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The purpose of Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to provide each student with a quality Christian education. We recognize that this begins with the premise.

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2 The purpose of Good Shepherd Lutheran School is to provide each student with a quality Christian education. We recognize that this begins with the premise that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and in Him we have eternal life. The curriculum and all activities are developed around this premise.

3 How should we accomplish this? Technology will be used to increase the engagement in all academic subjects and to teach students about digital citizenship.

4 1:1 is one device per student. The device is an important tool and resource used by the students in their classes to supplement and enhance the educational process.

5 The rationale behind this initiative is to equip our students with the tools to become more engaged in their education. They will assume a new role as a problem solver as they use technology to take a more active role in their education.

6 All of our students in Kindergarten through eighth grade will benefit as they use the iPads to learn problem solving and collaboration in the classroom.

7 Our seventh and eighth graders will benefit the most since they will have their own iPads to use throughout the day. The teachers will also benefit because the students will be more engaged.

8 87% of people already use personal devices for work-related activities 80% of those devices have been identified as smart mobile devices 72% of the devices brought into the enterprise by users are Apple devices

9 We have been preparing for 1:1 over the past several years by visiting schools, attending workshops, and creating a network of resources. This year we had the junior high students bring in their devices (BYOD).

10 We have found that the iPads are more versatile than laptops are because of the additional uses and quality apps for education that can be installed on them. They have a longer battery life, are lighter and are easier to carry. Many of the good educational apps are inexpensive or free.

11 We have seen our seventh and eighth graders become more engaged (more active learning takes place) in the lessons being taught. They have shown an improvement in what they have learned and have developed their study skills.

12 Students are taking the initiative to ask questions, to use their investigative skills, and to search for answers. They desire to learn more. They are developing into problem solvers and collaborators in the classroom. They have perfected their organizational skills.

13 They will be used as a tool to supplement student learning in the following ways (but not limited to): English – writing skills, research skills, immediate access to dictionary and thesaurus Reading – some of our literature books are available on the iPad, writing skills

14 Geography – note taking skills, research skills, access to resources from outside the textbook, and immediate access to up-to-date maps and data Science – access to textbook and resources, research skills, note taking Learning by Heart – access to LBH on line

15 Math – calculator, journal writing, using a whiteboard and PDF annotator for practicing skills Foreign language – Spanish or German dictionary, resources for practice Confirmation and religion- access to multiple translations of the Bible, note taking, working on worksheets

16 Apple has always strived to be an innovator and leader in education. They have developed a tool, the iPad, that has effectively enhanced education over the past few years. Recently schools have invested a large sum of money into iPads and have found them to be a great investment in their students education. iPads have proven their worth as these schools have implemented them into their classrooms and have seen the students have great success.

17 Some schools that we have contacted had been using laptops for 1:1 and are now switching to iPads. The iPads are very versatile; they have multiple uses with many tools and apps. The cost of iPads is less prohibitive than laptops. Textbook companies are investing in making interactive textbooks for the iPads.

18 There are thousands of quality apps for education that supplement the different subject areas. Many of these apps for education are inexpensive or free. The iPads can be used online and offline. The iPads offer the teacher the ability to have the students do more research in class and to find current data. They are used to challenge the students to improve their problem solving skills.

19 The students will learn how to make good decisions on the proper use of technology and the Internet. Students will learn digital citizenship and will be better prepared for their future. There will be better communication and collaboration with the teachers. The iPads will allow the use of apps that normally would be separate items, such as these: Bible, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, etc.

20 The uses of the iPads in education are unlimited and growing daily. They will be used to access some of the students textbooks. They will be used daily, while keeping a balance between using technology and using textbooks– between using technology and using paper and pencil to learn writing skills. We are investigating the use of Apple TV to enable more participation, collaboration, and assessment of our students.

21 We will be starting with 1:1 in August for the seventh and eighth graders. They will use them on a regular basis. We will purchase a cart and additional iPads that can be checked out by the other classes.(Fundraising) We will be starting slowly and use them more as the year progresses. This allows for evaluation on a regular basis; modifications will be made to optimize the use of the iPads.

22 How will this be achieved at Good Shepherd Lutheran School?

23 The School will supply the iPads to each student in grades 7 and 8. Each student will pay $31.00 per year. This will pay for the insurance on the iPad. The family will be responsible for any accidental damages to the iPad. (There is a $50.00 deductible for damage.) The iPad will be returned at the end of the school year in good condition. There will still be a technology fee.

24 Suggested Apps but not limited to – Cost: Pages -- $9.99 Keynote ??-- $9.99 Numbers ??-- $9.99 PDF annotator, iAnnotate PDF -- $9.99 Free Apps : Word Power for Spanish and German History Maps of the World Classic Books Free V cell iBooks US History Atlas Hubble Top 100 Google Math Drills many free apps English reinforcement – many free apps Google Earth Thesaurus Bible Concordance Rover Bible - Free Dictionary- Free Calculator- Free Draw Free Constitution Dropbox Dragon Dictation Planets Whiteboard NASA Periodic table Weatherbug Molecules Stars

25 On the iPad ESV Bible - free Calculator - free Foreign language dictionary - free Currently on the supply list Bible -$10 Calculator - $12-$60 Foreign language dictionary - $8-$15

26 Additional resources for the iPad Dictionary Thesaurus Atlas Access to some textbooks and their resources Apps for note taking Easy access to files Apps for presentations Voice memo capability Whiteboard capability for math practice Apps for staying organized Accessibility to the internet for communication with teachers via Gmail

27 Training for the teachers will start in May. They will also be trained in August before school starts. They will continue to have training as the year progresses. There is the possibility of a training session for parents to assist them in setting up and usage of the iPads.

28 We will maintain a balance between typing and writing by hand. (Both are necessary tools to learn.) Students will have access to some of the textbooks on the iPad, which are starting to be made available by the publishers. Students will maintain a balance between individual work and group work in the classroom.

29 We will have the necessary policies in place at the start of the school year.

30 Students will have the option to purchase and bring the following: Earbuds Stylus

31 There will be an ongoing evaluation of this endeavor by the committee, that includes the faculty, administration and Christian Day School.

32 As we partner together, our goal and prayer is that your child will be better prepared in this digital world.

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