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HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle Safety Awareness Training Overview & Procedure Guide Information.

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2 HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle Safety Awareness Training Overview & Procedure Guide Information

3 Why the need for HEV Training? Currently there are over 800,000 HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicles on the road today, not counting Truck & Bus applications. Amazingly just 5% of First Responders across the country have received formal Hybrid Vehicle Safety Training.

4 HEV Battery Packs HIGH VOLTAGE Battery Packs utilized in some of these systems can PRODUCE as much as 900 VOLTS.

5 Engine Compartment Hazards Many Hybrid Electric Vehicles have built in sensors causing gasoline & diesel engines to START UP WITHOUT WARNING.

6 Whats New? And Whats Not? SMART KEYS INTELLIGENT KEYS TRANSMITTERS POWER BUTTONS [READY] INDICATORS Youll learn what they ARE, what they DO and the HAZARDS they PRESENT in your line of work.


8 Approach and Handling At Collision Scenes, avoid further damage and/or INJURIES to yourself or those around you by following our 5 STEP Approach and Handling procedures. Learn which HEV models are capable of moving WITHOUT WARNING, even when the Shift Lever APPEARS to be in NEUTRAL!

9 Identifying Damaged HEVs If Exterior Hybrid Emblems are DESTROYED BEYOND RECOGNITION during a collision, not a problem!.. Well show you 4 additional ways to QUICKLY identify HEVs.

10 Replace Fear with Knowledge We decipher the MYTHS surrounding CRASHED, SUBMERGED, BURNT or BURNING HEVs so you can remain focused on your mission at hand.

11 Extrication & Recovery Learn when its SAFE as well as What and Where NOT to CUT or TOUCH during Extrication & Recovery missions. Even COMPLETE ROOF Removal and STORED GAS INFLATOR locations are covered in our Training.

12 High Voltage Components Discover all High & Intermediate Voltage Cable Routing & System Locations Learn Power Down Times for High Voltage Electrical Lines / SRS & Stored Gas Inflators once 12v is disabled.

13 Towing Recovery Operations Understand that HEV Transaxles / Transmissions containing Electric Motors/Generators can be TRIPLE the COST of a Standard Transmission. Example: 06 Prius Transaxle $4310.00

14 DEAD 12V BATTERIES Discover how to Re-Energize a Drained Dead HEV without using Jumper Cables. …and why you should NEVER ATTEMPT to attach Booster Cables to High Voltage Battery Packs.

15 THE TIME FOR HEV SAFETY TRAINING IS NOW! KNOWLEDGE = SAFETY! Responding to an HEV Crash at 3am Tomorrow morning is NOT the Time to start thinking about Training.

16 TRAINING PLUS OUR FIELD GUIDE WILL KEEP YOU IN THE KNOW! What you will Retain at our HEV Safety Training Class is Priceless, however…..having a Step by Step Vehicle Specific Field Guide by your side, 3 Months AFTER Training is Key!

17 Whats Inside? All Step by Step High Voltage / SRS / Shut Down Procedures + Jump Start / Towing Procedures for 25 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Automobile Models - plus - the Enova Hybrid School Bus! Our field guide displays each vehicles detailed procedures all on 1 Page.

18 For Fire Rescue Police Road Service Towing & Recovery Operations Weve Got You Covered!

19 Where to buy? Go to: Click on the Shopping Cart Link / Upper Left Corner / Homepage. If ordering by PO select CHECK PMT during the Check Out Process and well invoice you.

20 Thank You for Viewing Hybrid Hazards Company Call (401) 781-4357 (HELP) For Email Contact For More Training Info go to:

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