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The growing importance of Technical and Vocational Training to support industry growth St Marys University College Engaging with the Physical Activity.

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1 The growing importance of Technical and Vocational Training to support industry growth St Marys University College Engaging with the Physical Activity and School Sport Agenda Dr. Lorna Goodwin Academic Director: Physical Education [2007-2013] School of Education

2 The context for St Marys University College. Why Us? Strawberry Hill synonymous with Physical Education. St Marys University College – one of only thirteen Outstanding Primary and Secondary Providers of ITE. Engaging with learners throughout all levels of development – preparing students for flourishing lives, successful careers and social commitment. John Paul II Foundation for Sport – 2012 Legacy Social justice and the faith based mission of the University

3 Industry Growth Physical Activity and School Sport This growing industry embraces private, public and charitable organisations employing tens of thousands of individuals in a range of environments, including schools, child-care provision, health and fitness clubs and leisure centres. In the UK, coaching has developed from an almost entirely volunteer- based workforce to one that has become the second fastest growing employer in terms of job creation across the UK economy (estimated to be in excess of 23,000 in 2010 – Skills Active). Context - The total number of existing PE and Sport delivery staff working in schools is estimated to be over 80,000 each week [Academy for Active Learning, 2012].

4 Industry Growth Physical Activity and School Sport Context - The role of the coach is no longer to merely lead an activity session and now necessitates a much more complex skill set. Employability – a set of achievements – skills, understanding and personal attributes, including social responsibility and citizenship as distinctive parts of the student experience [*Yorke, 2004]. Accreditation - Skills can be acquired through a variety of mechanisms (short or long courses, classroom or work based, etc.) and may not necessarily lead to a qualication [**HERDA – SW {now Universities South West}, 2010]. *Yorke, M. 2004. Employability and higher education: what it is – what it is not. Learning and Employability Series 1. Higher Education Academy **Universities South West. 2013. Regional Educational Legacy for Art and Youth Sport [RELAYS] EVALUATION REPORT

5 Responding to Industry Growth St Marys University College Higher Education Provider St Marys commitment to developing every learners potential for employment through engagement with key educational and industry proficiencies: Professional Standards [Ofsted and industry driven] for Physical and Sport Education DfE / Teaching Agency - Qualified Teacher Status Standards Learning provision from Foundation Degrees through to Masters in Physical Education / Physical Activity / Sport Coaching Centre – School of Education Communities of Practice - sharing and developing a research rich learning environment: Teaching Games For Understanding Sport Education Methodologies Research and Scholarship Group of the JP2foundation4sport

6 Sector engagement Podium Volunteering Internships Jobs / careers [London Higher] Association for Physical Education Adults Supporting Learning Volunteering 2012 Impact Olympic and Paralympic legacy Glasgow 2014 St Marys Community Special Olympics Richmond Schools Legacy Regional Provision Lifelong Learning Network South London LLN Partnership between Tertiary and Higher Education institutions Work Based Learning Placement Vocational skills Employability skills Promoting Progression to HE Aimhigher London South AccessHE

7 Professional Short Courses Training children and teenagers Trampolining for Teachers Fitness / Gym Instructor Strength and Conditioning for Coaches Coaching Centre Paraprofessional studies in Primary PE Coaching young people: physical literacy and multiskills Coaching young people: multisports Grassroots business skills for coaches Pro Active South London St Marys 2012 Legacy - school provision National Skills Academy / Skills Active National Governing Bodies University – Business joint ventures Pro Stream Academy for Active Learning Bespoke Provision

8 Teaching Assistants Foundation Education in context [Classroom support] Sport, Health and Fitness / Sports Coaching Physical Education Teacher - ITE + CPD BA Primary Education [QTS] BA Secondary Physical Education [QTS] BA/BSc Physical and Sport Education Bespoke teaching and learning pathway Post Graduate Certificate in Education Primary Secondary Physical Education + Masters in Pedagogy and Professional Practice in PE Teachers and Adults Supporting Learning

9 Testimony "Studying the Physical and Sport Education degree programme facilitated my personal and professional development. The variety of the modules and individuals who I interacted with through the duration of the course provided me with the confidence and skill sets to pursue a career in Physical Education". Michael Hobson, 2010 Graduate The paraprofessional course was a fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of the game in sport, highlighting the importance of delivering high quality PE meeting the attainment targets of the curriculum as opposed to rugby specific. Gareth Cook, Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Club. @PhysEd_SportPed Physicalsported Physsporteducation

10 We seek to provide accredited training that is fit-for-purpose and bespoke to the specific environments in which staff will deliver and relevant to the specific skills and knowledge that students will require. Apprenticeships: Target groups for apprenticeships will include NEETs, graduates of Sports Leaders Community Sports Leader Assistant course and 16-18 year olds looking at vocational qualifications. Students: CPD and NGB courses will be particularly relevant to students undertaking sport education, coaching and PE teaching degrees. Industry Workforce: With the imminent introduction of a professional register [COMPASS], the existing coaching and teaching workforce will become an immediate focus for CPD. Teacher Training: Since the withdrawal of funding from the school sports partnership network, the need for teacher CPD (whether CPD or in specific sports) has re-emerged. [University Business Plan - Academy for Active Learning, 2012 ] As a Key Community Provider

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