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Changing the paradigm Innovative approach to automating configuration management with proven, patented technology Versatile experience with 1000s of global.

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2 Changing the paradigm Innovative approach to automating configuration management with proven, patented technology Versatile experience with 1000s of global deployments Award-winning solution bundles imaging, recovery, configuration, compliance and reporting in a single scalable package Partner-driven organization providing unique business value and strong customer support


4 Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Reduce support incidents & repeat cases Eliminate desk-side visits Remove malware threats Control Change Management : Cut manual, error-prone changes Minimize business interruptions Increase patch success rate Manage Complexity: Balance admin rights, application updates Coordinate imaging, hardware refreshes Remotely migrate new OSs, new platforms Satisfy Compliance : Enforce and demonstrate control The challenges are clear…



7 Automation is the key Imaging Migrate & Deploy Increase Success Rate of Patching & Update Process Manage, Enforce & Recover from Disasters Audit & Report

8 Scalable deployments Remote Desktop (for enterprise deployments) SSL Web Connection (for enterprise deployments) 10 or 10,000 Systems… New York City Chicago London Los Angeles

9 Automated, zero-touch bare-metal build process Single instance file repository From OS to desired state Create standard imaging and build process to ensure consistency Imaging optionally works from PXE (network boot) in BIOS Customizable client build task allows for scripted boots and installs Build with a single PXE boot < 7 minutes (vs. 21 minutes) Persystent Suite automates the imaging and deployment process Automates admin tasks such as change computer name Continues to automate admin tasks like join domain, auto reboot and create a desired state snapshot The system is now production ready Imaging: 3X faster…automatically

10 Automate the remote OS migration process Locally backs up user profiles and settings Apply the new Windows 7 or Windows 8 image Remote system has a new restore point for recovery purposes in minutes Metric check on system to verify system can run the new OS Backup all local files to the local system, and files are uploaded to central server Concurrently downloads new files that constitute the new image Applies the local files and new image then creates a new system restore point Remote migration=no onsite tech needed

11 Automated patches, updates deployed consistently Success rate increases via enforcement of desired state Change management reporting is automated Targeted end-points identified and scheduled to receive a patch Ensure end-points are in a desired state to accept new patch Patch applied through normal process Persystent takes an automated snapshot of the new/updated desired state The patch process is successful Increase patch/update success

12 Reduces support incidents Limits desk-side visits Eliminate repeat cases Manages Desired State User installs un-authorized programs, reconfigures system, downloads security threat leaving the user unproductive User calls helpdesk which remotely reboots the system or has the user reboot the computer Prior to boot of the OS, the system is brought back to the desired state in seconds File-based repair removes Spyware, unauthorized applications, and any misconfigurations even if system is disconnected from the network while leaving user data alone Creates a detailed file change report to ensure compliance Automated, real-time repair

13 When disaster strikes…were prepared Industry estimates that 5% of the environments computers will experience hardware failure and require new hardware or a re-image BUT the time to get the system to production is very prolonged and often requires desk-side visits or shipping hardware from central IT Hardware failure User or system admin installs new hard drive Enable system to PXE boot to local network and download the last known desired state image Option 2: use DVD or USB device to boot End-point system is recovered and back into production in minutes

14 Standard hardware & software reports Quickly identify compliance and operational exceptions Provide groupings at the user, organizational, departmental and geographic levels Demonstrate control over the environment Satisfy compliance: audit/reporting

15 Reduce operational downtime Reduce support incidents by 90% Enforce policy and compliance Increase application availability Reduce case resolution times, repeat cases Reduce on-site or remote service requests Integrates with existing infrastructure Automated compliance reporting Improved user satisfaction Simple and silent install process…fast Making a difference

16 I get audited. I get audited a lot. - Michael Tampone Sterling Risk, Chief Technology Officer THE PROBLEM Our external audits required us to demonstrate control over our IT systems. Demonstrating that we could re-image a system wasnt a solution any longer especially due to self inflicted Malware infections. The weight of compliance OUR ACTION Over the last 5 years, Persystent Suite has enabled IT to manage the standard state of our systems. The routine automated recovery process provided the necessary documentation for the external auditors. THE RESULT Having the ability to enforce our standard state enabled us to achieve compliance, even when systems arent connected to our network or agents arent connected to the domain.

17 THE PROBLEM Student classrooms and computer labs required routine daily re-images between classes to ensure the standard curriculum was available for the next student. Additionally, each semester all campus computers required a new image to ensure the latest and greatest technology refreshes. Traditional lock down solutions, hardening tools and traditional imaging technologies just werent viable. OUR ACTION Over the last 11 years, Persystent Suite enabled the system administrators to automate the recovery of the standard curriculum in seconds. The campus refresh program was also automated with a new image in minutes. THE RESULT Teachers were able to focus their efforts on the curriculum and teaching children rather than classroom preparation. The System Administrators remotely managed all of campus computers centrally rather than local campus visits. The ROI was calculated in days. Educating students

18 THE PROBLEM To maintain transactional integrity between POS and DVR systems at nearly 10,000 remote locations while ensuring PCI compliance on the restaurant POS networks requires password changes every 90 days and up-to-date patching. Push-based technology will not work. OUR ACTION Over the last 4 years, Utopic has facilitated the scheduling of password changes, retrieval and execution of software updates, and maintaining ideal end state without manual intervention. THE RESULT ROI in less than 30 days based solely on first year savings. Making compliance easier

19 THE PROBLEM The Long Beach hospital wanted to upgrade and automate the imaging process for multiple platforms and apply an automated zero-touch approach. The VA was experiencing high volumes of support calls, remote assist, and desk-side visits related to mis-configurations and end-user self-induced errors. OUR ACTION Over the past 12 years, Persystent Suite has provided an automated imaging, and self-healing software solution for over 3,600 workstations and laptops. THE RESULT The hospital received ROI in less than 60 days. Self-healing for the VA hospital

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