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How to join the Hitatchi Tribe - World 19 - Click to continue.

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1 How to join the Hitatchi Tribe - World 19 - Click to continue

2 About HT Click to continue Hitatchia (the name to describe the entire tribe) is divided into two sections. One section is the main tribe, where people only from K12 may join. The other section is known as the academy, where people outside of K12 who want to join go there and train until they can noble a village in K12. Regardless of how many points you have, if there is space in either tribe you will be able to apply.

3 If youre interested Click to continue If youre interested in joining our tribe, then you can apply to get in through a variety of methods. First however, you need to work out whether you will be applying for the academy or for the main tribe. If you have a village in K12, apply for the main tribe. If not, apply for the academy. However, if you have the points to be able to noble a village in K12 within a week of joining, apply for the main tribe and you will be able to be accepted.

4 Applying to join Applying to join HT is a simple and easy process, because we can offer so many different ways to apply. Click an option below to see how it can be done. Applying on the Tribe Forums Applying on our recruitment thread Message us in-game Request an invite on IRC

5 Applying on our forums Step 1) Go to Step 2) Register on our forums. Step 3) Click on either HT Admissions or HTa Admissions forum. HT is for the main tribe, HTa is for the academy. Step 4) Post a new topic there and ask for an invite in your topic. Make sure you include your in-game username. Back

6 On our recruitment thread Step 1) Go to Step 2) Click on the World 19 forum. Step 3) In World 19, click on the Tribes looking for members forum. Step 4) Find a Hitatchi Tribe recruitment topic. Step 5) Post a reply to it requesting an invite. Back

7 Message us In-game Step 1) Log into your tribal wars account. Step 2) Click on Ranking at the top of the screen. Step 3) It says search at the bottom. Type in one of the following names: Applying for the main tribe: Jack Steiner Spoox Applying for the academy: cjshuck1 Klemen276 Step 4) Click on their name when it appears and send them a message requesting an invite. Back

8 Requesting on IRC Step 1) Open your IRC client and connect to the Coldfront server. Step 2) Type: /join #hitatchi Step 3) We cant guarantee we will always be available on IRC, but if we are, then tell one of us your in-game username, and we will have an invite sent to you ASAP. Back

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