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Empowering communication without boundaries…

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1 Empowering communication without boundaries…

2 Company Overview “One-stop-shop” for all language service requirements (including translation, interpreting, transcription and all disability services) ATC and ITI member with ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation for translation services 270 working languages including the rarest dialects A totally bespoke and “customer based” service with 100% customer satisfaction level between financial years One of the fastest growing language companies in the UK! Winner of “Public Service Best Service Award, 2008”, presented as a part of National Public Procurement Practitioners Day (N3PD) 2008 Master Vendor of the NHS East Midlands contract. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 2

3 Service Variety Face-to-face Interpreting Telephone Interpreting
Translation DTP (Desktop Publishing / Design) Audio into Text (Transcription) Text into Audio (CD and/or Cassette Recording) Foreign Audio into English Text (Audio Translation) Voice-over Cultural Understanding Disability Services BSL Lip Speaking Deaf-blind Interpreting Large print Braille Pictorial English (Easy Read) © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 3

4 Communication Your dedicated Account Manager
will act as coordinator for all liaison between Trusts and Pearl will oversee the smooth running of services as executed in the agreement harmonise booking, feedback, quality assurance and billing procedures develop further online booking, feedback and reporting tools to best compliment the activities of the company will be at your disposal for a meeting any time of the year, with only 24 hours notice Your dedicated Project Coordinator will act as the single point of contact for all your orders. In other words, will receive, coordinate and if necessary delegate all the translation, interpreting, transcription requests © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 4

5 Booking Methods E-mail or fax booking request form
Book online with ORBIT™ Adapt to Trust’s own booking system © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 5

6 Service Levels Face-to-face Interpreting:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week Evenings, weekends or public holidays Requests processed within minutes Confirmation is sent within one hour (or COB latest) 24 hours notice is preferable; however Interpreters available within hours or even minutes of your request © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 6

7 Service Levels Translation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Evenings, weekends or public holidays Requests processed on same day basis 2000 words in 24 hours (standard) Number of Words Turnaround Up to 500 words same day words 1 working day words 2 working days words 3 working days words 4 working days © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 7

8 Service Levels Telephone Interpreting: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Evenings, weekends and public holidays Calls connected in seconds in most languages Both automated or live operator systems are available © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 8

9 Service Levels Disability Services:
Contracts with 4 specialist organisations for BSL, Lip Speaking and Deaf-blind interpreting Contracts with 4 specialist organisations for Braille, Pictorial English and Large Print Access to almost ALL qualified BSL interpreters in the UK Access to 24 hour emergency telephone numbers of our subcontractors © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 9

10 Don’t put your eggs in one basket…
A Managed Contract Don’t put your eggs in one basket… © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 10

11 A Managed Contract © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 11

12 A Managed Contract © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 12

Best available small and/or specialist suppliers work for the Trusts under Pearl’s roof. Better fulfilment rate due to small local suppliers acting as backup. Multiple organisations in the background is not reflected to clients. One dedicated booking coordinator at Pearl deals with all requests. Suppliers are selected through a two stage tendering process: PQQ & ITT. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 13

For Trusts, it is easier to promote one single organisation for all language requirements rather than promoting a different supplier for each required service. For service users, it is easier to remember one organisation, one booking coordinator and one telephone number rather than having to remember who to call for each required service. Ability to take advantage of the resources of various service suppliers rather having to depend on one supplier, regardless of how large or successful they are. Giving other local and/or small suppliers in the area the chance to work for the Trusts through Pearl Linguistics without having to go through complex corporate tendering processes. Standardised quality, cost and billing. Due to the large number of work we offer to our subcontractors (larger than any Trust can offer directly themselves), we are able to agree on lower rates than the Trusts are currently paying those suppliers directly. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 14

Telephones are answered within 3 rings Translation quotes are sent within 30 minutes Interpreter confirmations are sent within 1 to 3 hours for 100+ standard languages Interpreter confirmations are sent within 24 hours for rare languages Client s are responded within 10 minutes Finance enquiries are dealt with within 2 hours Call backs are done within 30 minutes (unless during lunch time) Dispute investigations start on the same day Disputes are (where possible) resolved within 24 hours Invoices are sent on the 2nd of every month for the previous month’s work (or immediately if requested) Monitoring and Management Information are sent within 3 working days (or on the specified deadline) © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 15

Every booking is analysed separately and issues such as nature of the booking, gender, religion, age, possible connection between the interpreter and the client or cultural and political factors are taken into account. For mental health assignments, we will only assign interpreters who have considerable experience in the field and are receiving free of charge psychological support from Pearl’s partner therapist. We investigate the possible link between the interpreter and the client and only use interpreters that are not linked to the patient. Female interpreters are chosen for all female patients’ visits. We make sure the interpreter and the patient are not from two hostile regions and if possible share the same religion in order to understand and respect religion-related customs. Interpreters always go to each assignment with a time-sheet, a feedback form, mobile phone, and ID card. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 16

17 Quality Assurance INTERPRETING MONITORING (continued…)
They also receive a journey planner including a map of the venue, train times and estimate of journey time. Three hours before each assignment, interpreters receive an automated text message confirming the time and address of the booking once more. We have a system to monitor the preferred or on-going interpreter for a specific client or case. So we can use the same interpreter for continuity reasons when required. Feedback is an essential part of our monitoring process. It allows us keep abreast of general adherence to service expectations. We have created: Feedback forms for professional users Feedback forms for patients which is a first in the UK interpreting industry. We have already translated these forms into 40 languages. Clients can also send feedback for a specific job through ORBIT™ © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 17

As standard, all documents are proof-read twice by the original translator. All published documents are proof-read by a second independent linguist. In-house editors check all documents before delivery. Apart from proof-reading, we also spot check approximately every 10,000 words worth of translated copy to ensure that our linguists are providing the quality of translation we are offering to the client as standard. We set up and use the same team of translators for the same client for continuity and consistency. Needless to say, we only use translators that translate into their mother tongue and the translator we choose for a particular assignment is a specialist on the subject of the source text. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 18

19 Recruitment 10- STAGE RECRUITMENT
1) Filtering of CVs / Short-listing candidates 2) Qualification checks 3) Accreditation checks 4) Reference checks 5) Requesting proof of over 300 hours NHS interpreting experience 6) CRB Check (which involves original ID check) 7) Screening of all interpreters through our face to face interview process 8) Specialist translation tests for translator candidates - checked by independent proof-readers 9) Contracts covering liability and confidentiality issues 10) New Interpreter Induction © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 19

20 Recruitment QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED DPSI (health option)
Certificate in Public Service Interpreting Member of NRPSI Member of IOL Member of ITI Recognised language degree from a UK or foreign university - Diploma in Translation and Interpreting - Diploma in Linguistics - BA and/or MA Translation and Interpretation BA and/or MA Legal Translation and Interpreting IOL Diploma in Translation (Specialism: Health) Recognised degree in medicine from a UK university Metropolitan Police Test © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 20

21 Management info 1) MONTHY MANAGEMENT REPORTS (sent with monthly invoices) Client Account Number Organisation Department Job Type Order Date Delivery Date Delivery Time End Time Duration Contact Name Client Reference Language Cost © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 21

22 Management info Monthly Management Report © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 22

23 Management info 2) DEVELOPMENT REPORTS (quarterly & annually)
Services requested Languages requested Number of interpreters requested per organisation, per department, per month Number of translation jobs requested per organisation, per department, per month Total spent on each service per organisation, per department, per month Extra complimentary work provided for each Trust (meetings, training sessions, cultural understanding sessions, reference material created, etc…) ORBIT™ use ratio (%) Key Performance Indicators: % of met deadlines % of telephone interpreting sessions connected within 60 seconds % of translation jobs delivered within 24 hours average response times case studies user feedback/testimonials © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 23

24 Management info Development Report - Annual spend breakdown per organisation per month *** The figures in all INTRAN management report charts have been changed for this presentation, for confidentiality purposes. © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 24

25 Management info Development Report - Annual spend chart 25
© Pearl Linguistics, 2010 25

26 Management info Development Report - Quarterly spend pie chart 26
© Pearl Linguistics, 2010 26

27 Management info Development Report - Breakdown of number of jobs per month © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 27

28 Management info Development Report - Breakdown of number of jobs per organisation per month © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 28

29 Management info Development Report - Breakdown of documents / KPI for delivery of translations © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 29

30 Any language Any subject Any time To Summarise… From Aceh to Zulu…
From Archaeology to Zoology… Any subject 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… Any time © Pearl Linguistics, 2010 30

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