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[Embed the Take Back The Tech! Campaign video as the first slide, to introduce the campaign and issue

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2 [Embed the Take Back The Tech! Campaign video as the first slide, to introduce the campaign and issue]

3 Take Back The Tech! starts with a basic premise: Information and communications technology are feminist issues Communication rights, such as the right to information, expression and privacy, are critical components of the womens rights agenda

4 What is Take Back The Tech? A collaborative 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign A call to every user – especially grrls and women – to take control of technology, and use them creatively and strategically to end violence against women.

5 Why Take Back The Tech? To create digital spaces that protects everyones right to move freely and participate in equally, without harassment or threat to safety (echoing Take Back The Night campaigns).Take Back The Night To realise our rights to shape, define, participate, use & share knowledge, information and ICTs.

6 Why Take Back The Tech? To address the intersections between communication rights and womens human rights, especially violence against women. To recognise womens historical and critical participation and contribution to the development of ICTs.

7 In 2006… APC WNSP initiated Take Back The Tech, & collaboratively built this action- based campaign with partner organisations and many, many individuals & collectives in different parts of the world who shared their knowledge, energy and ideas in shaping the campaign and by taking action. Since it began, local Take Back The Tech! campaigns have taken place in more than 30 countries, including in Brazil, Canada, Rwanda, Pakistan, Uruguay, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, United Kingdom, United States, The Congo, Cambodia, Argentina, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina and more. Countless blog posts, tweets, print screens of campaign banners all over the worldwide web and other forms of online content dissemination have taken place in support of the campaign

8 Digital Postcards If I had… I could… Shaping collective visions of technology free from VAW Actions taken:

9 Ka-BLOG! 16 days of blogging on VAW Connecting content producers Changing discourse and the landscape or internet content.

10 Viral transmission of ideas Idea & practice translated, adapted, and spread through visual vocabulary and icons.

11 Connecting online with offline Connecting online action with offline activism, and amplify offline activism through online platforms and channels.

12 Telling digital stories Violence against women survivors take control of technology, and speak their own stories

13 Local campaigns Supporting local advocacy priorities on womens rights, gender-based violence & communication rights

14 Communications & campaign strategy Daily actions Explore, learn and play with technology and use it for activism Think about connections between violence against women and ICTs Making it simple & do-able – everyone communicates in some way, everyone can take action Making the connection between online and offline Visual language of campaign Joining the dots between representation, information and social change. Linking online action with offline spaces, and offline action with online spaces.

15 Support for your campaign: Information and resources: about the issue, strategies & how to be safe online Campaign kit: how to organise, talk about and spread your campaign Design, visuals and multimedia: download, use, adapt, create & share Collaborative online campaign spaces & collective ownership: campaign website to share your campaign activities & materials, and join our mailing list! Connect and grow the campaign: shared identifiers, add your campaign or find a local campaign near you! Sharing stories, ideas for action, materials and strategies Email:


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