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2 What is VPIP? 1. The Violence Prevention and Intervention Program (VPIP) is a funded project to prevent domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on campus. 2. VPIP is funded by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). 3. ULM is the only campus in Louisiana to have successfully competed and secured funds for this project.

3 Why do we need VPIP? 1. There are approximately 16 million students enrolled in 4,200 colleges and universities (U.S. Department of Education, 2002). 2. The Violence Against Women Act (1994) mandated the study of campus victimization.

4 What will VPIP do this year? 1. VPIP will provide training to students, faculty, staff, judicial affairs, and law enforcement on dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. 2. Training will consist of awareness and prevention for all parties, but NOT therapy. 3. Student Dorms, Student Organizations, FRYS classes, will specifically be targeted as well as other student groups. 4. A cadre of volunteers will be created to assist in prevention efforts.

5 What will VPIP do this year? 5. A pre-test and post-test that replicates a community-wide survey on domestic violence awareness (in partnership with the FJC) will be administered university-wide. 6. A website will become live this semester. 7. Stubbs #207 is the designated office for the VPIP and will have students and faculty working different hours therein.

6 What will VPIP do this year? 8. Provide staggered multi-level training to document student, faculty, and staff expertise on campus domestic/dating violence and prevention efforts. 9. Actively engage in the Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) that exists throughout Ouachita Parish. 10. Disseminate new policy that has been implemented at ULM.

7 Some Facts About Campus Domestic/Dating Violence 1. Approximately 20-25% of college women are projected to be the victims of an attempted or completed rape during their college careers (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000). 2. Approximately 5% of completed and attempted rapes committed against students were reported to police (Fisher et al., 2000). 3. 51% of college males admit perpetrating one or more sexual assault incidents during college.

8 Policy Overview 1. Domestic Violence (General Terminology) 2. Relationship and/or Dating Abuse 3. Sexual Violence 4. Stalking 5. Who to contact

9 TECHNIQUES TO PREVENT DATING VIOLENCE I. Indicators of Perpetrators and Victims of Dating Violence II. Specific Actions to Take to Avoid Dating Violence III. Things to do When Breaking Up: A primary Time of Risk

10 INDICATORS OF PERPETRATORS AND VICTIMS OF DATING VIOLENCE Young men who become abusive in a dating relationship have several characteristics in common. The following risk factors make it more likely that they will carry out physical, sexual, or emotional dating violence: History of committing dating violence Witnessing violence between parents Problems managing stress or strong negative emotions such as anger or anxiety Believing its acceptable to resort to violence to solve problems Parents use of harsh discipline Young women who become victims of abuse share several common factors. The following factors increase the risk of being abused: Violent dating history Witness to violence between parents Low self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness Engaging in risky sexual behavior including multiple sex partners.

11 SPECIFIC ACTIONS TO TAKE TO AVOID DATING VIOLENCE 1. Avoid guys who drink or who are into drugs. Alcohol and drugs can affect any persons disposition, making him more irritable and more prone to inflicting harm on other people. *Keep in mind that a high prevalence of dating violence incidents are alcohol related. 2. Avoid guys who demonstrate signs of jealousy, particularly when this is very early in the relationship. 3. If you have friends of the opposite sex, you might want to set some ground rules with first and make sure he understands and accepts your friends as well. 4. Take any opportunity to see how he interacts with his friends and/or meet his family. Sometimes this can give you clues as to his true demeanor. 5. Before going on a date alone, go out with him and a group of your friends. 6. Take stock of his mental health. Does he seem to have anger problems? Is he prone to mood swings, depression, or other characteristics? 7. Above all, remember that you should learn about your date carefully before you hang out with him.

12 THINGS TO DO WHEN BREAKING UP: A PRIMARY TIME OF RISK Breaking up is hard to do… Breaking up can be dangerous to do… If you are thinking of ending your relationship, consider these safety tips: 1.If you dont feel safe, dont break up in person. It may seem cruel to break up over the phone or by email, but this can provide you distance needed to stay safe. 2.If you decided to break up in person, consider doing it in a public place. Have friends wait for you nearby. Take a cell phone with you. 3.Dont try to explain your reasons for ending the relationship more than once. There is nothing you can say that will make your ex happy about the break up. 4.Let your friends and parents know you are ending your relationship, especially if you think your ex will come to your house or try to get you alone. 5.If your ex tries to come to your house when youre alone, dont go to the door. 6.Adjust your class schedule or make changes to your routine. 7.Avoid isolated areas at school and local hangouts, and dont walk home alone. 8.Stick with a friends at parties or events you think your ex might attend. 9.Save any threatening or harassing emails or text messages you ex might send. Set your profile to private on any social networking sites you use and ask your friends to do the same. 10.If you ever feel youre in immediate danger, call 911.

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