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ILMS Service & SQL Database - the engine behind the other two components AdministrateIT - used to set up courses, run reports and manage students.

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4 ILMS Service & SQL Database - the engine behind the other two components AdministrateIT - used to set up courses, run reports and manage students LearnIT - student player used to view courses & track progress

5 Unless the size or needs of your training program changes, ILMS is basically a one-time software investment into which you can load as many ATS courses as you need.

6 All ATS courses are written to recognized national standards such as NFPA, OSHA & NEMSES. They are instructionally designed to demonstrate the Job Performance Requirements of those standards.

7 25 all new Emergency Medical Responder CBT courses are being released throughout 2011.

8 Network Low Bandwith: installed on a server and workstations in the Distributed Content Model

9 In a network installation courses are installed on a server. AdministrateIT (new in version 2) and LearnIT are floating licenses which can be accessed from any workstation on the network. The system can be configured to allow students to start a course on one workstation and complete it on any other workstation on the network. Network

10 ILMS Distance Learning Component The distance learning component can be configured as a mobile learning extension of a network installation, or set up to operate primarily as a mobile learning tool without network installation. Distance Learning

11 ILMS Distance Learning Component Courses are installed on laptops and checked out to students as you would a library book. Students or instructors are able to use high-quality multi-media CBT courses in any location without the need for an internet connection of any kind. Distance Learning

12 ILMS Distance Learning Component Training records and test scores for all courses taken on the laptops or remote desktops are easily merged into the main SQL database for reporting purposes. Distance Learning

13 LearnIT (course player) is a simple Point & Click program that presents ATS courses. Familiar video controls allow students to move through a course at their own pace. Video can be expanded to full screen to enhance the learning experience.

14 As rich full screen video content is presented, interactive questions test & reinforce comprehension. Questions must be answered correctly before a student can move forward in the course.

15 Interactive Question Incorrect Response Video Repeated Re-ask Question Correct Response Able to Move Ahead View Video Interactive video questions: When a question is answered incorrectly the program stops, replays the video clip with the correct information and re- asks the same question again. The student must answer the question correctly to move ahead in the course. This prevents the student from moving ahead with a misconception. Designed Learning

16 Courses provide a self-paced learning environment for students that is available 24/7. Turns down time into productive time. Students pick up where they left off so no training time is wasted. If a student is interrupted in the middle of a course, i.e. toned out for a call, the course position is automatically recorded.

17 Individual logins ensure students only see courses in which they are enrolled. Students easily track their own progress in the same course browser window.

18 Whether using ILMS in a classroom setting or allowing students to train on their own - 24/7, every activity is automatically tracked by the system and is available to the instructor through AdministrateIT. Monitor student progress and be assured you have documented training records to help you meet organizational requirements.

19 Training records are sensitive proprietary information that your organization should own and be able to keep secure. All records in the ILMS SQL database reside locally on your network server or computer. They can be backed up along with regularly scheduled backups of your other critical data.

20 AdministrateIT runs a wide range of reports based on the information tracked by the system. Pick the report best suited to your needs: Completed Courses Course Status Selected Students Date Ranges + many more

21 For a CBT course to be viewed by a student a course instance must be created. An instance is a set of parameters that determine how a course will be presented to a student. You can create as many different course instances for a particular course as necessary to meet your training needs.


23 Create instances with pre-tests and/or final exams Set specific pass/fail levels

24 Turn course sections on or off by simply checking or unchecking a box. Show only the material that fits your training needs.

25 Insert: Word ® documents with department SOGs Audio files Custom questions

26 Insert graphic files to illustrate department or organization specific apparatus or equipment configuration

27 Set the Course Instance Defaults to your personal preferences. Now when installing a course you can opt to have an instance created automatically using these defaults. Manual instance creation is also greatly streamlined by choosing to use the default settings.

28 Existing student rosters can be imported from Excel ® files. Once imported, the new Import Student Data feature lets you map fields from your file to the appropriate field in ILMS.

29 Our technical support team is located in Poulsbo, WA. Just across Puget Sound from Seattle.


31 Deploying Action Training Systems computer-based training courses on the Iluminar Learning Management System has been a Godsend. Without increasing our overall training time weve shortened our classroom instruction enough to spend 30% more time in hands-on drills. This is giving us a huge return on our investment in your training system and is re-energizing both our instructors and firefighters. Kevin MIlan, Former Training Chief, Golden Fire Department – Golden, CO

32 Your fire officer series is excellent. We run all of our officers through it and now require all our senior firefighters to go through those courses as well. Bill Johnson, Assistant Chief, Georgetown City FD – Georgetown, SC I think your course format is great. The way it is set up you have to honestly take the course, not just pencil whip it. Tom Jorgensen, Deputy Chief, Findlay FD – Findlay, OH

33 To learn more about Action Training Systems CBT courses and the Iluminar Learning Management System contact us: Phone: 1-800-755-1440 ext. 3Fax: 1-800-943-6288 Action Training Systems, Inc. 1040 NE Hostmark ST, Suite 100 Poulsbo, WA 98370-7337

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