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How to Write Those Narrative and Expository Writings Without the FUSS!!

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1 How to Write Those Narrative and Expository Writings Without the FUSS!!


3 Background Attention getters Students background knowledge Real-life situations and/or items to relate too

4 Narrative Story hooks Graphic organizers Marzanos findings –up to 45% gain in achievement with students

5 Expository Main Idea/Topic sentence Supporting details Use photographs Songs for common mistakes The Whole Summary Song Story Map Song Rapping Grammar YouTube videos

6 Frame Organizer Frame of a newly built house Use photographs of those new homes being built within the community Use the frame structure Roof- main idea/topic sentence Supporting Beams/ Supporting details

7 Writing Conference O Always conference O Please only focus on one thing they are consistently doing wrong O Teacher fixes everything else O Next conference O Something else they are doing wrong O Teacher fixes everything else O Student tracks their own growth- chart

8 Good Teaching Strategies O Use music- can be played on TEST day!! O Use stickers or reinforcements to promote growth in writing. O Use white boards to teach concepts for informal assessments. O Use rubrics that are shared with the students as the new writing assignment is introduced O Rubistar (create your own rubrics)

9 Writing Music O Website- O Great songs for the classroom to promote punctuation and grammar O Stop in the Name of Love- periods O Background Music O Meet Joe Black Soundtrack O Any suggestions?

10 Websites O Reading A-Z O Vocabulary, Grammar lessons, center work, intervention lessons O Brain Pop O Writing lessons- O Show Not Tell O Main Idea O Poetry

11 Expository Activity O Read a short selection from a book about a certain topic O Allow the students to fill out the frame graphic organizer O Allow the students to come up and place their supporting details on the frame house. O They can use this for any expository piece of writing. O Topic with 4 details to support it

12 House Structures O Wooden structure O 3- 1 X 2- 8ft. @ $1.15= $3.45 O 1-scrap piece of 1 X 8 X 8 channel cedar siding= $4.00 O Total cost- $7.45 = tax O Cardboard house O Hobby Lobby- $5.99 + tax

13 Professional Books Under-Resourced Learners Ruby Payne Crunchtime Gretchen Bernabei Reviving the Essay Gretchen Bernabei Why We Run With Scissors Gretchen Bernabei Sparklers Gretchen Bernabei Mindset Carol Dweck Teach with Your Strengths Rosanne Liesveld How Full Is Your Bucket? Tom Rath

14 Contact Information Leticia Saunders Jefferson Elementary School- 4 th Grade ELA/SS Please contact me if you ever need anything!


16 O

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