD. No longer at the mercy of the world and its evil forces. – They belong to the LORD and He to them.

17 History comes to fruition (continued) V. 12. The New City – Called Sought After (root: desired) – Called The City No Longer Deserted. Same verb (azab) used as abandoned in v 4 and Is 60:15. – Thought: picked up from vv 4-5. City, personified as a woman, now the object of Gods attention and affection. Rev 21-22: The New Jerusalem, a bride prepared for her husband.

18 Application: Watchmen on the Walls We are todays Watchmen. Prayer is the task. The LORD commissions us, as He did them. The Case for Prayer is the same – For the sake of Gods people. – For the sake of the nations who are watching. – For the sake of God, who loves us.

19 Application (continued) The Basis for Confident Prayer is the same. – The curse of sin will be completely removed, and blessing will follow. – History is coming to fruition; straining toward a conclusion and consummation, which Jesus called the Kingdom of God. – NT ends with this City: Read Rev 21:22-22:5.

20 Application (continued) The call (v 6) to Watchmen (then and now) – Never be silent, day or night. – Give yourselves no rest. – Give God no rest, until he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. – Even so, come Lord Jesus

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