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Robert E. Lee High School 2012-2013. Rick Canales – Principal Lee High School Ernest Paz – A - C Corby Brown – D - Ha Monica Ruiz-Mills – He - Me Donald.

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1 Robert E. Lee High School

2 Rick Canales – Principal Lee High School Ernest Paz – A - C Corby Brown – D - Ha Monica Ruiz-Mills – He - Me Donald Poole – Mi - Ror Laura Lugo – Ros - Z Caprica Wells – Attendance Gary Comalander – Curriculum AP Cynthia Rinehart – STEM AP Kathy Bieser – Principal ISA Paul Smith - AP Administrators

3 Esther Cervantes A-C Linda Chanler D - Ha Lucrisa Mireles He – Me Andrea Benavidez Mi - Ror Tracy Padilla Ros – Z Lisa Frisbie – STEM Safe and Drug Free Counselor – Karla Bolton Family Specialists – Alicia Walker and Ana Alvarado Counselors

4 Student Responsibilities zAttend school daily -Your education -Scholarships (San Antonio Educational Partnership) -No Credit (NCs) -COURT -TEA Forms zBe on time for your classes -Tardy consequences yAfter School Detention assigned by classroom teachers yIn-School-Suspension ySaturday Detention zBe prepared for class (Books & Supplies important for success) zRespect yourself, teachers, others and property zBehavior standards within student code of conduct

5 Emergency Card z Students are required to have a current emergency card on file at school. z Working telephone numbers are vitally important. z Parents, or other adults authorized to pick up students must be on the emergency card.

6 Medications zMedications must be kept in the clinic in the original prescription container. zStudents must not carry any medications. zParents/guardians must provide all needed medication. (even Tylenol)

7 Identification Cards zStudents are required to obtain a school identification card and have it in their possession at all times. zStudents ID pictures can be taken in the main office before or after school and at lunch. zIDs MUST be in your possession to get lunch or leave a classroom. zIf you misplace your ID, you WILL need to purchase a replacement. Cost for replacement IDs will be $5.00 for ID card and/or $3.00 for lanyard.

8 ROBERT E. LEE IS A CLOSED CAMPUS zNo Leaving Campus zIf you leave you must check out through attendance office. Students may leave campus only when authorized by parents, legal guardian, or school administrator. zDuring Lunch You May Not Leave Campus. Our Campus is a Closed Campus which means you must stay here. zYou must stay here before school zYou must stay here during passing periods zYou must stay here during classes zVisitors may not come on campus for lunch or to sit in on classes.

9 Student leaving campus With an Off Campus pass Late Start Students: When you arrive on campus, wait in entry foyer area near the attendance office until your class time. You are not to wander campus. Early Release Students: z Only students that have Co-op, VAC, or Off Campus periods identified on the back of your ID by a color coded sticker may leave campus. z Students having these periods must leave campus and not hang around z A student may leave campus only when authorized by parents, legal guardian, or school administrator. Must be through attendance office.

10 Leaving Classroom z Leaving Classroom -Students are NOT allowed to leave classrooms without their personal ID and a PASS. z Passes are not issued the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class. z Please be responsible when leaving classroom and arrive at your designation within five minutes. z Do not walk out of a classroom. If you have a concern with your learning environment or something happening in a classroom, schedule an appointment with your teacher first, then counselor or administrator.

11 Lockers zWhenever possible - student will be assigned zan individual locker zNo valuables in lockers. zDo not give combinations out. z Periodic general inspections of lockers may be conducted by school authorities for any reason at any time, without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.

12 Textbooks z Lost or stolen books must be paid before other books are issued. z Fines may be assessed for any damage - water, graffiti, writing, torn. z Textbooks must be covered at all times. z Students must turn in their textbooks y dropping a class y withdrawing from school y before leaving school for summer vacation. z Do NOT leave books in lockers at the end of the school year, there will be a $10 fine assessed

13 Deliveries zStudents may NOT receive deliveries such as flowers, balloons, etc. zStudents will NOT be called to the office during the school day to pick up deliveries. zGifts to one another should be given off campus. zDeliveries and Gifts distract the learning environment. zThe only exceptions are lunch money, projects, books or clothing from parents.

14 Cell Phones Cell phones must be turned off and concealed between 8:45 a.m. and 4:05 p.m. with the exception of your lunch time in the cafeteria or the gray courtyard. Verbal Warning - (enter on District Referral Form and Compass) parent contact, item remains with child. 1st Offense - (enter on District Referral Form & Compass) parent contact; item confiscated, turned into main office; picked up by parent during AP/parent meeting. 2 nd Offense – (enter on District Referral Form & Compass) parent contact; item confiscated, turned into main office, phone picked up by parent during AP/parent meeting. Continued Offenses - (enter on District Referral Form and Compass). Same as 1 st Offense. AP consequence for Persistent misbehavior. REFUSAL TO TURN-IN IS AN ACT OF DEFIANCE

15 MP3s and other Electronic Devices zMp3s, iPods, PSPs and other electronic devices are NOT allowed on campus. zNO ear-buds or headphones are to be worn on campus. zAs per NEISD school policy we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen electronics. Please leave these valuables at home. zYou are encouraged to file a report with the school police officers if stolen.

16 Got Problems? Need Mediation? zGoal of Mediation: To help students control anger before he/she raises a fist or reaches for a weapon. zThe Mediators do not judge, blame, punish, or impose solutions on disputants. zMediation is a voluntary process in which you may seek guidance for problems that may rise with students. zContact a teacher, counselor, or AP for help. zPALS zSTAN COUNSELOR – Karla Bolton

17 Bus Conduct zStudents are under the same Student Code of Conduct on the bus as they are in school zVideo Cameras are used in busses to promote safety Riding the bus is a PRIVILEGE, NOT a right!

18 CONDUCT zStudents who engage in fighting or disorderly conduct will be subject to a ticket and the possibility of an AHS placement

19 Student Safety Who can you call? zNorth East ISD Police Department is on Our Officers are: y Officer Moe Suarez y Officer Raul Guerrero zThe 24 hour hot tip line phone number is 655-CARE (2273)

20 zProhibited Items zAlcohol, Drugs zWeapons, Chains, Mace zMetallic markers, permanent markers zTeen Club Flyers, Party Brochures zSKATEBOARDS ON CAMPUS zPetitions and or printed documents of any kind on school grounds without specific approval of principal.

21 Gangs and Gang Activity zWearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying, or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, graffiti, bandanas or any other signs of gang activity are prohibited. yGang related apparel will be confiscated yGang graffiti is prohibited on notebooks, bookcovers, desks, person, lockers, graffiti implements, etc.

22 Internet/Network Acceptable Use zInternet services are used to enhance the learning process only zStudents and parents are required to read and sign the NEISD Acceptable Use Guidelines for Internet access. zBy signing this document the student and parent/guardian indicate that the student will follow the guidelines. zViolation of guidelines will result in disciplinary action

23 DRESS CODE North East Independent School District ARE YOU A DRESS CODE VIOLATOR?

24 NO CAPS ALLOWED Prohibited head apparel: zHats zBandanas zCaps zRags zEtc.

25 HALTER TOPS/STRAPLESS Prohibited Dress at all School Activities

26 Pants may not have excessive tears or holes


28 Prohibited Advertising: zAlcoholic beverages zSex, tobacco zDrugs, gang, satanic zWeapons zEtc.

29 Footwear zProhibited: zFootwear with reinforced toes or soles that are: Steel, Hard plastic, or similar materials. zNO House Shoes or slippers

30 PROHIBITED SHORTS/SKIRTS: zCutoffs, frayed-hem shorts/skirts/pants zEXCESSIVELY WORN AND FRAYED JEANS OR OTHER PANTS ARE PROHIBITED. zExcessively short skirts and shorts Appropriate Length

31 Prohibited length for shorts or skirts


33 EAR ONLY No body piercing z PROHIBITED: z Upper or Lower Lip z Nose z Eye Brow z Chin z Cheeks z Etc. z We will confiscate all facial piercings. Teachers and administrators will pick them up and you may get them after school from the main office CLEAR PLASTIC RETAINERS MAY be used in the pierced area.

34 Displaying tattoos promoting violence, reflecting gang activity are considered to be offensive and are prohibited. Tattoos

35 Hair zHair must be neat and clean zHair must be of a NATURAL COLOR zMULTI-COLORED, MOHAWK, SPIKED, etc. are NOT allowed

36 Appropriate dress

37 Appropriate Shorts Appropriate length for shorts and skirts must be longer than tip of your middle finger. Anything shorter will result in either calling home for a change of clothes or sitting in ISS.

38 zThank You…

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