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Welcome to Curriculum Night Upstairs 5 th Grade. Literacy Curriculum Balanced literacy approach combining a variety of instructional methods including:

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Upstairs 5 th Grade

2 Literacy Curriculum Balanced literacy approach combining a variety of instructional methods including: – guided reading in small groups – whole group instruction – independent reading Writing Persuasive, Narrative, and Expository as well as poetry Grammar Parts of speech Sentence structure Word Study/Spelling Weekly lists with tests on Fridays

3 Everyday Mathematics Spiraling curriculum SRB should come home each day Homework posted on website Math facts should be practiced nightly until mastery (100 facts/4 min.)

4 Science LIFE SCIENCE – The students will explore living things, learn all about themselves and why they have certain characteristics, adaptations of animals and ecosystems. PHYSICAL SCIENCE – We will look closely at atoms, elements and compounds. The kids will have an opportunity to explore chemical change and different substances. We will have a blast with motion and forms of energy.

5 Science (cont.) EARTH SCIENCE – As a group we will explore our solar system, understand the Earths layers, its resources and our climate! Its a fun unit that includes an incredible field trip.…The Challenger Learning Center in Woodstock, IL. HUMAN BODY – Students will explore many of the systems of their body. An in depth discussion of their own reproductive system will be facilitated with an assembly in the Spring by Robert Crown.

6 Social Studies ~ History Industrial Revolution: The students will identify people whose contributions encouraged growth in the United States, as well as, describe basic economic changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution. Civil War: Students will describe legislative acts that dealt with slavery and learn the importance of slavery to the Southern economy. World War I: We will discuss the causes leading to WWI and the countries involved on each side, in addition to, explain the reasons the United States entered WWI.

7 Social Studies (cont.) Roaring 20S: Look at the different trends that affected the United States, as well as, explore the new inventions and transportation that made life easier. Great Depression: Discuss how the stock market crash really affected this time period, and also look at what impact Franklin D. Roosevelt had on how the United States tried to recover. World War II: Explore if the real causes of World War II were affects from World War I, specifically Germany paying for their damages to the first war.

8 Homework 5 th graders should average 50 min. homework per night Regular homework includes: Reading – At least 100 minutes a week. Math – Study Links/Math boxes & fact practice Spelling activities

9 Homework Policy Homework – 1 st day late less 10%, 2 nd day late less 50% ** Any assignment not turned in the week before the grading period ends results in a zero. More than 5 late assignments in a quarter – students miss quarter party

10 Make Up Work (excused absences) Students have 1 day for everyday they are absent to make up work. Make up work available for pick up after school if requested before noon. Office open until 4:00 pm to pick up work Extended vacations are discouraged – Some make up work may be available but plans change due to pace of class and other circumstances – Some activities are hard to duplicate at home

11 Grades View online – visit to set up Power School Tests – some teachers send home for parent signature regardless of grade

12 District Assessments Measures of Academic Progress MAP – 3 times per year – Fall, Winter & Spring – Used to establish instructional focus – Reports shared with parents to show individual growth – spring – Lexile – system of rating literature used to assist students in choosing reading material at their level – always preview content! Capable Should High frequency spelling words Math – Easy CBM – Pretest, MidYear Test, End of Year Test Essay Writing (Beginning, Middle, End of year)

13 Big Events in 5 th Grade DARE – Weekly visits with Officer Amy – Define Assess Respond Evaluate – Essay contest – Graduation – December 8 (tentative) Conferences – November 2nd, 3rd, and 4 th – Sign up available tonight Challenger Field Trip - November Owl Pellets – May ISAT Testing - March Science Fair – December 8 (tentative) Robert Crown - Spring Wax Museum/Resident Exhibit – May (tentative) Fun Fest – Last day of school - June

14 Communication Weekly Classroom Newsletters on Fridays Take Home Folders/Assignment notebooks – Go home and return to school each day Call or email any time with questions and concerns

15 Classroom Management Rewards – PAWs – Group & Individual rewards – Earn extra recess – Periodic treats – Quarterly celebration

16 Classroom Management Consequences – 3-step warning system – Call Home – Conference with parent/child/asst. principal – Repetitive & chronic misbehavior results in missing quarterly celebration

17 Contact Information Conley Main Office (847) 854-3700 Hours: 7:15 am – 4:00 pm Conley Absentee Line (847) 659-3711 call by 8:30 am day of absence

18 Questions?

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