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By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue Baptism Of Fire.

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1 By Kimberley Rauchelle Please Click to Continue Baptism Of Fire

2 In the early eighties my daughters and I moved from the country to Perth, I wanted a change of pace as the town I lived in was tiny and I had never really got to know what life was all about, after a few months my brother moved in with us and thats when I got to know what life was all about. Over time my brother and I made many friends, we were all very close and the world was our oyster, our lives were full of colour, we really enjoyed ourselves and partied hard. After a while of course you get to the stage where you know things have to change and without even discussing it the same night my brother and I made our decisions life had to change or we would burn out. Its Party Time

3 One Friday night my brother and I had a huge party, there was at least eighty people or more, the stream of people did not stop, I was worried about the amount of people getting out of control, I stood back and watched and I knew my party days were over. I went outside into my beautiful garden, sat down under the moonlight and went deeply into myself like I was in a form of prayer, I asked, show me a way to straighten out my life please help me is there something greater than this. Can you imagine my surprise when after the party I told my brother what I had done and he said he did the same, at the same time he was in another section of the garden asking the same thing and also being adopted he asked if he could find his real Dad. Decision Night

4 A week went by, the following Friday night we had a small party there was six of us at my house. I have a very close friend Rhonda, we met when we were young and we had married in the same year, had our kids at exactly the same time and our marriages ended at the same time. Rhonda had mentioned that there was going to be a barbeque at a park for some event the next day it started at nine AM, I said I would go. The party ended at around two AM, I made up my mind not to go to the park as I had to stop all this raging. At five AM I was woken with audible stern words GO TO THE PARK I said NO this voice did not stop I thought I was going mad I even had a glimpse of a person who resembled Christ. Then the voice told me to wear a white dress with my red sunglasses, I got really agitated I finally went back to sleep. At eleven AM my daughter came and woke me pleading to go to the park with Rhonda and her kids. I told my daughter to ring her if she is home we will go, because it was now eleven I thought she would have gone, she won't be home, I was so disappointed that she was but the kids wanted to go, so reluctantly I dressed and whilst doing so I heard again the voice saying to wear specific clothes so just to get peace I wore them and we went to the park ….. The Changes

5 At the park I was feeling down and within myself I was asking if my life would change, there was a large group of people in front of our group, some people from near by were mocking that group. I just wanted to be alone, there was a big tree a distance away I went and lay under it..It was about six PM, I felt the warm glow of dusk on my face, I closed my eyes and I felt peace for the first time in a long time so I basked in it. Then out of the blue I heard a very strong voice asking me if I was LOOKING FOR GOD, I thought here comes the voices again, I am losing it, I still had my eyes closed I heard it again are you looking for God. Amazing Meeting Amazing Meeting

6 I opened my eyes and there was a good looking young man standing beside me, I sat up I said Are you an angel, he sat down beside me his name was Craig, he told me that at four AM he was woken by a voice telling him that at the park there would be a lady with a white dress and red sunglasses who was looking for GOD and he could help her, he was training to be a minister of a church in Perth. To say I was gob smacked would be an understatement, honestly I was in some kind of shock, I just sat there listening. Then Craigs wife came over to us and said oh you found her….and it was then that I realised I had asked for help the week before in my garden and here it was. I noticed that Craig did not TALK religion, he was speaking about it with a different slant one that seemed to resonate with me, I was getting very excited, I thought this is it I have been waiting for this all my life … Amazing Meeting

7 The week after the park event, two weeks after my brother asked to change his life and meet his father, his boss asked him to drive to the far north to do the job of another man as he was too ill to drive that distance and the job was urgent, the drive would take days. My brother had heard years before that there was a possibility his father lived in the town he was going to so he was excited to go. On his arrival he sat at the bar of one of the many hotels in the town, a man sat next to him, they started talking, during the conversation my brother asked him if he had heard of his father and told him his name. The man looked at my brother surprised and said He is my boss, I am going to see him for my pay…come with me, so he did. When he arrived he told his father who he was, his father eagerly greeted him and most of the questions that he had held since he was a child were answered in a few hours…..then his life started to change, his prayer was answered…. My Brothers Experience

8 Our Lives Turning The Sunday after I met Craig I took my family to the church that he was training with. I did not like the idea of religion as I had had some bad experiences with churchs but I was intrigued by Craigs philosophy, which years later I discovered was basically Metaphysical and Spiritual. After going to the church for a few weeks I seemed to be riding on a big white cloud, my life did a three sixty degree turn, all my friends could see a huge change, my brother and I were baptised and all seemed really good…then I started to notice things. Firstly Craigs philosophy did not seem to match the Ministers, where Craig was gentle, wise and knowledgeable the Minister seemed ruthless, very stern, very religious and I noticed he favoured the people who put the most into the collection plate. His ego was huge he strutted around, he seemed to have power over his congregation. I started to remember why I did not like churchs, I made mental notes and invited Craig over for dinner……

9 Our Conversation At dinner I told Craig my grievances, he told me the Minister was changing and that he was not normally like this, he explained his grievances and said he was transferring to another state as he was disappointed with the way it was there and he had prayed and was shown a different path now. I was so disappointed, Craig had the knowledge that made sense to me so I thought I would stay at the church until he left for his new destination. A few weeks past, my friends were all asking questions as to why I was so happy, they were getting sick of the party scene, they thought if they got baptised as well they would be changed, they wanted that glow I had, they wanted a new window to open for them…….

10 The Baptism The Baptism Into the third month of this experience there was to be a mass baptism at an indoor swimming pool, there were to be five other churches of the same denomination, it was expected that hundreds would turn up to be baptised, my friends thought they would go, they attended the church a few times before but eagerly awaited the big day thinking this was where the change was going to be. Strange things were happening to me, a few weeks prior to this, I would go to sleep very early around eight PM, at two AM I was wide awake and had a pressing need to do yoga and meditate which I had never done before, I never knew how but I was doing it like I knew how, it was weird but good at the same time, later I realised my body was preparing for the big event, my body was going to be used for an event way beyond my imagination. The day of the baptism came, we all walked in, the Minister came up to me and queried why there were so many with me. He started getting angry, Craig stepped in we had a slight altercation, the Minister demanded we leave, he made a comment that one of the guys had an earring and one of the girls had bright red died hair, he was very judgmental, Craig tried to talk to him but he called a few people over and threw us out………THEN

11 As we were on our way out I heard a voice, it said Turn around, go back, I said NO, then without any warning my body turned to go back in. I was in some sort of trance, I did not feel threatened, I heard one of my friends say are we going in, we just did. The congregation stood back, the place was packed with people, I had noticed before this that people were communicating through microphones to hear each other from the opposite side of this huge place. My sandals came off my feet, all my friends were behind me, my body took me into the pool, my friends followed me, it was like we were all just puppets doing what the master wanted us to do. We were up to our waists in water, then… neck went back it felt like a lightening bolt hit me, I saw a light all around me, I KNEW I WAS NOT ME… Of A Huge Entity Entering

12 Seconds later a HUGE voice came out of me, the voice was powerful, I needed no microphone, everyone saw and heard this, the voice proceeded to say….. Whoever wanted to seek light could have it, it did not matter if they were adorned with gold, or adorned in any way, it did not matter who they were or what colour they were, they were all equal and in the eyes of the force they would not be judged, love was the strongest power there was and the fruits of love were divine. here is why…. He even made a comment that in churchs often there was no love, that the focus was on rules, (that went down well), one by one the being in me baptised all my friends by name, calling them into the light...This is the first time since this I have gone public with this event and as I write emotions come up of sheer pain and here is why…. Entering Of A Huge Entity

13 The Ministers The next day five of the Ministers came over, threw me into their car and kept asking Succubus to leave me, at first I felt sorry for them as I knew the love and light in the being was very real and this was NOT a Demon, I had never had anything to do with Demons. Then they smashed my Mystical warrior statue (they said it contained a Demon) and burned my books on Crystals, Palm Reading, Astronomy, Astrology and numerology, they ransacked my house including throwing oil and salt all over the floor then visited all my friends telling them to keep away from me, even my brother. The damage THEY did to me was huge, I had felt pure love from the being I had met in the pool the day before. I was in BLISS, they spiritually raped me, it took me twelve months to recover. Then I decided to go and live in the hills, and that is where my ebook called Living With A Being From Another Realm comes in….The event in the pool opened me to seeing into other realms for years…..

14 This event was my entry into OTHER REALMS, it opened pathways I never knew existed, I believe the encounter with this being opened some part of my brain and vision, as for many years I could see what NO ONE else could. All the PowerPoint presentations I have done with the experiences I have had ALL followed this event, and to this day I cherish it. I must have been truly blessed to have had it and I would love more. The experiences I had lasted for several years and gradually became less, Now I have intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant abilities but to SEE like this so deeply seems to have left me, but what experiences they were. Since I have started writing, my mind reminds me of what other stories I have in my memory vault which I am now unlocking. Can you understand the time had to be right to express all that I have seen as a lot of people do not understand. When you watch The charmed Ones believe it, it is true…I HAVE SEEN IT. Every word of this is true, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and have learned anything by it…I did. Kimberley Rauchelle. WwWw 089255 3333 0431227020 8 Bucknell Place. Swan View 6056

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