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Connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice (GN3/NA3/T4) and the Norwegian GigaCampus project Vidar Faltinsen, UNINETT Network Monitoring Workshop.

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1 connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice (GN3/NA3/T4) and the Norwegian GigaCampus project Vidar Faltinsen, UNINETT Network Monitoring Workshop Belgrade, 20 October 2009

2 connect communicate collaborate GEANT3: 2009-2013 Joint Research Activities: JRA1: Future Network JRA2: Multi-domain Resources and Services JRA3: Enabling Communities Service Activities: SA1: GÉANT Network Architecture Design and Planning, Procuring, Building and Operating SA2: Multi-Domain Service Operation SA3: End-User Services in a Federated Environment SA4: Software Governance Networking Activities: NA1: Management NA2: Joint Dissemination and Outreach NA3: Status and Trends NA4: Liaison and Support Total four year budget: 181.4 M NA3

3 connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice (GN3/NA3/T4) Task participants Four countries participate in the work, 14 man years: Norway / UNINETT (8 MY) Serbia / AMRES (2 MY) The Czech republic / CESNET (2 MY) Finland / FUNET (2 MY) Vidar Faltinsen, UNINETT Gunnar Bøe, UNINETT Olaf Schjelderup, UNINETT Mara Bukvic, AMRES Bojan Jakovljevic, AMRES Esad Saitovic, AMRES NA3 Activity leader: Karel Vietsch, TERENA NA3/T4 Task leader: Vidar Faltinsen, UNINETT Jiri Navratil, CESNET Tomas Podermanski, CESNET Vladimir Zahorik, CESNET Wenche Backman, FUNET Janne Oksanen, FUNET Jari Miettinen, FUNET Juha Oinonen, FUNET

4 connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice Task Objective Address key challenges for the European campus networks Important areas of focus: – Physical infrastructure – Campus network – Wireless infrastructure – Light paths on campus Challenge NRENs to reinforce their national efforts The NREN should be a fascilitator that stimulates collaboration between the campus guys at the university level and with the NREN itself Get working groups up and running Provide an evolving and to-the-point set of best-practice documents for the community. Network challenges on campus

5 connect communicate collaborate Earnest Report on Campus Issues Published January 2008 52 recommendations regarding issues on campus Very congruent with the Campus Best Practice work plan Recommendation #12: Strengthen the collaboration between National Research and Education Networking organisations and institutions to improve the deployment of key services Better synchronization of national research networking and campus issues is essential for viable end-to-end services.

6 connect communicate collaborate Norwegian GigaCampus Four years of experience with GigaCampus (started in 2006) Have working groups in 7 areas operational Physical infrastructure, network, mobility, security, AV, network monitoring, SIP Have made 20++ best practice documents (but in Norwegian…) Have run 25 national procurement processes Routers, switches, wireless, servers, storage, printers, A/V, telephony, ADSL, software Have rolled out network monitoring and management solutions on over 30 campuses Contributed to getting eduroam up on running on 29 campuses so far. Done on cite help for getting a security policy approved by the university board and in turn implemented. We done security audits on 26 universities/collages. We have also provided IRT training for 25 institutions. Assisted universities in building project, securing an optimal physical network infrastructure. Been on cite and assisted with 30 campus core network buildouts. UNINETT engineering task force UFS best practice documents

7 connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice (GN3/NA3/T4) Work plan Translate existing GigaCampus material to English Focus initially (first two years) on getting results within the four pilot countries (Norway, Serbia, The Czech republic, Finland) Organize national working groups and national workshops Produce BPDs – on the national level – in the local tongue Translate BPDs to English when mature As the results and recommendations (BPDs) from the countries of the pilot NRENs become available, they will be actively disseminated to the wider European NREN and campus communities. Available on http://gn3campus.uninett.no The task will provide a bulletin board for BPD contributions from other countries as well. We are planning open campus issues workshops later in the program period.

8 connect communicate collaborate Campus Best Practice Subtasks i.e. Areas of Focus We have defined 9 subtasks / areas: 1. Basic infrastructure 2. A/V 3. LAN infrastructure and IPv6 4. Light path service 5. Wireless 6. Network monitoring 7. SIP and IP telephony 8. Security 9. Procurement Not all four pilot countries contributing to all subtasks but all countries contributing to network monitoring!

9 connect communicate collaborate Objective of this workshop All countries have a related history of developing and providing network monitoring tools For the NREN itself For the campus network environments Objective; Exchange experiences Show features and future plans for home-made tools – and other (open source?) tools found useful Discuss common denominators Lay grounds for future collaboration Lay grounds for planned Best Practice Documents in the area

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