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ENSURING EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP in the Colleges/Faculties/Departments A reflection by John SK Ayim 20 th Feb. 2013.

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1 ENSURING EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP in the Colleges/Faculties/Departments A reflection by John SK Ayim 20 th Feb. 2013

2 Things to Consider Introduction Leader/ Leadership Structure of the College Players in the Department/Faculty/College Aim / Objective of the Dept/Faculty/College Problems in the College Approaches / Solutions

3 Leader / Leadership The following definitions have been selected To suite our purpose for discussion : LEADER : A person who GUIDES or DIRECTS a GROUP LEADERSHIP : Organising a group of People to Achieve a Common Goal

4 Some Attributes of a LEADER Must be (more) EXPERIENCED COMPETENT in the relevant Field Willing to assume Responsibility Willing to Learn from OTHERS Ready to share Information and Knowledge Must NOT be AUTHORITARIAN / AUTOCRATIC Must ALLOW PARTICIPATION (shared leadership).

5 STRUCTURE OF A COLLEGE (in the KNUST) PROVOST -- the chief Educational and Administrative Officer of the College; He reports to the VICE-CHANCELLOR. The Office of the Provost oversees the Academic Policies and Activities in the College DEAN -- Coordinates activities within the Faculty; provides Academic and Strategic Leadership Oversees choices in Curriculum, Staff selection and Promotion, Financial matters (etc) He reports to the Provost.

6 Department Head Head -- A person who is in charge -- Responsible for the efficient running -- Oversees the work; He is responsible For getting people together to accomplish Desired Goals and Objectives using available Resources EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY.

7 The Department Each Department is made of : Lecturers Technicians Administrative support And STUDENTS -- UNDERGRADUATES -- POSTGRADUATES, etc, INFRASTRUCTURE : Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Workshops, Equipment, …….

8 Goals and Objectives of the Business of the College To Foster Students Development of Competence as SCIENTISTS, SOCIAL SCIENTISTS, SCHOLARS RESEARCHERS, to Think Critically and Creatively, Communicate Effectively to Develop KNOWLEDGE, THINKING, SKILLS

9 WHY DO PEOPLE ATTEND COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY Some think it ESSENTIAL Career preparation, Increase knowledge, It Is the NORM, So others wont look down upon them; ………. IN Ghana A DEGREE IS CONSIDERED as MEAL TICKET, opens doors for employment….so SCRAMBLE for admission into Nursing, Teacher Training Colleges, Medical School etc.

10 EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT Starting from the Department follow the Management Procedures : Planning, Organising, Staffing, Leading/Directing; CONTROLLING. STAFF MIX is determined by Curriculum Content which spells out Competencies expected. SPECIALISTS IN THE various areas are needed to enhance outcomes of the Programme.

11 Mentoring of young/new Faculty Induction of Staff, Hands on Show New Staff how to translate curriculum outline to lecture notes; how to teach/lecture, Set study problems/Questions; Preparation of Marking Schemes; How to score scripts; How to do Research, Specific Research Proposal Writing, Supervise student Projects.

12 Involving Staff in Management Staff, Lecturers, Technicians should be assigned responsibility for specific Chores : Core areas such as Different Classes eg Level 1,2,3,4, Postgraduates, Laboratory/Workshop; Time tabling, Examination, Field work, Security, Services, Such assignments prepare Lecturers for Leadership positions.

13 Leading or Directing by Head The Head Must Monitor ALL Activities : Checking progress against Plans Lecture attendance by Students/Lecturers Laboratory/workshop Management/attendance by Lecturers Technicians/Teaching Assistants/Students

14 COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT Do you know what STUDENTS think of your Management of Lectures, Examinations. Behaviour of Lecturers !!! STUDENTS Harassments….Sexual : Male/Male; Female/Female; Male/Female How do you handle such problems? (cases…………………)

15 Sanctions Lecturers / other staff who blatantly ignore guidelines for the collective management of the Department/Faculty/College need to be sanctioned using due process. Objectives CANNOT be achieved if links in the CHAIN are allowed to be WEAK ( cases………..)


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