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A Lifelong Learning GAME Speak in English with Ease & Confidence Your Students can…

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1 A Lifelong Learning GAME Speak in English with Ease & Confidence Your Students can…

2 An Introduction for Spoken English Institute Owners…

3 Over 30% of the Class-room Time goes in Teaching English Tenses… a lot of Translation sheets in all the tenses are given as a homework… a whole lot of them are not filled-in by the students… only serious people do it and get them corrected by the teacher. Tenses Charts are used, we use translation even with visual aids. When it comes to Speaking in GDs/ Role plays Students still make a lot of mistakes & ….are not able to time it right! -as gathered from interviews with Trainers/institute owners

4 Why this Game? TENSES: most Difficult for an Indian Student! How to use the Right Tense and frame sentences in all situations without use of Translation ? –There are 12 Standard Tense-Aspect Combinations in English Grammar with 3+ uses of each (One gets the Situation to speak NO easy clue on which Tense to use and when NOT to!) –Then, there are 4 major types of sentences: Positive (+), Negative (-), Interrogative (?) and Exclamatory (!) Its more confusing with Active/Passive Voice* so either student takes time to make a new sentence or what he/she says is misunderstood by listener Listener cant wait to allow time to frame a sentence. The application of Grammar needs to be QUICK! Errors in Use of Tenses is NOT accepted and its not easy to allow students time to Practice all 12 tenses (without this Game). Gives a Lot of Tension to both Student & Teacher..either of them may give up on his/her patience!

5 Spoken English Market in India… you know it better! Brand of the Institute is important to get student to pay Rs. xxxx/month Only Good Quality gets word-of-mouth –Plus Facilities that you provide –Trainer quality has to very good –Good teachers of Grammar cannot hold the batches their communication skills! Or how they get the students to enjoy as they learn is VITAL! Teaching Basic Grammar and Tenses itself takes 10-15 days (Min.) …before the student begins to SPEAK…

6 The Game is the BEST way to Get a Student to Learn Tenses -the Easiest way to Engage him! is a clue-card Plus Round-table game :has been fine-tuned for Indians at Conversation in English classes in NOIDA (took 1 year): Working with 100-150 serious learners All levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Students spend 2-3 months to Learn to Speak in English with Confidence & Ease The game is played for 10+ days (one fixed- day every week after 15 classes) No Additional study Material is required for the Game + It just needs trainers support. It is a NO Translation based Method so you may review not to give boring home-work!

7 The Game Challenge! While playing TIP-Game: player relies 50% on the clues given in the cards. The cards come random after a shuffle (as situations come in real-life) and The student has to use his ability (tenses knowledge & skill to apply) + some imagination to make a new sentence As soon/simple as possible You are invited to Visit us at T.r.i.c.k.s NOIDA Center in Sector 15 this Saturday and have a Look!

8 Scoring…


10 Feedback/Survey from Trainers and Students Responses from Students – Most agreed that the game is interesting to play and there is a lot of learning involved Trainers feedback: The game uses 50% players understanding of common logic + requires good knowledge of tenses, 20% imagination and 30% written + visual clues on the card Suggestion: Can be made better by giving sand-clock of 10 Sec. (Intermediate) or 20 sec. (Basic) YOUR Suggestion/Feedback is WELCOME!

11 Reply to the mail… to share your feedback or call 08860050157 to schedule a FREE Demo… M/s Lifelong Learning, NOIDA India contact: Ashish Khurana ( Delhi/NCR Licensee…

12 Come! Play to Master the TENSEs and learn 5-10 common VERBs everyday!

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