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Senergy Adam Smith International Miascape. Why EEC is different – Capability & Credibility Unique combination of Deep, global energy discipline technical.

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1 Senergy Adam Smith International Miascape

2 Why EEC is different – Capability & Credibility Unique combination of Deep, global energy discipline technical knowledge, plus Extractive industry economic and regulatory reform; and Organisational transformation We are very happy to work independently (most of our work is separate), but there is value in the combined package

3 Common Aspirations Application of the principles of EITI, UNDC, etc De-risk and attract investment through setting consistent operating standards and regulatory environment plus competitive unambiguous licensing terms Reduce the environmental impact of energy or extractive industries Provide technical advice and training to national organisations Energy projects managed to international standards to optimise energy reserves recovery Maximise the potential return to the resource nation and its people in an equitable manner

4 Wide appeal Options for: Regulators Licensees Donor Organisations Energy Companies Investors Lenders

5 What is EEC A consortium whose formation was commissioned by United Nations Association to further the ends of global energy and extractive initiatives A Private Sector backed initiative which fits the UK and UNDP encouragement and aspirations for such private sector participation Three successful commercial enterprises with desire to improve the effectiveness and fairness of energy extraction Companies committed to improving the equitable wealth of developing and emerging nations and their citizens without compromising safety or the environment

6 Through the combined services of Miascape An innovative, highly successful agent of organisational transformation Delivering successful organisational transformation management into local, national, international and global organisations LR Senergy A leading international energy consultancy and project manager Delivering successful energy services and solutions and projects to Governments, NOCs and international and independent Oil Companies Adam Smith International A leading global adviser to Government clients seeking to improve governance and development of the oil, gas and mining sectors Delivering successful Extractive Industry regulatory and economic reform and governance Together as EEC addressing the entire Life Cycle of Energy Extraction in an ethical manner

7 Senergy - Heritage Formed in 2005 from established consultancies – now with a talent pool of over 1000, some 800 of whom are engaged at any one time, the majority as full time employees Now a member of the Lloyds Register Group, a company With worldwide reputation of integrity With over 250 years of protecting life, assets and the environment 100% owned by a charitable foundation committed to improving lives Over 9000 employees All profits reinvested in the business or distributed to charitable causes

8 Senergy - Oil Company without Assets for Hire

9 Senergy - Global Expertise for Local Solutions Middle East Abu Dhabi Dubai Main Office Project Office Representative 9 Europe Aberdeen (Headquarters) London Stavanger USA Maine Houston Asia Pacific Perth Melbourne Kuala Lumpur Jakarta

10 Senergy - Trusted by commerce & governments Over 300 commercial energy clients including all super majors Technical work in nearly every oil and gas province in the world, including Kenya and other East Africa nations. 25 years of contract with UK government for geological and reservoir expertise Carbon capture and storage work for Chinese and Australian (among others) authorities Work for national oil and gas companies of Malaysia, Brazil, Norway, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Russia, Sudan, and many others Worked with regulators around the world, including many African nations Many other examples

11 Miascape – Transforming Organisations Miascape are a specialist provider whose techniques embed organisational change quicker They do this with academically sound and field proven techniques which changes the way people think about change This delivers and implements rapid and sustainable change which in turn transforms the effectiveness of the organisation Waste and lost time due to organisational conflict is eradicated Money is saved, and the development desired happens quicker

12 ASI – a leader in extractive industries governance A professional services business working on inclusive economic growth initiatives and government reform to achieve lasting societal impact For over 20 years, Adam Smith International has worked with ministers, government officials and citizens across the globe on wide-ranging projects of economic, government and social reform A leading international authority on the governance of the oil, gas and mining industries, including the following service areas: 1.Strategy, Policy & Legislation 2.Institutional Reform & Strengthening 3.Revenue Management 4.Transparency & Accountability 5.Communications & Communities 6.Environmental Sustainability 7.Economic Development & Local Content

13 ASI – Successful projects across Africa and Asia

14 Wide Appeal, experience, credibility and capability Options for: Regulators Licensees Donor Organisations Energy Companies Investors Lenders

15 For more information Ian Williamson VP Commercial Senergy Tel: +44 7778 315707 ian.williamson@ Ken Stewart Director of Strategy Miascape Tel: +44 7956 818009 Gareth O'Hagan Head Extractive Industries Adam Smith International Tel: +44 7588 434 434 gareth.ohagan@adamsmithin gareth.ohagan@adamsmithin www.adamsmithinternational. com Please contact


17 3 rd December 2013 Kenya Extractive Industries Development Programme (KEIDP)

18 Oil/gas/mining provide potential to achieve game-changing economic growth, if the resource curse can be avoided If resources are confirmed, significant economic potential exists for Kenya, as suggested by a simple country comparison: And whereas it is crucially important not to forget that the resource risks we have witnessed in other countries (e.g. Nigeria, Sierra Leone) also threaten Kenya (e.g. ~50% poverty, unrest in Turkana) Kenya now has the opportunity and the ability to succeed, and can avoid the mistakes of others Economic Indicator BotswanaGhanaKenya Income LevelUpper MiddleLower MiddleLow GNI per capita$7,470$1,410$820 Poverty ratio30.6%28.5%45.9% Inclusive, sustainable economic growth can best be achieved if the industries are governed according to best practice that has arisen from lessons and research in many other countries Kenya can buck the trend of the resource curse. Kenya can do the right thing. Oil Company Kenya can buck the trend of the resource curse. Kenya can do the right thing. Oil Company We dont want to be perceived as an oil producing country. We want to create a regional hub for training, know-how, research and logistics. Vision 2030

19 DFID and partners are engaging with the Government, Presidency, Parliament and communities to support this aim DFID this year conducted a comprehensive scoping report to recommend just how the international community could support the Kenyan Government and citizens in ensuring inclusive growth / poverty reduction Working with the World Bank, African Development Bank, UNDP, and the Canadian and Australian Governments The resulting recommendations address all areas of good governance and community engagement, aimed at broad, inclusive, sustainable sector development, employment and poverty reduction A GoK-requested DFID programme of support runs now for 18 months, focus on immediate priorities, and developing a longer-term programme We look forward to continuing to engage with Cabinet Secretaries during this period to further understand challenges, opportunities and priorities, and plan corresponding support and technical assistance The resulting comprehensive programme could help Kenya become a model for other resource-rich nations

20 Scoping Recommendations Engage with Cabinet and Presidents Office to develop and refine programme to support and meet GOK requirements Establish a compelling & inclusive national vision and roadmap for extractives; WB to fund oil & gas roadmap Design & implement national communications strategy for all levels of society Design, establish & operate Information Centre (AfDB) and Cabinet Executive Committee Develop & implement EITI Roadmap, capacity building Increase effectiveness of legislature, civil society, media Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) Develop community development/investment framework Design & pilot Resource County Development Programme Develop policy, legal and regulatory framework Design comprehensive wealth & job creation programme Comprehensive skills & education programme Institutional review and capacity building across GOK Build on IMF work to implement system and capacity for managing resource revenues The GoK-requested multi-year programme is based on sound sector vision, policy and communications WorkstreamComponent 1. Vision & Communications Stakeholder Engagement Vision Communications 2. Coordination & Transparency Coordination Transparency Accountability 3. Sustainability & Communities Environmental & Social Conflict/Community/County 4. Policy & Growth Resource Policy, Legislation Local Content & Education 5. Capacity & Tax Institutional Strengthening Revenue Policy, Legislation Priorities to be agreed with GoK, in collaboration with other supporting partners, e.g. AfDB, World Bank

21 THANK YOU Please note that the African Development Bank, World Bank, UNDP and others are working with DFID as part of a concerted donor effort to ensure that support is available to the Government of Kenya.

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