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EASIER TO DO BUSINESS Supervisors Guide Make it with Ingram.

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1 EASIER TO DO BUSINESS Supervisors Guide Make it with Ingram

2 Ingram is valued and trusted leader in the book industry, however it is sometimes difficult to business with us. To continue on the path to success, we must improve: Speed Efficiency Visibility Collaboration Program Background Why Start This Program?

3 We want everyone to have a voice. We want associates to share their solution-based ideas on how to make it easier to do business with Ingram. Their ideas will be made visible to key decision makers at the highest level of the company. Encourage associates to build the company they want to work for! Why? Why Start This Program?

4 Big or small, your ideas can simplify and improve the way we work internally and with our customers. You can make a difference. Help us improve speed, efficiency, visibility, and collaboration. Give us your ideas. Visit us on iKnow or The Message

5 Step 1: Have a solution-based idea focusing on either speed, efficiency, visibility, or collaboration. Step 2: Submit via a short online form Step 3: Ideas will be reviewed Step 4: Associate will be contacted to let them know the status of their submission* Step 5: If approved, their idea will be set for implementation How does it work? * Some ideas will take more resources (time/money) to complete. If your idea is more complex, the Easier To Do Business team will contact you for additional information.

6 Submissions will be answer within two weeks Next steps will be communicated via e-mail to the associate –To learn more about and develop the idea –Inform the associate as to why their idea was not selected for further action –All submissions will be answered regardless of relevance A project team will be created, with an appropriate sponsor –Supervisors will be involved with managing direct reports on a project The Easier To Do Business team will track progress and provide assistance –Depending on the project, ETDB will meet with you and your team monthly or bi-weekly The Easier To Do Business team will play a minor role –Will provide visibility with management –Track project status Completed projects will be recognized and celebrated After an idea is submitted… After an idea is submitted

7 Quick Win Projects that can be completed within one week Do not require a team Modest business impact Project Types Project Proposal Required Projects that take more than one week Requires a team Significant business impact Sponsor will be assigned

8 Promote submission of ideas that focus on improving either: – Speed – Efficiency – Collaboration – Visibility Ease anxieties over submission of ideas – Stress Ingram is focused on becoming a more collaborative company – All relevant ideas are welcome Allow your direct reports time to submit an idea – Even if they are unable to do so during normal break times Be a part of implementation of approved ideas and work with the Easier To Do Business team, as requested. After completion of a project, help the Easier To Do Business team team in recognition and celebration of the success Supervisor Responsibilities Supervisors Role

9 What if my idea costs money? – Please send in any idea that helps us improve speed, efficiency, visibility, or collaboration. After all, ideas cost nothing unless you want them to happen. Where do I go to for submitting my idea? – iKnow or What if my idea is not approved? – You will be notified via email. When should I talk to my manager vs. just submitting my idea? – Feel free to talk with your manager before submission we can discuss with them after your idea has been approved. Is my idea anonymous? – No, due to the nature of the program, the submitter of the idea has an active role in the solution therefore it is not possible to submit an anonymous idea. Will I have to be on a team if I submit an idea? – It depends on the size and scope of the project, not all projects will require a team. If a team is formed, we would like you to be a part of the implementation process for your idea. What if my idea is urgent? – We will review all ideas within 2 weeks of submission. If it is more urgent feel free to email easier or talk to your supervisor FAQs

10 After 11/19/2013 visit iKnow or FAQs Resources Supervisors section

11 Contact the Easier to do Business team at Further Questions? Questions

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