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Ventricles of the Brain Samantha Espiritu Aubrey Mayer Katie Kelly.

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1 Ventricles of the Brain Samantha Espiritu Aubrey Mayer Katie Kelly

2 The brain has a central passageway which expands to form 4 chambers called ventricles. Each cerebral hemisphere has large lateral ventricles. Interventricular foramen them to communicate with the 3 rd ventricle. 3 rd with 4 th ventricle

3 Cerebrospinal Fluid The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) provides support while the brain floats on the fluid. Human brain weight: 1400 g(3.1 lb) in air though 50 g (1.7 lb) with CSF Transports nutrients, chemical passengers, and waste products. Produced at the choroid plexus

4 Cont. CSF Network of permeable capillaries extends into each of 4 ventricles. Rate of CSF 500mil/day: volume 150 ml. Entire volume CSF replaced every 8 hours

5 Cerebrum Largest region of brain, conscious thought and intellectuals originate Receiving somatic sensory information, exert voluntary and involuntary control

6 Prefrontal Cortex Feelings of frustration, tension, and anxiety are worked through. Hemispheric Lateralization 2 cerebral hemispheres responsible for not ordinarily performed by opposite hemisphere.

7 Memory What is your name? This involves accessing memory. These are fact memories when dealing with facts. Skill memories are motored behaviors. Short term memories do not last long. Long term memories remain longer in the mind.

8 Brain Brain contains roughly 35 billion neurons Dreams, passions, and memories are result of brain activity 98 percent of the neural tissue in the body Major divisions: the cerebrum, diencephalon, midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata, cerebellum

9 Cont. Brain Brain stem contains 3 major divisions: midbrain, pons, medulla

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