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The Role of Women in Integral Sustainable Development By Nicanor Perlas Publisher,

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1 The Role of Women in Integral Sustainable Development By Nicanor Perlas Publisher,

2 PROBLEM DEFINITION KEY FINDING OF THE WORLD SUMMIT ON WOMEN IN BEIJING Need to increase women's participation in power and decision making.

3 PROBLEM DEFINITION FINDINGS OF THE CAPWIP, Global Congress of Women in Politics, Purple Book, p. 49. increased participation in local governments, but women found in very small numbers and have little impact in national governance Women's representation in government is tokenistic which impedes the real change and progress that women can make even when they are in power.

4 NEEDS Review and examine the Asia Pacific situation on women in leadership, decision making and politics in current global context identify strategic gaps and appropriate courses of action for the next decade.

5 ANALYSIS: REFRAMING THE CHALLENGE Re-conceptualize the notions Sustainable development Power Leadership Womens Role








13 Reframing Sustainable Development Ecological - Entropy Economic – cars, industries Culture – consumption habits, S & T Political – laws and policies Social – population Human – individualism, materialism Spiritual – materialism

14 Seven Dimensions of Integral Sus Dev (ISD) 7 Dimensions of SD - Spiritual - Human - Social - Cultural - Political - Economic - Ecological

15 REFRAMING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Sus Dev (SD) not = Environment alone Earth Summit: SD = Environment, Economic, Social SD ISD All UN Summits are in reality aspects of ISD

16 ISD AND THE UN SUMMITS They all share the same fate. Conclusion of the Commission on Globalization in London – negligible impact of all summits Why?

17 WTO and the Marginalization of the UN Summits The Hard Agenda of the 1990s WTO obligatory and with sanctions UN Summits voluntary and minimal sanctions Policy Conflict: WTO obligations prevail

18 Bush Doctrine: Marginalization of the UN Summits The Hard Agenda of the 21 st century = The Bush Doctrine

19 TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY The Third Meta-Agenda of the 21 st Century What is Technological Singularity? What is it a Threat to ISD? Fukuyama and the Real End of History

20 THE CLASH OF WORLDVIEWS ISD or the Empire Matrix Who determines? Whose World? A question of power, leadership, womens role and spiritual development

21 REFRAMING POWER ISD New Concept of Power ISD Societal Threefolding (3F) 3F and 3 Kinds of Power

22 Societal Threefolding THE THREE SPHERES OF SOCIETY ECONOMY (Business) POLITICS (Government) CULTURE (Civil society)

23 REFRAMING POWER Cultural or Soft Power Political/Military or Hard Power Economic or Sticky Power ECONOMY (Business) POLITICS (Government) CULTURE (Civil society)

24 POWER CONCEPT IN THE BUSH DOCTRINE Cultural Power = Clash of Civilizations Political Power = US Unilateralism Economic = Economic Globalization

25 ISD Counter Concept of Power ISD poses the counter power of solidarity of the societal spheres or Societal threefolding Requires the principled and strategic convergence of civil society (cultural power), government (political power) and business (economic power)

26 3F POWER AND DEMOCRACY The New Check and Balance in Society But new balance of power not enough New Leadership required

27 REFRAMING LEADERSHIP Competitive Leadership vs. Associative Leadership Darwinian Struggle for Power or Harnessing Collective Intelligence ISD and Associative Leadership

28 THE ROLE OF WOMEN ISD Challenges not ordinary challenges Unprecedented Womens Role also needs to be reframed

29 REFRAMING THE ROLE OF WOMEN Historically, women power associated with the take over of the domain of the masculine The feminine in the guise of the masculine

30 REFRAMING THE ROLE OF WOMEN Civilizational Challenges Requires the Mobilization of the True Feminine Our world is suffering from one the overblown idolatry of the masculine

31 THE MASCULINE IN WORLD AFFAIRS Global Warming and the masculine Baconian attitude of torturing nature so that she will reveal her secrets. Fragmentation and reductionism in science connected with left brain analytical cognition

32 THE MASCULINE IN WORLD AFFAIRS Masculine Competition permeates Economic globalization US Unilateralism Clash of Civilization Technological Singularity








40 The Feminine in World Affairs Not surprising that 67% of cultural creatives are women In the US, there are 50 million cultural creatives 70 million in Europe

41 The Feminine in World Affairs WHAT IS MISSING IN WORLD POLITICS IS THE HEART. POLITICS HAS BECOME THE DOMAIN OF THE HEAD. We need of a politics of the heart guiding the politics of the head

42 THE FEMININE IN WORLD AFFAIRS Societal Threefolding Collective Intelligence Generative Dialogue Conflict Resolution Integral ISD

43 THE FEMININE IN WORLD AFFAIRS The Polarity of Masculine and Feminine in World Affairs Played Out in Contrasting Worldview of the US and Europe

44 IMPLICATIONS Holistic concept of SD Reframing of Power, Democracy and Governance Advancing the truly feminine Towards integration

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