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The Role of Pilot Institutions in the Project

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1 The Role of Pilot Institutions in the Project

2 In the next 90 minutes Project and Pilot Institutions
Preparation of Pilot Institutions The role of Pilot Institutions and Project Delivery

3 Pilot Institutions 27 Schools 5 Didactic Centers
5 Municipality Education Offices 1 Network Operation Centre Faculty of Education IT Department of MEST karta

4 Pilot Schools “Emin Duraku” Kacanik/Kačanik
“Fan Noli” Gjakove/Đakovica “Naim Frasheri” Shtime/Štime “Xh Mustafa” Prishtina/Priština “Ismail Qemali”, Mitrovice/Mitrovica “Trajko Perić”, Veliko Roptovo “Shtjefin Gjegori”, Janjeve/Janjevo “Hajdar Dushi”, Gjakova/Đakovica “Skenderbeu”, Kacanik/Kačanik “Abdyl Frasheri”, Malisheve/Mališevo “Frank Bardhi”, Mitrovice/Mitrovica “Sami Frasheri”, Prishtina/Priština “Kuvendi i Arberit” Ferizaj/Uroševac “Bedri Pejani”, Peje/Peć “Fehmi Ladrovci”, Drenas “Mehmet Isai”, Gjilan/Gnjilane “Andrea Dursaku”, Kamenice/Kamenica “Ali Hadri” Peje/Peć “Hoxhe Kadri”, Pristina/Priština “Skender Luarasi”, Suhareke/Suha Reka “Xheladin Deda” Peje/Peć “Nene Tereza”, Prizren/Prizren “Ismail Qemajli” Prishtina/Priština “Gjon Buzuku”, Prizren “Miladin Popovic”, Sušice, Gračanica “Ataturk”, Mamusha/Mamuša “Rushdi Berisha”, Dragash/Dragaš karta

5 Project results so far…
Visits and selection of pilot institutions Infrastructure needs analysis Recommendations to the EC for the EU Supply Tender regarding equipment for the pilot Institutions Visits and analysis of the work required for acceptance of equipment Training the Trainers Training for Managers

6 Equipping the pilot institutions
Supply Tender of the European Commission associated with this project The goal is to equip the pilot institutions with equipment that enables the application of ICT in teaching and supporting the introduction of e-learning in line with MEST e-learning Strategy and this project tender was published in the during October 2010, applications were up until: Selection of the supplier: Januar 2011 Time for delivery: 4 months

7 Equipment for Schools computers for teachers equipping computer labs
computers connected in local area networks system for wireless Internet connection

8 Computers for Teachers
3 standard multimedia desktops for the preparation of teaching 5 laptop computers to create e-learning content for use in teaching

9 Equipping computer labs
16 multimedia desktop computers projector and screen printer/scaner/copy machine digital camera

10 Computer networking ( Connection)
networking, cabling: Computers for teachers Classroom computers UPS Wireless Internet Access

11 Project for schools in the next year
trainings 2000 teachers for e-learning 100 teachers for developing e-learning content 60 experts for technical support - IT technicians establish a repository of e-learning content provide e-learning content organize a pilot application of ICT in teaching English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology establish a web portal for the pilot institutions

12 Responsibilities of schools
provide conditions for acceptance of equipment secure Internet connection nominate teachers for training for e-learning: 40 teachers for the development of e-learning content: 3 teachers technical support – IT ttechnicians: 1 employee participate in the review of translation and adaptation of e-content for use in Kosovo - on call participate in the pilot application of ICT in education: 5 teachers

13 Training teachers to use e-learning
pilot schools should nominate 40 teachers includes teachers from other schools which have computer equipment Training will last for 20 hours over 5 days (4 hours per day) morning and afternoon shifts will be arranged Training topics Selection of eContent Presentation Online communication Creating eContent Collaboration / Cooperation

14 Training for the development of eContent
pilot schools need to nominate 3 teachers the design of the program is still in progress training for the implementation of eLearning will be time-demanding combination of classroom training and online training

15 Training for IT Technicians
pilot schools and pilot municipalities should nominate 1 person purpose of training is to train professionals who will maintain the computer equipment in schools and didactic centers programs will be with internationally recognized certificates

16 Pilot application of eLearning in education
Will be applied in pilot schools eContent for five subjects : mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and English, Pilot schools will nominate one teacher for each subject Project expert will provide instruction to teachers that will be using eContent in teaching , assist them during the application and monitor and document the entire process Based on the collected data and experience the project team will prepare recommendations to the ministry on the implementation and further development of eLearning and eContent

17 Project for a comprehensive system of e-learning
propose the concept of e-learning aactivities in planning the development, management and support activities role of the institution: MEST; municipal directorates learning centers, University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Education training for teachers on e-learning-in: central and distributed Central Services: Central server: web portal, repository of e-learning content Local Support Centers: IT Technical Support, projects, knowledge-sharing

18 Responsibilities of pilot institutions
MEST - IT Department publication of E-learning Strategy adoption of an Action Plan for e-learning manage the implementation of the Strategy and Action plan MEDs support schools hire IT technicians to support the schools, DC and MED Nominate one employee for training of IT Didactic centers and the Faculty of Education Centers for supporting teachers in e-learning

19 Equipping the pilot institutions
MEST - IT Department 1 projector for big projections and screen MEDs 5 laptop PC; cabling projector and screen printer/scaner/copy machine Didactic centres and Faculty of Education 10 desktop computers for a computer cabinet, cabling, UPS printer / scanner / copier machine Digital camera Wireless Internet Access

20 Network Operations Center
Central Services repository web portal 4 servers data storage switch rack UPS

21 A comprehensive system of e-learning

22 Contact For more information :
Rejhan Halili, Office Manager phone: +386 (0) mob: +386 (0) fax: +386 (0) Address: Str. Sejdi Kryeziu no. 24 App. 1 Lagja Pejton Prishtina, 10000 Kosovo Karolina Horvatinčić, Project Director phone: +385 (0) mob: +385 (0) fax: +385 (0) Address: KING ICT Buzinski Prilaz 10 Zagreb, 10010 Croatia

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