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Welcome to: Back To School with your host: Bill Frank.

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1 Welcome to: Back To School with your host: Bill Frank

2 Mr. Frank 26 wonderful years here at The Barstow School B.S. Mathematics: California State University B.S. Physics : California State University M.S. Mathematics: Northern Arizona University 5 th Degree black belt: American Kenpo Karate

3 My Schedule My Schedule: M21M PeriodA BCDE 1Calc. AP11 FinanceFree 2Fund. Calc.2 FreeFinanceCalc AP6 BreakMeetings 3Study Hall3 AP EconFreeStudy Hall Assembly 4AP Econ4 Study HallCalc AP6AP Econ 5FreeLunch 5FreeFund. Calc. Finance 6Calc AP66 Calc. AP1 Free 7Finance 8Free

4 My Vision for my classes: I see a group of mathematically confident and capable young men and women. I see a group of students able and willing to access the resources required to become successful in difficult circumstances. Such resources include the ability to ask for help, to persist through elaborate and abstract reasoning, the determination not to panic when a solution is not quickly attained and the integrity to do the right thing. I see my students in possession of sophisticated mathematical literacy. I see my students exercising that literacy through the ability to read, write and speak about advanced quantitative and dynamical models. I see my students receiving a 5 on the Advanced Placement Exam administered at the end of the school year (if applicable). I see my students having choices in college with respect to fields of applied mathematics; physics, chemistry, engineering, finance and economics to name a few. I see my students experiencing success in mathematics and applied fields at the college level. I see my students developing a life long appreciation for the language of mathematics. I see my students able and willing to help create the innovations required for our society to remain competitive at the international level. I see my students able and willing to help create the innovations required for us as a species to meet the environmental and energy challenges of the future. As a direct consequence of this course :

5 My Mission To transmit an understanding of the concepts from teacher to student relevant to each class. Teach student to become familiar with and confident in the use of mathematics as a problem solving system. Teach student to develop a high level of technical proficiency in the use of mathematics as an analytic tool. Help student to experience an appreciation of and a joy in the use of mathematics as an intellectual process.

6 Our Roles Teacher Role To provide expert technical instruction in the use of mathematics. To demonstrate an enthusiasm for learning and problem solving. To encourage questions. To treat each student with respect and honor. To challenge each student and encourage them to work outside their comfort zone. To model my expectations for their performance. To create an environment for success. To encourage students when difficulties are experienced. Student Role To commit themselves to success and maintaining a positive approach and attitude. To show respect to the teacher, fellow students and themselves. To work with honesty and integrity. To do the work asked of them in a timely fashion. This includes reading the book, doing homework and test preparation. To seek and ask for help when needed. To work cooperatively in group settings.

7 Class Rules and Structure: all information below is located on my Math webpage: Each class is designed on a two week cycle. Each class meets eight days each cycle. Each cycle contains 200 points There are usually 4 cycles per quarter. Day 1 Homework assigned Day 2 Homework assigned Day 3 Homework assigned Day 4 Group Quiz: 50 points Day 5 Homework assigned Day 6 Homework assigned Day 7 Homework assigned Day 8 Test: 100 points Homework Due: 50 pts

8 Class Syllabi Advanced Placement Calculus I Advanced Placement Economics Mathematics of Finance H Fundamentals of Calculus

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