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2 Twenty Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

3 An example of energy is ? A. Computer B. Radio C. Sound

4 A shadow is made when ________
a.) you turn off the light b.) you look at a mirror in the dark c.) light is blocked with an object.

5 A student places a pencil into a cup of water. How does the pencil look?
a.) The pencil will begin to melt because it’s wet. b.)The pencil will appear to be bent or broken. c.) The pencil will appear to be moving.

6 On a hot sunny day Ahmed hangs his white shirt and black shirt outside to dry. Which shirt has a lower temperature? Why? a.)The black shirt because it absorbs more light. b.)The white shirt because it absorbs less light.

7                                                                                                                                            Three pieces of socks are placed on a table in the sunlight- a yellow sock, a black sock and a white sock. After an hour of sunlight which sock should have the highest temperature? a.) The yellow sock b.) The black sock c.) The white sock

8 Syiann is in a dark bathroom without any windows
Syiann is in a dark bathroom without any windows. In a completely dark room will Syiann be able to see herself in a mirror? a.)No because she needs light to see. b.)Yes her eyes will adjust. c.)Yes because she will see her reflection in the mirror.

9 Which of the following is a form of light and sound energy?
a.) Lightening b.) Rain c) Snow

10 What form of energy do plants need to grow?
a.) Static Energy b.) Sound Energy c.) Light Energy

11 When we dropped a penny in a cup of water and observed it at different views-why did it appear to have moved positions? a.)The water was too deep. b.)The water is too shallow. c.) The bending light (refraction) makes the penny look like it’s in a different place.

12 If a metal spoon and a plastic spoon is left in the sun which spoon will heat up faster?
b.) Plastic c.) They will heat up at the same time.

13 Some instruments make a low pitch sound and others make a higher pitch sound. What kind of vibration does a high pitch instrument make? a.)Slow Vibration b.)Fast Vibration

14 Which part of the violin creates sound through vibration?
a.)Neck b.)Strings c.)Handle

15 Objects that make a low or high sound depends on its
a.) Degree b.) Noise c.) Pitch d.) Volume

16 When objects vibrate or move back and forth quickly _______ is made.
a.)Pitch b.) Reflection c.) Sound

17 _______ occurs when light changes direction by bouncing off a surface
_______ occurs when light changes direction by bouncing off a surface. (example: mirror) a.) Energy b.) Reflection c.) Vibration

18 The bending of light as it passes from one object to another is called
a.)Sound Energy b.)Refraction c.) Volume

19 Thermal Energy is also known as ________ because it absorbs the light and stores it.
a.) Heat Energy b.)Sound Energy c.) Reflection

20 If the path of light passes through an object will a shadow be made?
a.) YES- a shadow will be made. B.) NO- a shadow will not be made.

21 Which of the following is a form of energy from nature?
a.) Bodies of water b.) Bridges c.) Lightening

22 The sun, a flash light and a lamp are examples of sources that__________ light.
a.) reflect b.) produce c.) refract

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