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Payroll Voucher Training Workshop. What is Covered? OVM Documents 1. Types of documents 2. Parts of the OVM document 3. Document Examples OV1 (Hourly.

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1 Payroll Voucher Training Workshop

2 What is Covered? OVM Documents 1. Types of documents 2. Parts of the OVM document 3. Document Examples OV1 (Hourly Employees) OV2 (Casual Labor) OV5 (Over Time) OV6 (Vacation Payout) OV7 (Contracted Services) Action Field Commands 1. Verify (VER) and Approve (APP) 2. Search (SEA) 3. Routing (ROU)

3 Types of Documents

4 Parts of the OVM Document Each OVM document has three main parts. 1.Cover sheet 2.Sections 3.Payment worksheet

5 Cover Sheet Fields Account Number Type the account number to charge in this field. Status The current status of the document in the processing cycle. Document ID The document identification number. Action Command Type a three-letter command that acts on the document. Summary Enter the summary of the document. Creator The person who created the document. Pay Period Type the dates the employee worked. Document Total Amount The total amount paid on the voucher. Number of Transactions The number of entries in the worksheet. Sections Screens detailing document information.

6 Part 1: Cover Sheet

7 Part 2: Sections

8 Part 3: Payment Worksheet

9 OV1 (Hourly Employees) OV1payments require an appointment and are created with the account number that was used to appoint the employee

10 Missing an EID? Press PF4.

11 Missing an EID? Enter the employees EID and a pop-up window will identify the reason the employee is not listed on the voucher.

12 Common Reasons an Employee Doesnt Show Up on an OV1 Document PO8 (Paycheck Profile) switch is inactive No I-9 on file Appointment is not on the same account as the voucher account Appointment dates are not the same as the pay period on the voucher Appointment must have a Work-Study code assigned by the Work-Study Office

13 OV2 (Casual Labor) This voucher type allows payment to individuals that are performing services for a short period of time without an appointment. Note: Effective May 9 th, all casual labor employees must complete an employment application. Casual labor payments are flat lump sum payments received for one-time Special events such as ticket-taking, ushers, parking attendants, cleanup crews, modeling, etc., or for seasonal events such as orientation or cashiering during peak registration periods. No appointment is required Laborer must have a current I-9 and W-4 on file with Human Resources Process an OV2 document in BIS by the timesheet deadline posted on the administrative calendar Include notes on the OV2 document briefly describing the work done OV2 will not be approved without attached notes Departments without access to OV2 documents in BIS need to contact the Help Desk (747-4357)

14 OV2 (Casual Labor)

15 OV5 (Over Time) This document requires an appointment for the pay period represented on the document.

16 OV6 (Vacation payments) Upon termination, this document is used to pay leave balances for vacation, floating holiday, and holiday pay to an employee leaving the university. If the employee is deceased, half of the sick leave balance (up to a maximum of 336 hours) is paid to the estate. If an employee is transferring to another state agency or department, the hours are transferred.

17 OV7 (Contracted Services) Used as a basis for paying individuals providing consulting or specialized services to the University –Form must be completed prior to routing for approval –A resume must be included with the APS form –Approval should be obtained from the Director or Dean and Vice President –26 Accounts require approval from Contracts & Grants and Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) –Route all forms to the Payroll Office –APS form can be found on the UTEP Forms Mine and on the Payroll website –Please refer to the APS Workshop presentation for additional information on the Payroll website

18 OV7 (Contracted Services)

19 Action Field Commands

20 Command Definitions NEWCreate a NEW document. SEASEARCH for selected documents. ROUDisplay where this document has been ROUTED. NOTDisplay document NOTES. CPYCOPY the document with a new document number. FYISend document copy to logon ID FOR YOUR INFORMATION. PRTPRINT the document. VERVERIFY the document is correct. APPAPPROVE to sign this document and route forward. FYAApprove and route to logon ID FOR APPROVAL. DELDELETE this document.

21 Verify (VER) Use the VER command to check the document for common errors and for completeness.

22 Approve (APP) The APP command is required to forward the document to the next desk/logon ID in the routing sequence.

23 Search (SEA) Type SEA in the Action field and press ENTER. Each search may be limited by entering the information known such as the document creator, EID, date created, or account number and leaving other fields blank. When the criteria is less specific, more documents will be found.

24 Search (SEA)

25 Routing (ROU) Use the ROU command to view the routing history of a document. This command can be very useful in determining where a document is within the approval process. The window will display all prior approvals as well as the desk/logon ID of the next approver of the document.

26 Thank you for viewing this presentation. For more information, contact: Payroll Services 915-747-5171

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