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BIOMIMICRY:Inspiration, innovation, mentor and way of life,

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1 BIOMIMICRY:Inspiration, innovation, mentor and way of life,

2 Life creates conditions conducive to Life

3 Agenda and Introduction Scientist, Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur AGENDA Technology and Nature: whats effective Comparison of approaches Focus on Biomimicry Efficient and Effective

4 4 Technology & Nature Technology Nature Bron: Julian Vincent et al.

5 5 Technology & Nature Technology Nature Bron: Julian Vincent et al.

6 Eco-efficient vsEco-effective The big quest: to come up with solutions that expand/improve the regenerative capacity of bio-based systems Efficiency: Reduce, Regulate, Recyle, less bad solutions, Down-cycling, end-of-pipe Effectivity: Up-cycling (continous/closed loops), Waste is food, good nutritious solutions, context-sensitive Are they mutually exclusive?

7 Study Sustainability approaches:Selection Requirements: influential, published in scientific literature, not limited to a specific discipline (e.g. architecture) or environmental problem (e.g. climate change) and attempt to come up with a set of principles that could serve as a guides or reference points when one wants to embark on a transition towards sustainability. Initially studied: The Natural Step (TNS) Cradle to Cradle (CtoC) Ecological footprint (EF) Biomimicry (B) Industrial Ecology (IE) Natural capitalism (NC) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Focus on three sustainability approaches: The Natural Step (TNS) Cradle to Cradle (CtoC) Ecological footprint (EF) Integration via Biomimicry-Bio-inspired approaches 7

8 CtoC: How do we love all children of all species forever? Problem: We produce ourselves to oblivion. Cradle to Grave 1.Waste does not exist: waste is food 2.Sun limitless source of energy and life (4 billion years to go) 3.Cherish/stimulate diversity Observe: Energy-supply + Growing population is no problem! Technologically Optimistic

9 The Natural Step: what can we do? Perform a gap analysis using the lens of sustainability, and then work toward closing the gap. A change-management approach that is value-driven and selects intervention methods that help organizations and networks (of organizations) to move toward more sustainable ways of operating.

10 TNS II Principles/Values: Nothing Disappears: All mass and energy in the universe is conserved. Everything Spreads: Energy and matter tend to spread spontaneously; everything has a tendency to disperse (the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or the Law of Entropy). There is Value in Structure: We determine material quality by the concentration and structure of the matter that makes up a material. For example, food and petrol are valuable because they have a high concentration and structure. What we consume is the ability of energy to perform work. We never consume energy or matter because it is neither created nor destroyed. (see 1) Photosynthesis Pays the Bills: Net increases in material quality on Earth are generated almost entirely by the sun- driven process of photosynthesis..

11 Ecological Footprint: How do we know? 2 problems: current ways of producing and consuming and growing population Similar to funnel TNS It is an accounting method that seriously creates awareness, but lacks a change- mgt approach Green accounting – waterfootprint, carbon footprint, etc. Measurement oriented

12 Gaps Sustainability Approaches

13 Life creates conditions conducive to Life

14 Nature as model, measure & mentor Biomimicry is a new way of viewing and valuing nature, based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but what we can learn from it. The Technology of Nature/Biology

15 Definition brings value Biomimicry, bionics, biomimetics = same Biomimicry: mimicking the functional basis of biological forms, processes and systems to produce sustainable solutions

16 Conditions: a-biotic nature Biomimicry reminds us that life is directly or indirectly subject to Earths operating conditions: Earth is in a state of dynamic non- equilibrium. Earth runs on sunlight, water and gravity Earth is subject to limits and boundaries. Nature uses cyclical process

17 LIFEs PRINCIPLES Evolve To Survive Replicate strategies that work Integrate the unexpected Reshuffle information Be Resource Efficient Use multi-functional design Use low energy process Recycle all materials Fit form to function Adapt to Changing Conditions Maintain integrity thru self-renewal Embody resilience thru variation, redundancy, & decentralization Incorporate diversity ________________________________

18 LIFE PRINCIPLES Integrate Development & Growth - Combine modular & nested components - Build from the bottom up - Self-organize Be Locally Attuned & Responsive - Use readily available materials & energy - Cultivate cooperative relationships - Leverage cyclic processes - Use feedback loops Use Life-Friendly Chemistry - Build selectively with a small subset of elements - Break down products into benign constituents - Do chemistry in water

















35 InterfaceFLOR Entropy & Tactiles


37 Biomimicry-3 levels Bio-utilizedBio-assistedBio-mimicked Nourishing- Healthy Well-adapted Effective? Sustainable Harvest Natural Breeding Humane Conditions Mimicking, form, process and (eco- )system Damaging Mal-adapted Efficient? Unsustainable harvest Transgenic, Inhumane Conditions Mimicking form; heat, beat and treat

38 Disciplines

39 Biomimicry and Sustainability: Integration Inspiration from permaculture: The 3 function rule makes a system resilient (self-organizing). The 3 function rule originated as a design principle for permacultural systems which goes like this: Every organism has multiple functions (AT LEAST 3) in a system and each function that a system has is supported by a number (AT LEAST 3) of organisms (redundancy). Nature shows that searching the ultimate- one dimensional answer – is a strategy that destroys life in the long run. So, no organic vs industrial agriculture but integrate and diversify Also no search for the best or ultimate design or engineering approach but multi-method context sensitive Sustainability is a multi-level construct, that has produced a myriad of approaches Biomimicry is able to shed light on and integrate different approaches in a manner that creates opportunities for more life… What does this mean for your branche of engineering?

40 Efficient and effective: as a strategy 80-95% savings (efficient), Its safer (technically and at the perception level) and Could become Effective if: Using alternative renewable sources of energy production (effective) for such applications becomes becomes feasible Continuous Cycles

41 Life creates conditions conducive to Life

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