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Actyva COLORO is an innovative colouring concept based on the Actyva philosophy, which values attention to detail, natural formulas, and a play of.

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3 Actyva COLORO is an innovative colouring concept based on the Actyva philosophy, which values attention to detail, natural formulas, and a play of scents and colours to satisfy the beauty and wellness needs of customers. RESTRUCTURING, HYDRATING AND SHINE ENHANCING COMPLEXES Every nuance is associated with 3 different active complexes that work in synergy: Protamin Plus Complex: amino acids and proteins that restructure hair in depth. Hydrating Complex: panthenol, which hydrates and makes hair uniformly porous. Shine Complex: UV filters that protect hair and give it a brilliant sheen. GENTLE AND HIGH TOLERANCE The PPD-free formula contains Alpha-bisabolol, a chamomile extract that has soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant properties. SCENT – COLOUR Each series is differentiated with a different, delightfully fruity scent and cream colour.

4 VARIETY OF SERVICES: Actyva COLORO offers a scenario of new services for the salon. 71 nuances in 4 different packages divided into: Actyva Coloro (orange band) 55 nuances composed of 13 series. Actyva Coloro Toners (gold band) 4 nuances Actyva Coloro Hi-Lift (silver band) 4 nuances Actyva Coloro Mèches (brown band) 8 nuances composed of 2 series

5 Four packages for 7 services:
Goal Product Mixture Oxidation colour Colouring Lightening Colour highlighting Intensifying Covering white hair Tube of Coloro, orange band 1:1.5 with Coloro Oxi, following the indications suggested in the Easy Target table Tone-on-tone Covering the first white hairs Tone-on-tone colouring Colour highlighting 1:2 with Coloro Ton Toners Toning streaked or bleached hair Tube of Coloro Toners, golden band 1:2 with Coloro Fix Hi Lift Lightening by more than 4 shades Tube of Coloro Hi Lift, silver band 1:2 with 40-Vol Coloro Oxi Coloro Life Restructuring and revitalizing the colour 30 ml Coloro + 90 ml Coloro Fix + 15 ml Actyva Deep Mask Coloro Mèches Sun Bleaching and colouring in a single operation Tube of Coloro Mèches, brown band 1:1.5 Coloro Oxi Coloro Mèches Moon Re-pigmenting and colouring in a single operation 1: Vol or 20-Vol Coloro Oxi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7



8 YO.Coloring is the new, innovative hair colour line from the Kemon research laboratories that dedicates special attention to the naturalness of the formula and comfort during application. 1. Therapeutic with yoghurt extract The lactose contained in yoghurt has hydrating, nourishing, protecting, anti-oxidant and restoring properties and helps keep hair strong and healthy. 2. Ammonia-free Maximum colouring without using ammonia to eliminate unpleasant odours and reduce hair swelling to a minimum. 3. PPD-free Careful research led to the selection and use of extremely pure oxidation intermediates that provide maximum security in toxicological terms. 4. Delayed micro-pigments The extremely small size of the molecules means that the pigments do not oxidise outside of the hair but rather penetrate easily inside it without significantly swelling the cuticle. The molecules only oxidise once they are inside the structure, becoming larger and remaining firmly anchored. This translates into shine, colour stability and intact hair. 5. Direct coverage All of the nuances cover white hair without needing to be mixed with the natural series. 6. Tri-acting YO.COLORING provides three types of milk-developers for three different results. With its gentle formula and pleasant smell, YO.Coloring responds to the needs of all women who colour-treat their hair. Its three activators make it possible to achieve three different results: for subtle, semi-permanent tones. Colours with no re-growth. 2. for intense, brilliant colours. 70% coverage. 3. for perfect coverage. Lightening up to 2 levels. The result is an alive, stable colour and extraordinary hair therapy. The series of tones range from naturals to violets, with peaks of exceptional brilliance in the gold, red and other trendy tones. To make the proposal even simpler and more captivating, the fanciful nuances have been given names that recall the flavours and colours of yoghurt.


10 Villa Lodola has been created for your beauty care and well-being within the framework of a larger ecological initiative, where every daily gesture is carried out with respect for nature. In this mindset, beauty is simple, like the olive oil that has been adding flavour to our dishes for thousands of years, has the scent of flowers and aromatic herbs, and is profoundly grateful for the generousness of the land, the crystalline freshness of water and the purity of the air we breathe. Villa Lodola is situated in the hills of the Upper Tiber Valley, surrounded by olive groves and fields that have been converted to organic farming, where the light blue fields of flax mesh with the sky. Nature provides us with ingredients brimming over with life, and the herbal tradition inspires us to combine them skilfully to produce beauty results that stir all the senses in perfect harmony with the environment in which we live.

11 Quotidie Shampoo Organic-ecological shampoo indicated for the daily care and well-being of all hair types. provides optimal cleansing, respecting the natural balance of the skin and hair soothes, refreshes and moisturises the scalp reinforces the hair fibre and leaves hair protected, soft and lustrous with a pleasant sensation of lightness Scents: Citron, Orange, Mint, Lavender, Patchouly, Sandalwood. ICEA certificate no. IT 084 BC 004 The surfactants are derived from coconut and olive oil, which are similar to and compatible with the skin, to ensure deep yet extremely gentle cleansing. Lime Tree Extract*: rich in mucilages with an acidity level that is very similar to the skin. Soothes, refreshes and emolliates the skin. Linseed Extract*: rich in mucilages and fatty acids that reinforce the hair fibre, protecting hair and leaving it soft and shiny. Mucilages Mucilages are substances similar to gums, obtained by macerating officinal plants in water. Made up of large molecules, generally associated with cellulose, they have the remarkable ability to absorb water. For this reason, they are used as an emollient to promote skin hydration and to provide relief to inflamed mucosa.

12 Quotidie Cond Organic-ecological conditioner indicated for the daily treatment of all types of hair. packed with active ingredients that make hair easier to comb, leaves a pleasant conditioned effect: soft to the touch but also full and light it ensures that hair is hydrated and soft, making it easier to comb reinforces the hair fibre and leaves hair protected, soft and lustrous without weighing it down Scents: Citron, Orange, Mint, Lavender, Patchouly, Sandalwood. ICEA certificate no. IT 084 BC 007 Cornstarch Derivatives and Olive Oil Waxes: make hair easy to comb and provide a pleasant conditioned effect and soft feel while also leaving it full and light. Lime Tree Extract*: has moisturising and emollient properties, that make hair easier to comb. Linseed Extract*: reinforces the hair fibre and provides protection, softness and lustre without weighing it down. Directions for use and professional application: To guarantee greater comfort for the client and to improve your professional image, it is recommended that the treatment be performed at a technical or styling workstation. Measure out 20/30 ml of the product into a bowl (the optimal amount depends on the length, type and state of the hair) and apply it to the lengths using a dye brush. Apply the product to washed, towel-dried hair, strand by strand, massaging it in. Comb and leave in place for 5 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. *from organic farming.

13 Sericum Shampoo Organic-ecological shampoo indicated for the cleansing of dry skin and dull, rough feeling, colour-treated and/or bleached hair. gently cleanses the scalp and hair has significant emollient, soothing, softening and film-forming properties, particularly suited to the treatment of sensitised, colour-treated and bleached, dry hair and skin, leaves a pleasant conditioned effect in the hair, making it soft, lustrous and silky Scents: Mint, bouquet of Citrus and Mediterranean Flowers, Calicantus, Pepper, Cinnamon, Patchouly, Vanilla, Myrrh. ICEA certificate no. IT 084 BC 005 The combined action of its active ingredients intensely nourishes the hair fibre, keeping it brilliant for a longer time. Surfactants derived from Coconut and Olive Oil: similar to and highly compatible with the skin, they ensure deep yet gentle cleansing. Marsh Mallow Extract*: significantly emolliates, moisturises and protects skin due to the intense presence of mucilages that leave an extremely gentle film, which maintains a high level of cutaneous moisture. Calendula Extract*: has a pool of active ingredients that give it emollient, soothing, softening and film-forming properties. It is particularly suited to treating dehydrated skin and dry, sensitised and/or colour-treated hair. *from organic farming.

14 Sericum Cond Organic-ecological conditioner indicated for the treatment of dull, rough feeling, colour-treated and/or bleached hair. the combined action of its active ingredients protects and intensely nourishes the hair fibre and maintains brilliance longer provides intense softening action that makes "difficult" hair easy to comb and manage provides softness, silkiness and brilliance Scents: Mint, bouquet of Citrus and Mediterranean Flowers, Calicantus, Pepper, Cinnamon, Patchouly, Vanilla, Myrrh. ICEA certificate no. IT 084 BC 006 Cosmetic oils and Triglycerides from Brazilian Palms: natural sensory modifiers which, with each use, repair and protect hair from the damaged caused by excessive dehydration, giving chemically treated hair shine and softness. Marsh Mallow Extract*: has calming and softening properties, making "difficult" hair easier to comb. Calendula Extract*: provides intense calming and film-forming action, making hair soft, silky and brilliant without weighing it down. Directions for use and professional application: To guarantee greater comfort for the client and to improve your professional image, it is recommended that the treatment be performed at a technical or styling workstation. Measure out 20/30 ml of the product in a bowl (the best amount depends on the length, type and state of the hair) and apply it to the lengths with the help of a dye brush. Apply the product to washed, towel-dried hair, strand by strand, massaging it in. Comb and leave in place for 5 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly

15 Vis Shampoo Organic-ecological shampoo indicated for fine hair that lacks strength and tends to fall out. cleans the scalp and hair in an optimal way, respecting their natural balance provides a purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic action on the scalp provides an intense anti-oxidant and regenerating action on the skin tissues promotes the inhibition of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme (which is the primary cause of baldness), increasing the vascularisation of the skin and the subsequent stimulation of the metabolic activity of the hair follicle Scents: Essential Rosemary, Lavender, Marjoram and Mint oils. ICEA certificate no. IT 084 BC 003 Its formula is packed with extracts that have hair thickening and hair growth stimulating properties. Surfactants derived from Coconut and Olive Oil: similar to and highly compatible with the skin, they ensure deep yet extremely gentle cleansing. Thyme Extract*: provides a purifying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action on the skin. Nettle Extract*: extremely rich in proteins and essential amino acids, it tones the skin and stimulates hair growth. Ginseng Extract*: its phyto-therapeutic effectiveness, which has been well-known for millennia, helps to synthesise hormones and proteins, providing an intense regenerating action on the skin tissues. Red Grape Extract*: obtained from fresh pomace, it acts as an intense anti-oxidant. Also contains Saw Palmetto and Flax* Extracts and White Lupin Protein, which act on the three primary factors involved in hair loss: hormonal balance, the vascular system and cellular metabolism. By inhibiting the activity of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme (the primary cause of baldness) and facilitating the supply of oxygen and the nutrients required for the proper development of hair, they stimulate the metabolic activity of the follicle cells and promote the growth of stronger, thicker hair.

16 Our eco-organic guarantees.
All Villa Lodola products: • Are made with some raw materials and active ingredients of plant origin, permitted by "AIAB Standards" (Italian Association for Organic Farming) for Organic-Ecological cosmetics; • Are certified by the ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), with a certificate number for each product; • Only use fragrances allowed by AIAB standards; • Do not contain synthetic colours; • Do not contain raw materials derived from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms); • Are not tested on animals; • Have been subjected to precise microbiological controls, both in terms of individual components and finished products; • Are packaged in containers made with recyclable materials; • Kemon, the producer of Villa Lodola cosmetics has an Environmental Management System that is certified in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001; • 100% hydroelectric, clean and renewable EAUX DE LA VALLÉE energy is used to power production.      The ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) is one of the most important certification bodies for eco-organic production in Italy and Europe, and continues the path initiated in 1988 by the AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming). In 2000, with the foundation of the ICEA, the AIAB made itself responsible for those activities tied to supporting and promoting the sector, transferring to the ICEA responsibility for the control and certification of organic agri-food products. Working in collaboration with a group of producers, the AIAB and ICEA launched a regulatory initiative that concluded with the approval of the standards for organic-ecological cosmetics. Organic-ecological cosmetics, which the ICEA certifies on the basis of AIAB standards, satisfies consumer expectations for a healthy, safe and low environmental impact product, providing transparent and complete eco-organic-cosmetic information. An Organic-Ecological AIAB cosmetic, certified by the ICEA, is a product: • that respects a list of prohibited substances; • is made without using GMOs; • is made without animal testing; • is made without using ionized radiations; • is made with primary agricultural and livestock products from organic farming that are certified in all cases where available. "We believe that nature is humanity’s most precious asset, Villa Lodola represents our effort toward sustainable development".

17 Shampoo and Treatment Style

18 Rephair Kroma Saver Frequence Body Max Defrizz Emergy F Purity Poli Vital Sun Kiss

19 Rephair System Repeated technical services, the mechanical action of brushing, hair drying and straightening, environmental pollution, exposure to UV rays, the action of salt water and chlorine, and frequent washing with aggressive shampoos are all factors that cause the destructuring and weakening of hair. 40% of women indicate that their hair is: Dehydrated and difficult to untangle Lifeless and shapeless Weakened Brittle and fragileFaded and dull Easy to break The Technology: Thermo Rephair Complex. A unique association of amino acids and peptides. Thermo Rephair Complex contributes essential amino acids creating a solid bond with the amino acids present in the hair. It is enriched with: Bamboo Extract: rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Notably improves the damaged hair’s tensile strength and elasticity. Oily Avocado Extract: rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants that deeply nourish hair. Revitalizes stressed hair, making it shiny and soft. The Liding Life Rephair program is recommended: after technical processes, such as permanents, colour treatments, and bleachings, to restore the health and beauty of hair; for all types of damaged or weakened hair; after extreme seasons – summer, winter; and to restore the health and beauty of hair.

20 Shampoo Rebuilding shampoo. Gently cleanses damaged hair while rebuilding it. The synergy between the active ingredients of bamboo and avocado oil acts on the most sensitive areas, leaving hair soft, full of body and lustrous. Does not dry hair out and gives locks luminosity, nourishment and vitality. Scent: spiced flowers Sizes: 250 ml / 1 Litre bottle

21 Thermo Mask Internal rebuilding thermal mask for heavily damaged hair. Thanks to the heat that is created when this product comes into contact with water, it restores, smoothes and makes hair lustrous in a very short period of time. The warming action allows the active, nourishing ingredients in the formula to regenerate intensely. The active ingredients of bamboo penetrate deeply, hydrating and repairing hair in the most sensitive internal areas. Avocado oil smoothes the external surface of the hair fibre and makes it soft, brilliant and supple. The restorative effect is evident right from the first applications and hair regains energy, body and vigour. Scent: spiced flowers Sizes: 150 ml tube

22 Spray No-rinse external rebuilding spray for weakened hair. Revitalizing spray for effective restorative action. Rebuilds the external part of hair, preventing the formation of split ends and leaves the hair surface shiny and silky without weighing it down. Hair is once again supple, soft and compact. Scent: spicy flowers Sizes: 70 ml Spray Bottle x 3 pcs.

23 Lotion Internal rebuilding rinse-out lotion for damaged hair. A liquid lotion that upon contact transforms into a light emulsion to promote the immediate penetration of the active ingredients into hair. Reinvigorates the hair fibre without weighing it down, giving a spectacular level of softness from the roots to the tips. Avocado Oil and Bamboo Extract provide targeted action, operating inside and outside the hair fibre to reinforce and rebuild it. Hair regains body, volume and brilliance. The action is immediate and the effect long-lasting. Scent: spiced flowers Sizes: 8 ml phials x 18 pcs.

24 Frequence System It has become commonplace for people to wash their hair and body on a daily basis. Considering that the pH of the skin wavers between 5 and 5.5, daily cleansing with a high-pH shampoo can cause skin disorders that lead to flaking or other types of sensitivity. Therefore, daily cleaning products must guarantee: · Gentle cleansing · The maximum respect for the physiological pH Moreover, it is important that they have a pleasant, light scent. These needs are satisfied by the Frequence line, which offers two dual-acting products for the: Cleansing and hydration of the hair and scalp Cleansing and moisturizing of the body All-in-one shampoo and treatment with the sweet scent of caramel. Cotton extract is the active ingredient on which the entire line is based. As a result of frequent cleansing, part of the scalp and hair’s hydrolipidic mantle is removed, making it necessary to contribute exogenous substances that can hydrate and act as greasing agent. This effect is provided with the oily extract obtained from cotton seeds, thanks to its hydrating, emollient and protective properties, which help the skin and hair to maintain the natural degree of hydration, giving the cells of the corneal layer their natural lipidic protection once again. This extract is able to restructure hair without weighing it down.

25 Shampoo Shampoo for frequent washing Hydrating shampoo for the daily cleansing of all hair types and the body. Its formula, which offers a balanced mix of cleaning and soothing surfactants, is extremely well tolerated by the skin and hair. It washes gently and its rich, cosmetic lather helps hold dirt and grease in suspension, until they are rinsed away. The product’s hydrating, emollient and protective properties maintain the physiological level of hydration, giving the cells of the corneal layer their natural lipidic protection. Scent: Caramel Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

26 Treatment Multi-function treatment Conditioning, rinse-out treatment recommended for use after washing with Frequence Shampoo. Gives hair a touch of silkiness and anti-static control, significantly hydrating it. Improves the mechanical properties of the hair, which becomes soft and easy to comb. Enriched with Vitamin E, an ingredient that is well known for its excellent anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties, to protect hair from the damage of aging, indiscriminate cosmetic treatments and the degrading action of pollution and atmospheric agents. Scent: Caramel Sizes: 250 ml Tube/1 Litre Bottle

27 Kroma Saver System The sun, salt water, and environmental pollution are just some of the factors that contribute to the lost of brilliance and tone of a cosmetic colour. To protect and keep colour alive longer, Liding Life proposes Kroma Saver, a treatment line with an exclusive combination of functional, active ingredients that hold the pigments of colour inside the cortex, repair the cuticle, fight the production of free radicals, protect from UVA rays, and bring out the brilliance, splendour and beauty of colour-treated hair. The main ingredients include: Green Tea, a natural inhibitor of the processes of oxidation and an excellent blocker of the formation of free radicals. Phytokeratin, a vegetable compound of proteins extracted from wheat, grains and soy, with an amino acid composition that exactly replicates the human keratin that is found naturally in hair. It makes the hair fibre brilliant, strong and supple and contributes softness and beauty. Latest-generation UV filters, the same ones used in Kroma-life, which are particularly effective for protecting a cosmetic colour from aging and the degrading effect caused by the rays of the sun.

28 Shampoo Colour protection shampoo Gently cleanses, keeping the colour stable longer. Makes treated hair strong and supple. Eliminates the residues that make colour-treated hair dull and makes the fibre surface uniform, creating shine. Protects the hair from external aggressions. Improves the reflecting properties of the cuticle, enhancing the cosmetic colouring and lessening the fading of the colour following repeated shampooing. It heightens the mechanical properties of the hair, leaving it intact, soft and easy to comb. Scent: Mandarin orange Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

29 Balm Colour protecting conditioner A true neutral kroming treatment. Prolongs the lustre of colour-treated hair, protecting the colour from dullness and keeping it hydrated and soft for an extended period. With a velvety, light texture, it deeply nourishes from the roots to the tips. Hair remains visibly more supple and the colour stays shiny and bright longer. In combination with Kroma-life it transforms itself into a true colour-revitalizing conditioner that shampoo-after-shampoo enhances the reflective tones in colour-treated hair and prevents fading. SCENT: Mandarin orange Sizes: 250 ml tube/1 Litre bottle

30 Defrizz System Hair is made up of an organized system of keratin lamellae, protected and cemented by a lamellar emulsion of water and lipids. This system goes by the name of CMC (Cell Membrane Complex). The CMC constitutes 14% of the hair material and is principally responsible for the level of hair softness and lustre. Hair is curly or frizzy depending on the follicular section. The more the follicular section is flattened the curlier the hair will be. A flattened follicle creates great stress for the entire hair structure, significantly reducing the amount of CMC. Due to this deficiency curly or frizzy hair tends to dehydrate easily, becoming dry, dull,  difficult to comb, and brittle. Following blow drying, curly or frizzy hair loses its CMC. In these conditions it tends to seek out water in the external environment to restore optimal CMC conditions, bringing moisture levels back to 14%. It is for this reason that curly or frizzy hair is very sensitive to humidity, which brings back the frizziness that was present before drying. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the Defrizz System has been enriched with the oily extract of Cannabis Sativa that contains a very high level of EFAs (ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS), which are indispensable for rebalancing the optimal amount of CMC in the hair in a stable, long-lasting, way. The result: • Increased hair suppleness • Defined and toned curls • The formation of a humidity-resistant film • Untangling without weighing down • The restructuring of the hair fibre Characteristics: • Absorbs rapidly • Not greasy • Long lasting results

31 Shampoo Anti-frizz shampoo Gently cleanses, rebalancing the CMC layer and leaving hair easy to comb, supple and lustrous. Thanks to the lipids of Cannabis Sativa oil, it nourishes, controls volume and tames dry, curly, frizzy, permed and straightened hair. Extremely soft and creamy, with a physiological acid pH. Scent: Pink grapefruit, flowers Size: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

32 Masque Anti-frizz mask Intensive treatment for dry, curly, frizzy and straightened hair. Enriched with the oily extract of Cannabis Sativa, it hydrates and nourishes hair effectively fighting frizziness for an extended period of time. As a result of this treatment, hair becomes exceptionally conditioned and soft. In addition, thanks to the extreme substantive properties of sweet almond oil with the hair structure, it provides intense protection, preventing the damage that comes from excessive dehydration. Acid pH: 4.5 Scent: Pink grapefruit, flowers Sizes: 200 ml jar/1 Litre bottle

33 2 Phase Nourishment for dry, electrified and fine hair Two-phase, highly-restorative leave-in treatment. Thanks to the rich lipidic composition of the Cannabis Sativa oil extract, it fights frizz for an extended period and leaves hair tamed and easy to manage, eliminating the bothersome effect of fly-away hair. The formula is not greasy and untangles, softens and restores hair. It offers the right balance of proteins and amino acids to provide body and volume. 4.5 Scent: Pink grapefruit, flowers Sizes : 250 ml spray bottle

34 Extra 2 Phase Detangler for dry, electrified and fine hair Dual-phase, no-rinse treatment with excellent detangling power. Thanks to the EFAs of Cannabis Sativa oil, it fights frizz for an extended period of time, leaving hair tame and easy to manage. Wraps the hair cuticle in a uniform film, bringing out the luminosity and providing completely unique tactile properties. Significantly improves the mechanical properties of the most difficult hair, leaving it soft and easy to detangle and style. Non-greasy formula detangles, softens and revitalizes hair. 4.5 Scent: Pink grapefruit, flowers Size: 250 ml spray bottle

35 Body Max System The diameter of fine hair is up to 4 times smaller than normal hair. Fine hair suffers from static electricity, is difficult to untangle and comb, is sensitive to external aggressions and lacks body. The thin cuticle layer makes it more easily damaged by shampooing, technical treatments, blow drying, medicine, diet, sun, chlorine, etc. This type of hair needs: protein to provide greater strength and body carbohydrates to guarantee greater density elastic polymers for a long-lasting static-fighting effect The main proteic ingredient, which is present in all of the formulas of the BODY MAX line of Liding Life, is creatine. This ingredient reinforces fine hair from the inside, increasing the number of electrostatic bonds between amino acids, the resistance to stress and stability. Volumizing elements, carbohydrates, and elastic polymers protect the fibre against aggressions and create a protective film to restore the volume and body that fine hair tends to lose. A treatment that works with all the products of the Liding Life BODY MAX line. It: - volumizes and restructures fine hair instantly - protects it from environmental humidity - gives it body and shine - eliminates the electrostatic effect - makes it light and easy to comb for an extended period.

36 Shampoo Volumizing shampoo Gently cleanses thin hair, making it full of body, vital and lustrous. The exclusive association of nourishing and energizing active substances, such as creatine, wheat germ extract and polymers, reinforces the external structure of the hair and makes it light, dense and soft right from the first application, ensuring the best conditions for the subsequent volumizing treatments of the BODY MAX line. Scent: lavender, sandalwood, sweet musk Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

37 Foam Rinse-out volumizing foam A soft, conditioning and volumizing foam for fine and fragile hair. A delicate and light treatment that does not weigh hair down and protects it from the bothersome electrostatic effect, notably improving the ease of combing. Creatine reinforces the hair and increases its size, acting from the inside, while polymers and copolymers with film-forming and substantive properties repair the external surface. Improves the ease of combing and gives hair the right level of hydration. It also increases volume, lightness and suppleness. Scent: lavender, sandalwood, sweet musk Sizes: 200 ml foam pump bottle

38 Cream No-rinse volumizing cream Comprehensive volumizing treatment for fine and fragile hair. Creatine acts inside, contributing strength and vigour to the hair fibre, while volumizing polymers act externally, significantly increasing the hair diameter. The complex of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E, which has important antioxidant properties, contributes to the process of reconstructing the lipids present in the intercellular spaces of the corneal layer, which are essential for maintaining the right degree of hydration. Protects during hair drying, leaving hair immediately soft, brilliant, light and not weighed down. Body Max Cream is the ideal base for the subsequent application of the styling products of the Liding Style line. Scent: lavender, sandalwood, sweet musk Sizes: 150 ml tube

39 Emergy F System Dandruff is a very widespread problem that not only is a true alteration of the health of the scalp but can also cause real psychological discomfort. In fact, by depositing itself on the shoulders, dandruff immediately gives a person an untidy and unkempt look. Dandruff forms when the natural cellular replacement of the scalp is altered: the cells reproduce rapidly and accumulate. Dandruff scales can be either dry (Pityriasis simplex) or greasy and create bothersome itching, irritation and redness. It is caused by a series of external factors, including stress, fatigue and pollution. These factors stimulate the proliferation of the oval form of pityrosporum, a microorganism that causes scalp irritation producing a chain effect that leads to the accelerated shedding of the skin. Emergy F System effectively combats dandruff and provides a pleasant sensation of freshness, soothing and decongesting itching. It hydrates and improves peripheral micro-circulation.

40 Shampoo Dandruff prevention shampoo Emergy F Shampoo cleanses gently, completely removing dandruff scales. It contains Piroctone olamine, which provides anti-bacterial action against the oval form of pityrosporum and promotes the detachment of dandruff. In addition, citric acid, lactic acid and malic acid provide a type of chemical peeling, promoting the dermo-purification process of the scalp, which is gently cleansed with the shampoo. The mix of active ingredients in the myrtle extract is extremely effective as an anti-reddening and soothing agent for delicate and sensitive skin. Emergy F Shampoo leaves hair clean, shiny and soft and decreases dandruff right from the first applications. Scent: marjoram, lemon balm Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

41 Lotion Dandruff prevention lotion Phial treatment with a balanced combination of mineral oils, climbazole and menthol extracts to reduce dandruff and associated irritations rapidly and in a long-lasting way, re-establishing the comfort of the scalp. The sulphured shale oil is obtained through distillation from a type of sedimentary rock with a high level of sulphur. It has great anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and dandruff-fighting properties. Climbazole fights dandruff by providing a soothing action and acts by altering the cellular membrane of the Malassezia Furfur fungus, another agent responsible for dandruff, with the subsequent resolution of associated inflammatory phenomena. After shampooing, this lotion gives noticeable results right from the first application. Scent: marjoram, lemon balm

42 Shampoo Shampoo for greasy hair prevention Gently cleanses and hydrates hair while also refreshing and revitalizing the scalp. Its active ingredients include pineapple extract, which has astringent, anti-irritant properties and helps to eliminate dead cells and favour the renewal of the scalp, leaving it smooth and clean. Sulphured amino acids provide intense sebum-normalizing action, stopping the migration of the sebum, which pools inside the follicles, along the hair fibre. The cleansing base has been formulated for regular use and provides hair with lightness, volume, hydration, suppleness, brilliance and softness. Hair immediately appears clean and fresh, thanks to the menthol contained in the formula. Due to the rubefacient properties of the latter, it slightly dilates the vessels in the application area and promotes the penetration of all of the functional active principles into the skin. Scent: rosemary, lemon, peppermint, thyme, eucalyptus, juniper Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

43 Poly Vital System All hair falls out and changes periodically. This replacement is due to the fact that the hair follicles grow cyclically with alternating periods of activity, during which they produce the hair, and periods of rest. Normally the hair falls out when the follicle has already produced a new one that is ready to replace the old one. All of us lose between 10 to 50 hairs per day ( per week). The detachment of a hair that is destined to fall is promoted by mechanical traumas, which is why most hair falls during brushing and washing. Therefore, when hair normally falls out it is because a new one is growing underneath and this ensures the correct replacement. When this does not happen we are faced with the phenomenon known as alopecia. Poly Vital System is a preventive hair loss treatment that acts primarily at the micro-circulation level of the skin, stimulating the hair bulb with substances that help promote the healthy and natural re-growth of the hair. Ginseng is nourishing and stimulating, Gluconated zinc and B-vitamin complex fight the formation of free radicals and regulate sebum, and Methyl nicotinate increases micro-circulation, causing a light sensation of heat due to the increase in the flow of blood to the skin application site. All of this promotes the penetration of the product’s active ingredients into the skin.

44 Shampoo Hair loss prevention shampoo A cleansing, stimulating, ginseng-based gel. The vitamin blend found in the shampoo protects skin and hair from environmental stress and is responsible for the revitalization, oxygenation and reactivation of the epidermal cells. The toning and reinforcing activity of the active ingredients found in the formula make it particularly indicated for cleansing hair that has lost its natural strength and that tends to fall out. It is intensively restorative, volumizing and restructuring, slowing down stress-related hair loss tied to weakening. Scent: mint and sage Sizes: 250 ml/1 Litre bottle

45 Lotion Hair loss prevention phial In combination with Poly Vital Shampoo, this phial treatment is recommended for hair that is subject to premature or excessively heavy hair loss. It stimulates and tones the hair bulb, ensuring proper nourishment to the scalp and hair-sebum apparatus to re-establish the best hygienic-functional conditions. The functional complex, composed of Ginseng, Zinc and Vitamin B, contributes those elements that are essential for proper hair growth. Scent: cinnamon and myrtle Sizes: 8 ml phial x6/8 ml phial x30

46 Sun Kiss System During the summertime sun and wind as well as salt water, chlorine and sand don’t give hair a moment’s peace, damaging and weakening it. Aridity, dullness and dryness are accompanied by the appearance of split ends and undesirable colour changes. To protect and maintain beauty even during the summer: LIDING SUN KISS, 3 treatment phases to allow hair to also enjoy the full benefits of the sun.

47 Sun Kiss Shampoo Hair and body wash Gently cleanses the hair and body following sun exposure, removing the residues of suntan products, chlorine and salt. Hydrates and softens hair and regenerates and nourishes the skin on the body. Directions for use: distribute uniformly onto wet hair and skin, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

48 Sun Kiss Balm Dryness-fighting Conditioner Provides instant nourishment, deeply restructures and hydrates and improves the combability, softness and luminosity of hair. Directions for use: apply after shampooing to wet hair. Gently massage and leave in place for 2/3 minutes. Rinse.

49 Sun Kiss Refresh Refreshing hair and body spray Following sun exposure, provides an intense refreshing action for the body and protects the luminosity and colour of hair from UV rays, salt and chlorine. Directions for use: Spray on body and hair before and during exposure. Apply frequently.


51 Hot Nutrition A "HOT" solution to protect sensitized hair during heat styling. WHAT it is: Protective spray, for hair that is: Ultra-nourished Ultra-repaired Ultra-straight WHY IT WORKS Ideal on sensitized and electrified hair. Makes it possible to control in a variable way, improving suppleness and preparing hair for styling. Protects from the heat, hydrates and deeply nourishes dry areas and split ends, leaving hair soft and shiny. Repairs the most damaged areas and leaves the cuticle shiny, uniform and protected. HOW TO USE IT Spray uniformly onto damp hair before heat stylin

52 Hot Volume A "HOT" solution to control and give volume using heat. WHAT it is: Thermal-active spray for an effect that is: Ultra-light Ultra-voluminous Ultra-shiny Hair that is never electrified. WHY IT WORKS A unique thermal-active spray that increases volume, controls and provides mass upon contact with the heat. The clean and natural sensation to the touch make it possible to style and restyle infinitely. Gives body to fine hair and adds substance and shine. HOW TO USE IT Spray on damp hair and dry with a hair dryer and diffuser for a wavy or tousled and voluminous look. It can also be sprayed onto sections of hair that have been dried and straightened with an iron for a smooth effect full of body, or on dry hair that has been curled with an iron for a super curly effect with supple, shiny curls.

53 Hot Gloss A "HOT" solution for straightening hair with an iron. WHAT it is: A thermo-durable spray, for an effect that is: Ultra-straight Ultra-hydrated Ultra-tamed Smoothes fibres for exceptionally silky and ultra-brilliant results. WHY IT WORKS The richness of its ingredients makes it particularly stable at high temperatures thanks to its active ingredients that deflect and absorb heat. Protects hair from humidity, while the UV filters prevent colour fading. The passage of the iron immediately transforms the hair into voluptuous silk, giving it shine and control. HOT GLOSS gives hair a final touch that is seductive, ultra-soft and long-lasting. HOW TO USE IT Spray HOT GLOSS uniformly onto dry hair, section-by-section and pass the iron from the roots to the tips.

54 Sculpting Gel Strong gel. Perfect for all hair types, provides a brilliant wet effect and firm hold for the entire day. Excellent for sculpting short, unstructured cuts. Perfect for easily setting all types of hairstyles.

55 Sculpting Spray Strong gel spray. Dries quickly, delivering total control and making hair easy to comb, without leaving residues. Sprays effectively, making it possible to distribute the product evenly preventing excess and build-up.

56 Sculpting Mousse Strong mousse. Gives hair volume and shine, delivering firm, flexible hold to the hairstyle. Designed for all hair types that need body without being weighed down. Perfect for creating definition and volume, especially indicated for enhancing natural curls, protects from the heat of the hair dryer and holds up to humidity.

57 Sculpting Wax Defining wax. Sculpts, boosts shine and supports the most extreme styles. Shapes, moulds and provides hold. Thanks to its characteristics, it brings out the details of a style.

58 Control Gel Medium hold fluid gel Perfect for all hair types, it provides medium hold and gives a brilliant wet look and soft, elastic compactness to the desired shape.

59 Control Wet Shine-boosting moulding fluid. Perfect for all hair types. Sets naturally and provides a brilliant, long-lasting wet effect. When dried with a blow dryer it provides a restorative effect making hair elastic and soft and giving light hold. Does not weigh hair down or make it greasy.

60 Control Lis Temporary straightening cream. Perfect for achieving a long-lasting straightening effect in curly, wavy or frizzy hair. Protects from atmospheric humidity and leaves hair silky soft and shiny, keeping it straight until the next shampoo.

61 Control Curl Moulding cream for curly hair. Accentuates waves, gets rid of frizz, nourishes and provides elasticity and strength to wavy, curly and straight hair. Leaves hair bouncy and voluminous, but controlled. Adds sheen and gives hair a silky feel until the next shampoo.

62 Control Mousse Medium-hold moulding foam. Provides soft and flexible hold to the style. Perfect for all types of drying, enhances curls. Protects from hair dryer heat and holds up against humidity. Reduces the effects of static electricity and prevents hair from getting frizzy, providing body and brilliance.

63 Finishing Eco Strong Strong ecological moulding spray. Delivers firm hold to hairstyles and provides excellent brilliance without leaving residues. It is used both as a finishing spray and as strong support for structured hairstyles. It dries quickly and comes out easily with a few brushstrokes.

64 Finishing Net Shine-boosting moulding spray. Forms a shiny, transparent film, delivering brilliant finish and instant hold. Used daily, it does not leave residues and comes out easily with a few brushstrokes.










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