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Capital do Mato Grosso Formatação: by Gi Manteli Cuiabá.

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2 Capital do Mato Grosso Formatação: by Gi Manteli Email: Cuiabá

3 Pantanal Ave. and Buildings from west region Same as above Same as above

4 Buildings at west region and Mother Boniface Park Same as above

5 Miguel Sutil Ave. and towers UC and towers UC Tower at east region

6 One of tallest buildings 32 floors on west region Same as above Sergio Motta Bridge

7 Downtown view from Bom Despacho Hill (fall) The modern Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

8 Saint Gonçalo church from 18th century Old war arenal (19 century) - today a cultural center.

9 Japanese Palace, used as a comercial center Bom Despacho Church, Gothik style church, built by the French Colony

10 Sesc Arsenal at night CPA Ave. and Federal Police headquarters

11 Alencastro Square and Metropolitan Cathedral Intruction Palace, built by the portuguese King on the 18th century

12 Close up from Bom Despacho church Fernando Correa Ave. at night

13 Frontal view of Bom Despacho Church Another modern tower at west region

14 View from west region Arborized ave. a symbol of Cuiaba (Getulio Vargas Ave.)

15 Italian Cantina French Café

16 Another Italian cantina Issac Povoas Ave.

17 Bom Despacho church at sunset Typical phone booth of Cuiaba (animals from the region)

18 Civil Court of Cuiaba Justice Court of Cuiaba HSBC headquarts from Mato Grosso state

19 Sidwalks Same as above

20 8th of April plaza at Downtown Another tall tower 32 floors

21 Flourished trees at downtown Lavapés Boulevard at west region.

22 Buildings at west region sidwalks British Council

23 Typical treee North region from Massairo Okamura Park

24 Trail at Massairo Okamura Park Water jet at Massairo Okamura Park Fountain on a plaza.

25 The city has big malls, this is Pantanal Shopping desineg by Brazilian Company and the company from Eaton Centre from Toronto - Canada. Italian restaurant

26 Historical Building at downtown National Insurance Building at downtown 3 Americas Mall - big mall at east region

27 sidwalks on the borders of Morro da Luz (Montain of Light) at downtown. Fernando Correa Ave.

28 Bosque do Barbado Park at east region. Buildings view from Mãe Bonifacia Park

29 Mãe Bonifácia Park entrance Geodesic Centre of South America mark, yes Cuiaba is in the execly center of South America. Bank of Brazil headquarters at downtown.

30 Commercial streets at historical downtown. Commercial Alley at historical downtown. Tancredo Neves Ave. at east region

31 Old Mansions at histotical downtown Our Lady Auxiliadora, built on the 19th by the italian colony Skyline from Jardim das Américas neighborhood (east region)

32 Boulevard at east region Birds at the lake Arborished street

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