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The Students Are the Stars: Making a (Subversively Instructional) Interactive Movie By: Ramona Islam & Leslie Porter.

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1 The Students Are the Stars: Making a (Subversively Instructional) Interactive Movie By: Ramona Islam & Leslie Porter

2 Lets Watch Lets see what happens when people stop being library-centered and start getting real

3 Question: Librarians, if you were making a video to promote your library, what would YOU highlight?

4 Librarians?

5 Question: If your students were making a video to promote the library, what do you think THEY would highlight?

6 Students?

7 Library Intro: repackaged & remixed Blend social experiences with technology Repackage the same content we delivered as a lecture The experience is customized by the user, like Jones Soda

8 Why remix? Change perceptions of redundancy Surprising Not intimidating Good first impression More engaging

9 Stop me if you think youve heard this one before… How many of you teach freshmen library orientation sessions? Ratio of bored vs. engaged? Image from Flickr user umjanedoa under Creative Commons license

10 Put the class in the students hands Lecture = students passive Interaction = students active participants Empowered + active = more engaged Let the class do the work! Image from Flickr user Ollie-G under Creative Commons license

11 How it works in the classroom Clickers Results screen

12 Enter audience as protagonist Choose your own adventure format Students are the stars –in the movie –in the classroom Electronic voting devices empower the audience to select the path

13 How we did it: Making the movie Funding Assessment of existing program Creative collaboration Filming and post - production

14 Funding Funds re-routed from library open house because of schedule change Image from Flickr user Tracy Olson under Creative Commons license

15 Assessment of existing program Interviews with graduating seniors about their experiences with library instruction over the course of 4 years Image from Flickr user Barbara Dieu under Creative Commons license

16 Library as place "There's times when I'm studying in the cafe late at night." How we integrated student feedback into the movie "I like the different spaces in the library, like the cushy chairs."

17 Meeting up online "In my research, I would say the library has maybe a minor role. You can do a lot of it from your room."

18 Laptop rentals "My favorite part about research at the library is laptop renting."

19 Microfilm "The most helpful was microfiche--it was a lot easier than using all my StagBucks to print out things."

20 Interlibrary Loan "I love the interlibrary loan service for finding books."

21 Friends "I liked when I could show my roommates how to research Sesame Street for our communications class. They were impressed."

22 Creative collaboration Where do we begin? It was a long process! Working with Media Center and two freshmen Brainstorming –Writing the script –Coming up with the concept A thousand failures…then, success!

23 It all came down to this:

24 Filming 2 days over the summer –Casting –Directing –Shooting Later –Screening –Post-production

25 Spotlight: Know Your Audience Fairfield University is a small comprehensive Jesuit university located in a suburb 50 miles outside of New York City. –Undergraduate students: 3941 –Full-time entering Freshmen: 842 –Sometimes known as J. Crew U. – "The DiMenna-Nyselius Library turns into Club DiMenna on Sunday evenings - it might as well be the Grape on a Tuesday night, except they let underclassmen in (including the one that you're too embarrassed to tell your friends you have a crush on)." Excerpt from the Fairfield Mirror, Fairfields student newspaper From the article, The Right way to pop your collar Fairfield Mirror, 2/1/07

26 Your Turn as Audience

27 Audience Vote: Depending upon desired outcomes, can use of narrative enhance learning?

28 Assessment: Student Evaluation Form

29 Student Feedback What they found surprising: –"The movie. I thought it was going to be stupid, but it was actually funny and pretty informative." Entertainment value: –"I enjoyed the movie and liked how it was interactive and kept your focused." –"It was very good; I would like to see the segments that the class did not view." The movie's impact on the students' experience of the library instruction class as a whole: –"I was surprised to learn how much easier it is to write a paper using the library." –"The session was more enjoyable and interactive than I thought it was going to be."

30 Educational value: Student Quote: "The movie was really good and helped me realize what the library offered. Several students hadn't known they could "rent free laptops. Two students expressed surprise that librarians may be contacted through instant messaging. Student responses to the question: The movie contributed to my awareness of library services and resources

31 Reactions Librarians - I think it was very successful. The students seemed to really like it, and I think it got them to pay attention in a way that they wouldn't have if it was just me talking. - Fairfield U. Librarian Faculty - I'm conflicted about the usefulness of the film--except insofar as it enticed the students to use the library and made it 'sexy.' – Fairfield U. Professor Faculty responses (regarding the movie) to the questions: Which aspects of the EN 11 Library Program were particularly valuable / less useful?

32 DO try this at home Suggestions Use your campus media center, film students, drama students If you dont have a campus media center, try to find another local school/college/community college that does Paying for the professionals can be cost prohibitive Get volunteer actors from the drama/theatre program if you have one - they can use the movie as part of their "reel." If you don't have a theater program, try local theater groups or even high school seniors. Production and post-production - get students who edit media to help out –Graphic design students –digital media students –Free software

33 Choose the Ending! A) A walk on the Beach B) Threes a Crowd C) An Unexpected Visitor

34 Questions? Photo from Flickr user alexanderdrachmannalexanderdrachmann Used under the Creative Commons License

35 Thank you! Ramona Islam Leslie Porter View the entire movie online at Photo from Flickr user Randy Son Of Robert Used under the Creative Commons LicenseRandy Son Of Robert

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