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Peer Support in HPFT Community Services

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1 Peer Support in HPFT Community Services
Chris Coote Peer Support Worker Sophie Taylor Inclusion and Engagement Manager

2 Background HPFT started developing Peer Support Work in – training and supporting service users and carers to use their own experiences to support others in their recovery journey. Soon became clear that there were tremendous potential benefits for both recipients of the service and the workers.

3 Peer Support Work fits closely with the Trust’s ongoing transformation and aspiration to provide the best mental health services. Peer Support Workers were employed very successfully as part of the Community Services Trial last year – and at the same time training was commissioned to prepare service users to take on posts in the new Community Services. Carer Peer Support Training is just about to start.

4 Where we are now Recovery Oriented Work Book CONTENTS
Section 1: Peer Support and Peer Support Workers 1.1 Theory and value 1.2 Training 1.3 Tools of the Trade 1.4 Supporting Peer Support Workers Section 2: Career Development Plan 2.1 Personal and Professional development plan Section 3: Appendices: A – Confidentiality Contract B – Peer Support Worker Code of Conduct C – Permission to Contact sheet D – Reflective Journal template E – Action Plan template Recovery Oriented Work Book

5 Theory & Value Peer work;
Is based in shared understanding, respect and mutual empowerment. Can drive recovery focussed organisational change. Instils a sense of hope and optimism Supports with engagement of ‘hard to reach’. Supports recovery, encourages co-production, puts the voice of those with lived experience at the heart of services Provides excellent value.

6 Training Peer Support Workers are trained to;
- Understand theories of peer support - Examine personal strengths and abilities - Understand coping mechanisms - Develop and practice active listening skills - Make appropriate use of lived experience

7 Tools of the Trade - Lived Experience - Trust Policies and Guidelines
- Code of Conduct – mutually empowering relationships, professional boundaries, recovery focus. - Confidentiality Contract – additional information to cover mutual confidentiality

8 Support for PSWs Layers of support
Time in supervision to discuss own ongoing recovery process. - Encouragement to discuss MH issues and request extra support when needed. - Support ranges from de-briefing after peer meetings, to formal supervisions – offered by line managers, team managers and peers. 8

9 Career Development - 1 year fixed part time term posts
Recovery oriented work plan formulated with manager Support and guidance to use reflective journals to identify good practice and areas for improvement Support to plan for future career

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