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Fortinet and Hawaiian Telcom

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1 Fortinet and Hawaiian Telcom
Mike Wysocki - Sales Daryl Jung - SE

2 Your Business Requirements Keep Growing
Network Throughput Budgetary Constraints Regulatory Pressures Network requirements / demands accelerating Security demands must co-exist IT budgets shrinking Security spend increasing Industries demanding greater IT compliance Compliance needs coming from government regulations as well as business partners / industry mandates Change in External IT Services Spending From FY09 to FY10 % 10GB Network Throughput of Enterprise Data Center We also understand that the operational demands face are changing dramatically as well. The demand for greater throughput and bandwidth requires your organization to invest more in network infrastructure to support the required traffic speeds. As a result of the faster network speeds, you need require faster security tools to keep up. And, while IT threats are increasing, your budget isn’t keeping pace. To make the picture complete, you also face significant regulatory issues to create, enforce, and measure your policy compliance. SOX 404 HIPAA Multi-GB FISMA 1GB 10MB 100MB EU Data Protection Directive

3 The Result: More Expense, Less Security, Less Control
“I.T. departments must manage a growing array of specialized security technologies that may or may not work together to help security departments detect and halt attacks.” “Security Professionals Say Network Breaches Are Rampant” Ponemon Institute Survey New York Times 6/22/11 Your network might look something like this… It’s too complicated. And – it leads to security holes. Expensive, complex, lack of control, chase new box in months Are you really more secure?? Here’s what was said in a recent NY Times article….. “I.T. departments must manage a growing array of specialized security technologies that may or may not work together to help security departments detect and halt attacks.” “Security Professionals Say Network Breaches Are Rampant” Ponemon Institute Survey - New York Times 6/22/11

4 Reducing Complexity Is Critical
Q: What are the top security-related challenges your organization is facing? (base: of those that are involved in Security investments) The traditional approach of having different devices for different security functions is adding to the problem – not solving it. Reducing complexity is CRITICAL. According to this survey done by Infoworld, the complexity of security solutions is a bigger problem than mobile clients, regulatory issues, bandwidth or employee misuse of data. Source: Navigating IT: Objective & Obstacles Infoworld, May, 2011

5 12 Steps to Great Security (find 3 issues)
Simple Written Security Policy Database and Network Vulnerability Assessments Patch and Appliance Management Redundancy: High-Availability & WAN-WAN Grouping of Divisions… Data Leak Prevention Content Filtering… Application Control Integrated Anti-Virus/Gateway Anti-Virus Log Reporting Anti-Spam/Spyware Secure your Tele-Commuters Secure Wireless Access Points ICSA/IPsec Firewall (with logging) & Intrusion Prevention First, a brief overview of Fortinet.

6 Protection Policy Process
The “Basic” Problems Protection Protect assets Guard against threats Policy Improve employee productivity Meet regulatory requirements Process Enable business growth Increase efficiency Many of the problems facing organization’s can be summarized as ones of: • Protection – protecting assets and guarding against threats. Preventing personnel from doing things that can lead to security exposure (ex downloading malware, visiting dangerous websites) • Implementing and enforcing policies – these policies can be designed to increase employee productivity (ex – limiting online shopping to lunch hours) or meeting regulatory requirements such as HIPAA or PCI. Fortinet provides ability to craft a detailed, enforceable policy. Of course, such policies should be consistent with the corporate culture and regulatory requirements of an organization • Improving business processes – securely deploying new strategies (ex. Cloud Computing, BYOD etc…) that enable business growth and increasing overall efficiencies by making the most of your infrastructure (ex Bandwidth Management)

7 Staggering Statistics
Internet users spent an average of 6 hours (100% increase from a year ago) on social networking sites & the average US worker spends almost 5.5 hours a month visiting social network sites from the office. Nielson Reports: Internet & Social Media Consumer Insights, May ’10 The use of social media at work is increasing with nearly 7% of all business Internet traffic going to Facebook, according to new analysis by managed security firm, Network Box. BizReport: Social Media Cuts into Internet Bandwidth Consumption, April ’10 7 7

8 Controlling Web Applications
Allow Facebook, but block Facebook applications Farmville Facebook Chat Facebook Video Allow YouTube, but block YouTube download Allow Google Maps, but block Google Web Talk

9 The Reach of Facebook Facebook alone touts over 500 million active users that spend in excess of 700 billion minutes per month on the site and share 30 billion pieces of content Facebook platform houses over 550,000 active applications and is integrated with more than one million websites Facebook’s total site visits in December 2010 eclipsed Google’s Over 20 million applications are installed per day and over 250 million people interact with Facebook from outside the official website on a monthly basis, across 2 million websites

10 Social Networking is Everywhere
LinkedIn has around 75 million users worldwide In July 2010, LinkedIn logged 50 million unique visitors Twitter has over 105 million registered users posting 750 tweets per second MySpace has nearly 70 million users in the U.S

11 The Power To Control: Enforcing Policy & Solving Everyday Problems
Emily, a financial trader, installed Skype on her company laptop to talk with family. Bill works for a Fortune 100 company and shares company details on Facebook. Endpoint Control Identity-Based Policies Emily – application policy checking via FortiClient Bill: Identity-based policies + DLP, app control. Bill (the CFO) might authorized to post to the Corporate Facebook page while others might not Jill: Setting up a VPN – with 2 factor authentication and WAN optimization for improved app performance. Ed: Detect content with sensitive data Ed shared a company presentation via his personal Gmail account. Jill is at Starbucks and needs to communicate and be protected as if she was at HQ. Two-Factor Authentication VPN Tunneling WAN Optimization Data Leak Protection

12 What are the Risks? Lack of visibility and control
Many businesses are limited in their control of social networking. They use URL filters to either allow complete access to restrict the entire application. Widening attack surface Malicious code “is not just coming from the dark corners of the web,” like pornography, gaming and pharmaceutical sites. Its estimated that 77 percent is coming from legitimate sites. Data loss potential Social networking sites are all about collaboration and sharing—potentially even of sensitive data. Today, there is little control over data loss in social media arenas because policies do not typically cover what users contribute.

13 Thinking Strategically About Security
Future-proof your security infrastructure Anticipate change in threat scape Look for opportunities to consolidate without compromise Reduce complexity Increase protection Decrease risk Lower CapEx & OpEx By 2010, only 10% of emerging security threats will require tactical point solutions, compared with 80% in 2005. Source: Gartner We believe the way to deal with the changing threatscape and demanding business requirements is to take a more strategic approach to your application, data, and network security. What this means is that you develop a security infrastructure that is able to adapt to changes in threats while also keeping up with changes in the business environment. An infrastructure that reduces complexity while increasing your ability to detect and block new threats; one that reduces risk while reducing costs.

14 The Result: Market Leadership
Worldwide UTM Market Share Q Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management2 Rank Company Market Share (%) 1 18.0 2 Check Point 14.0 3 SonicWALL 8.3 4 Juniper 7.9 5 Cisco 6.5 6 WatchGuard 4.7 7 McAfee 4.0 8 Crossbeam 3.0 9 Other 33.6 Total 100.0 And – our strategy is paying off! Numerous awards and industry recognition for our success. IDC Worldwide Security Appliances Tracker, Sept 2011 (market share based on factory revenue) Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management”, March 2012 14

15 Fortinet: A New Approach
TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS Cumbersome and costly THE FORTINET SOLUTION Simple and cost-effective Traditional Solutions are: - Non-integrated - Mix of off the shelf systems and applications Have a higher total cost of ownership And, are difficult to deploy, manage and use The Fortinet approach provides the same technologies without the complexity. With added benefits of: Real-time integrated security intelligence ASIC-accelerated performance Lower total cost of ownership While being easier to deploy, manage and use 15

16 Anatomy of the FortiGate Solution
FortiOS Purpose-Built Hardware Original Threat Research FortiOS is the security hardened operating system that powers all FortiGate multi-threat security systems.

17 FortiGate: Integrated Architecture
Real-Time Protection FortiGuard™ Updates Fully Integrated Security & Networking Technologies AV IPS Web Filter Antispam App Ctrl VM Firewall VPN DLP WAN Opt Traffic Shaping WLAN VoIP SSL Insp HA Load Balancing • We control all components which leads to a rich, comprehensive architecture. • Integration of variety of technologies allows organizations to choose which technologies they require • One company, one architecture No other vendor provides such a rich, integrated suite of security technologies. Fortinet Offers…… Purpose-built software and hardware acceleration through ASICs Specific processors and hardware to handle various security functions to optimize performance and perform SSL decryption on thousands of simultaneous connections Options for stream-based, flow-based or complete content protection Acceleration for specific security functions like Ipv6, multicast routing, IPS, application control and flow anti-virus inspection. Clusters, sub-second failover, uninterruptable upgrades Management System HA & geographical redundancy WAN optimization and caching to accelerate web applications/servers by reducing bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived latency The Result: low latency, high performance and resiliency, increased flexibility Hardened Platform Specialized OS High Performance Purpose-Built Hardware Support and Services FortiCare™ FortiGuard Labs Purpose-built to deliver overlapping, complementary security Provides both flexibility & defense-in-depth capabilities 17

18 Centralized Visibility and Control: FortiManager & FortiAnalzyer
Single Pane of Glass Management Global policy enforcement across 5 or 5,000 devices Increased flexibility with granular role-based administration Simplified configuration of Firewall, IPS, Application Controls and other protections Fortinet provides for the consolidation of management and analysis functions. No other vendor allows for the management of such a wide range of devices that implement such a wide range of security technologies. Centralized Analysis and Reporting Continuous monitoring across the enterprise Greater visibility into real-time incidents Monitor activity by users identity Automate compliance reporting

19 Real Threat Protection in Action
Problem: PORT 80 Error message: “Drops” copy of itself on system and attempts to propagate “Innocent” Video Link: Redirects to malicious Website “Out of date” Flash player error: “Download” malware file Solution: Integrated Web Filtering Blocks access to malicious Website FIREWALL Network Antivirus Blocks download of virus WEB FILTERING ANTIVIRUS Intrusion Protection Blocks the spread of the worm INTRUSION PROTECTION

20 Threat Protection Solution for IM & P2P
Access Control Enforce appropriate user access only Limit IM functionalities (eg. File transfer) Monitoring & Audit Detailed conversation & File transfer logging IM Message content archiving Antivirus Detects and block infected File transfers Enforce File blocking by extensions Attack Prevention IPS signatures that stop attacks using known vulnerabilities of IM clients

21 FortiGuard: Research, Updates, Services
Rootkits: Kernel Hooks Botnets: Dynamic Monitoring, Spambots, New Malware Protocols Malware: Code Techniques-PDF/Flash/Doc Security: Exploits & Vulnerabilities, Zero Day Detection Packer Research: Unpacking, Generic Detection FortiGuard Services: AV Signatures – 4x Daily IPS Signatures – 2x Daily Antispam/Web Content Filtering – Real Time Sample Collection Signature Creation Alerts & Escalation Our FortiGuard labs operate around the clock and around the world. Over 200 professionals are constantly tracking the threat landscape and provide continuous updates. AND, the fact the we don’t rely on third parties for our updates ensures that these updates are current and will work seamlessly on our devices. Global Distribution Network: Application Control Vulnerability Management Antispam Web Filtering Intrusion Prevention Antivirus

22 = = Greening of IT…. ¼ Physical Space ¼ Power Consumption
FortiGate Appliance ¼ Physical Space ¼ Power Consumption = Firewall / VPN Antivirus Web Filtering IPS =

23 Comprehensive Product Portfolio
Powerful Centralized Management & Reporting Carrier, MSSP & Large Enterprise Enterprise FortiGate-1000A – FortiGate-5000 SMB & Remote Office FortiGate-200A – FortiGate-800F FortiGate-50B – FortiGate-100A Secure & Client Software

24 Global Installed Base Fortinet at a glance: 100,000+ customers
900,000 appliances shipped The world’s leading enterprises, telcos and service providers Major government education, healthcare and retail institutions

25 Why is Fortinet Successful in Hawaii?
Trained Partners – Hawaiian Telcom Availability – 4 to 5 times a year in Hawaii for client meetings Engineering Refreshers – 11 Since 2008 – No Cost (except parking) Diverse island client base… Enterprise Hospitality State and Local K-12 Retail Higher Education

26 Fortinet’s Hawaii Customers
State and County Businesses Retail, Banking, Cultural Businesses

27 Fortinet’s Hawaii Customers
University and Lower Educational Institutions Travel & Tourism Businesses

28 Hardware and Services Bundles
No per user fees!! Security and OS Updates Maintenance Support One Full Year Bundles also available for our FortiMail product line. 28 28

29 Why Fortinet? Technology ASIC Chips = speed + complete inspection
FortiGuard update network = always up to date Custom hardware = purpose built for security Scalable = ready for growth Value = ability to replace multiple products in your network Cost / Ease of Management Low TCO, no user fees, bundled pricing No third party updates One vendor to deal with support issues/billing Fewer technical resources required to manage We know that on a daily basis, you’re having make hard choices on how to do more without spending more. You are under pressure to open up more of your data to employees, customers, partners, and vendors; at the same time you’re expected to reduce the potential of unauthorized access to your data and backend systems. You’re also expected to make your existing staff and security technologies more effective, and to do it while spending less And, we know you’re expected to lower your expenses

30 Fortinet Corporate Overview
Market Leader UTM - Fast-growth security segment Advanced technology and products 101+ patents; 113+ pending Strong global footprint 1,700+ employees; 40 offices worldwide Blue chip customer base Over 125,000 customers (incl. majority of Global 100) Exceptional financial model FY11 revenues: $434M (34% YoY growth) Q1/12 revenues: $117M (26% YoY growth) Strong balance sheet: $600M+ in cash; no debt IPO - November 2009 $434 FORTINET REVENUE ($MM) 55% CAGR $325 $252 First, a brief overview of Fortinet. $212 $155 $123 $80 $39 $13 30

31 4 Points = 1 Solution Comprehensive solution
Integrated, strategic security Lower TCO Less complexity and easier management Real-time security 24/7 global updates Strategic flexibility Fit your timeline and budget

32 Thank You

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