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State of the University John F. Carney III January 26, 2011.

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1 State of the University John F. Carney III January 26, 2011

2 Freshmen Demographics Incoming Class of 2010 1,170 new first-time freshmen 388 new transfer students 32 states represented 9 foreign countries represented Average ACT is 27.7 Upper 10% in nation 5 perfect scores on the ACT or SAT tests

3 Freshman Demographics Incoming Class of 2010 76% men 24% women 11% minority students 80% Missouri residents 27% first-generation college students 18 years old is the average age

4 Enrollment Fall Semester Headcount ActualProjectionGoal 200020102011 Undergraduate Students3,6985,5054,800 Graduate Students9281,6991,750 Total Enrollment4,6267,2046,550

5 Enrollment Diversity

6 Six-Year Graduation Rate

7 Career Opportunities for Students In 2010, over 550 different employers (over 2,000 visits) recruited at S&T for full-time, co-op, and intern positions 42 states 3 international locations 57% were from outside Missouri 51% increase in the number of employer recruiting events in Fall 2010 over Fall 2009 In Fall 2010, S&T Career Opportunities and Employer Relations has serviced over 3,100 students (48% of our on-campus enrollment)

8 Grants and Contracts 10 Year History

9 FY10 Sponsored Awards by Source Total Amount: $52.3M

10 Two important capital project opportunities

11 Background Missouri S&T proposed debt financing for two major projects on campus last fall Geothermal Energy Project $32.4 million New Construction and Renovation of Schrenk Hall Biological Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Chemistry $51.2 million Debt financing would take advantage of the low-interest rates

12 Geothermal Energy Project This project will use ground source heat pump chillers to provide heating requirements for the campus to replace the current boilers in the Power Plant (installed in 1958, 1963 and 1981). Investment in this project will initially yield approximately $1.4 million in annual energy/operational savings, growing to $2.8 million. In addition, this project will address $26.4 million in deferred maintenance needs identified.

13 Geothermal Energy Project Debt service will be supported from energy and operational cost savings. At the completion of the project, the Power Plant coal and wood fuel steam boilers will be decommissioned. The project will result in reducing the production of over 25,000 tons of CO 2 gases per year, a 60% reduction in the campus carbon footprint.

14 Schrenk Hall Biological Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Chemistry Built in 1938 and 1973 141,854 GSF Schrenk Hall is in terrible condition.

15 $51M project $43M in bonds $8M to be raised from private sources for new building Construction Project Opportunity 205,354 Gross Square Feet

16 New Construction$22 M Chemical and Biological Engineering 63,500 GSF Rehabilitation$29 M Schrenk Hall East 58,960 GSF Schrenk Hall West 82,894 GSF

17 Existing Proposed Biological Sciences10,575 15,575 Chemical and Biological Engr.20,285 48,358 Chemistry54,548 60,548 Support Spaces*10,413 37,433 Total95,821 161,914 *classrooms, prep rooms, storage, etc. Net Assignable Square Footage

18 Chemical and Biological Engineering Proposed Site

19 Biological Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Chemistry Project Debt service would be around $2.6M Additional majors in 3 departments Facility fee Increased sponsored research activity This project would impact positively approximately 3,000 S&T students annually, including 600 students majoring in these three disciplines In addition, completion of this project would address $15 million in identified deferred maintenance needs

20 Endowed Faculty positions

21 Dan Oerther John A. and Susan Mathes Missouri Chair of Civil Engineering Endowment Value: $1.4 million Education B.A. in biological sciences and B.S. in environmental engineering from Northwestern University M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Accomplishments NSF CAREER; US DOS Fulbright Scholar Biography Director of the Ohio Center of Excellence in Sustainable Urban Environments at the University of Cincinnati Research Interests environmental biotechnology, urban sustainability, global development

22 Kamal Khayat Vernon and Maralee Jones Missouri Professorship of Civil Engineering Endowment Value: $1.3 million Education B.S., M.E., M.S., and Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley in Structural Engineering, Construction Engineering and Management, Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology, respectively Biography Director of Integrated Research Laboratory on Materials Valorization and Innovation and Durable Structures at the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada Research Interests Rheology and workability of cement grout, mortar, and concrete Mechanical properties, visco-elastic properties, and structural performance of specialty concrete

23 Wayne and Gayle Laufer Endowed Chair in Energy Endowment Value: $3.5 million

24 FY12 Budget Outlook

25 FY12 Budget Outlook Meeting with the Governor (January 12) Special Board of Curators meeting to discuss tuition/fee increases (January 14) Governors State of the State Address – proposed 7% budget cut (January 19) Board of Curators meeting (January 27-28)

26 Proposed 2011-2012 Tuition and Required Fees University of Missouri-St. Louis4.7% University of Missouri-Kansas City4.8% University of Missouri-Columbia5.8% Missouri S&T6.6%

27 UMSYSTEM.EDU 27 December 9-10, 2010 State support over 10 years has decreased in nominal and real terms OPEN – FIN – INFO 4

28 UMSYSTEM.EDU 28 December 9-10, 2010 Over the same time period enrollment has grown 28% OPEN – FIN – INFO 4

29 UMSYSTEM.EDU 29 December 9-10, 2010 State Appropriations per FTE Student have declined 28% over 10 years OPEN – FIN – INFO 4 Note: Includes appropriations for Cooperative Extension and Ag Experiment Station $10,462 $7,510 * *Budget

30 Value of a Missouri S&T Education S&T is one of the top technological research universities in the United States Average starting salary of an S&T bachelors degree graduate is the second highest of any public college or university in the United States The benefit/cost ratio of an S&T education is one of the highest in the United States QUALITY must be protected

31 Missouri S&T Missouri Resident Students Rank School Overlapping ACTTuition & Fees Room & Board test score senders(2010-2011) S&T797 $ 8,528 $ 8,290 1 UMC362 $ 8,501 $ 8,607 2 Missouri St 92 $ 6,276$ 6,394 3 Wash U 75 $40,374$12,941 4 Purdue 56 $26,622$ 9,120 5 UMKC 51 $ 8,602$ 9,038 6 Truman 50 $ 6,692$ 7,097 7 MIT 50 $39,212$11,234 8 UI - Urbana 47 $27,238$ 9,714 9 St. Louis U 46 $32,656$ 9,170 10 U of Kansas 45 $21,538$ 6,982 10 SEMO 45 $ 6,255$ 6,510 AVERAGE $20,361$ 8,801

32 Missouri S&T Out-of-State Students RankSchool Overlapping ACT Tuition & Fees (2010-2011) Room & Board test score senders In-StateOut-State S&T449 $ 8,528$20,543$ 8,290 1UI-Urbana 84 $27,238 $ 9,714 2Purdue 52 $ 9,070$26,622$ 9,120 3Kansas State 49 $ 7,376$18,404$ 6,954 4Iowa State 39 $ 6,997$18,563$ 7,397 5SIU-E 38 $ 8,401$17,703$ 7,821 6U of Kansas 34 $ 8,733$21,538$ 6,982 7U of Arkansas 32 $ 6,768$16,000$ 8,042 8Wash U 31 $40,374 $12,941 9CSM 30 $13,425$27,855$ 8,596 10GA Tech 24 $ 8,716$26,926$ 8,746 AVERAGE $12,296$24,122$ 8,631

33 Good News Events

34 Popular Sciences Awesome Laboratory Rankings 15.Stanford University 13.University of Florida 12.Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10.Carnegie Mellon University 8.Cornell University

35 #1 Missouri S&T Experimental Mine Popular Sciences Awesome Laboratory Rankings

36 Popular Science September 2010

37 Annual Alumni Contribution Rates Technological Research Universities FY07FY09 California Institute of Technology29.0%DNR Massachusetts Institute of Technology36.0%31.6% Georgia Institute of Technology25.6%23.3% Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute16.9%DNR Missouri S&T18.1%19.1% Colorado School of Mines14.1% 12.0% Michigan Technological University15.9% 15.7% New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology DNR DNR Clarkson University16.7%15.8% Stevens Institute of Technology29.6%DNR Illinois Institute of Technology 8.8% 7.9% Worcester Polytechnic Institute17.0%16.7% New Jersey Institute of Technology11.3%9.2% Florida Institute of Technology 7.6% 7.1% University of Alabama – Huntsville5.8%3.2% South Dakota School of Mines DNR DNR

38 Council for the Advancement and Support of Education Competition S&T received 15 awards for excellence in alumni relations, fundraising, media relations, advertising, graphic design, and student recruitment marketing S&T won the Sweepstakes Award for best overall institutional advancement program in the enrollment category of 5,000 – 7,499 students for the 5 th year in a row

39 Advancing Excellence Capital Campaign Exceeded Goal! $211.8 M Dollars (millions) Months

40 FIRST Robotics Competition S&T will host a Missouri State Championship on February 26 The FIRST® Robotics Competition is a multinational competition that teams professionals and high-school students to solve an engineering design problem in a competitive way Will attract over a 1,000 visitors to campus

41 Search Process for Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

42 Recent campus construction

43 Kummer Student Design Center Construction

44 Kummer Student Design Center

45 Indoor Practice Facility


47 Student Health Complex


49 Innovation Park Construction

50 Board of Curators will meet on the S&T campus March 21-22, 2011

51 Questions?


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