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Ramona Islam Reed Lowrie Harvard College Library.

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1 Ramona Islam Reed Lowrie Harvard College Library

2 Round of retirements in 2009 Increased reliance on graduate students and reference assistants Another round of retirements in 2012/2013 Four new, relatively inexperienced librarians join staff in 2013 Insanely complicated library system

3 Adults learn best when their prior learning experiences are brought to bear on activities that engage them in meaning making and knowledge construction (Merriam, 2008). A learning method adapted from the traditional apprenticeship model offered the most promise.

4 The Communities of Practice learning model (Wenger, 1998) is characterized by: A common domain of interest: Reference Learning together Development of a shared practice This model engenders: Autonomy Practitioner orientation Informality Crossing boundaries

5 Learning together should incorporate: Connections to previous experience Critical reflection and dialogue Space for storytelling and metanarrative Emergence of tacit and dynamic elements Development of a shared practice involves: Joint problem solving Seeking experience through referrals Identification of knowledge gaps Building of a knowledge base


7 Subject area and specialist(s) identified Questions solicited Guest librarian submits questions to new- bees one week prior to event

8 I hope this email finds you well! By way of introduction, my name is Ultimate Undergraduate, and I'm currently a junior in History and Literature. I've tentatively decided to write a thesis on freedom songs (specifically using "We Shall Overcome" as a jumping off point) in the Civil Rights Movement, and as I am beginning to work on thesis grants, I was just wondering if I might be able to solicit your advice how to effectively locate archives and research avenues, both here at Harvard and in other cities, such as Washington, D.C?

9 Looking for sheet music for a piece called (I believe) "Jeanette's Garden." This was sung by our chorus in the mid-1960s. I don't know the composer. The lyrics we sang were: "Daffodils upon the hills are swaying in the breeze While overhead, the branches spread their tender leafy canopies. The stately hollyhocks and purple stock (?) in shy majesty Surround the lawn, where newly born, the daisies smile and curtsy." Here is the piano version as played by the lady in the red dress in this clip from a daytime program. Maybe someone will recognize it. 6C1INctzoQ_tam6F/the-young-and-the-restless-finally-a-home/

10 New-bees and elders gather at round table. A question is selected. Trainees explain and demonstrate the research process they employed. Guest expert(s) build on what has been shared, revealing tried and true approaches. This process repeats for each question.

11 We created a record of the bees, to be used for further training:

12 Formative assessment–focus group feedback: Most valuable aspects: Learning from experts Modeling of a structured approach to research in different domains Pressure free time to practice skills Suggestions for improvement: Distribute more evenly who drives the computer during demonstrations. Supply more conceptual meta-narrative. More discussion of teaching research skills beyond the reference desk.

13 We asked the new-bees what theyd like to see featured at future bees: Data & Statistics English Lit Newspapers Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Film General Science

14 Critical need for more gov docs knowledge among reference staff Schedule another bee, facilitated by gov docs librarians, invite broader audience of new and old bees

15 We have time for questions or comments

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