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Making the Most of the Budget Exercise Chapter 4 of Career Choices.

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1 Making the Most of the Budget Exercise Chapter 4 of Career Choices

2 The Budget O The first half of Chapter 4 (pp. 74-96) O An expanded version is available in the optional Lifestyle Math workbook O Money talks and this is the point at which the attitudinal shift happens for many students

3 The Premise O Students are asked to outline a budget for the lifestyle they envision for themselves at a defined point in the future O For secondary students – project to age 29

4 Method to the Money Madness O Idealized budgeting process – starts with what they want O Fear not, for reality will rear its startling head before too long O Budget figures provide a quantitative checkpoint when students are asked to determine how big a commitment they are willing to make to education and/or training

5 Your New Best Friend Locate your Instructors Guide, then hold it close & never let it go.

6 Review Section 4 breaks down each chapter, activity by activity, for a walk-thru of the entire Career Choices process.

7 Allow Ample Time It may take longer than you expect to get through the budget exercise, especially the first time through.

8 Gather Your Resources O Checklist O Instructors Guide, p. 4/52 O Opportunities for guest speakers O Instructors Guide, pp. 11/21-11/22 O Ideas shared by other instructors O Throughout the Instructors Guide O O Instructors Guide, p. 4/51

9 Model the Process Review the entire budget as a class first and complete a budget by consensus. Instructors Guide, p. 4/48

10 Let the Dreams Begin O The process needs to be personal O Give students the latitude to include [insert insanely expensive luxury item here] in their budgets O Remember, they will eventually reconcile budget and education or training needed

11 Expanded Budget Same process More depth More math practice Instructors Guide, pp. 4/49-4/50

12 Reinforcing Rigor

13 This class has helped me in realizing that school is actually important. The section that helped me the most is the budget one. At first I was like, Its okay I can pay whatever. Then when we add the totals I was like Dang! This is going to cost a lot. Thats when I noticed that school is really important. - Juan, Student at Indio High School

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