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Gift Entry and Processing

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1 Gift Entry and Processing
How to Better Steward Your Resources

2 Presenters Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission Elizabeth Horton
Gift Processing Director Charry DeAndres Gift Processing Manager Aqubanc, an MPower Product Partner Jim Cowen, CEO

3 Objectives To describe image-based system To share SUGM experience
To present demo of the system

4 Topics Involved: Why SUGM decided to replace manual operations Major changes involved (Work routines/Reply Devices) Benefits How does data get into MPX (Demo) How checks are deposited (Demo) Summary and Recommendations for other MPX Users

5 SUGM Replaced Manual Operations
The increased speed, efficiency and accuracy provided by the image-based system translate into time and cost savings, improved customer service, and increased user satisfaction. Features Same Day Deposits Online access to images, deposits and reports Ability to capture reply devices and import data into MPX Multi-level security access

6 Major Challenges/Changes:
Work Routines Reply Devices

7 Work Routines Manual Operations vs. Image-based System
1. Hand Sort Mails 2. Run 2 Batch Tapes 3. Manual Gift Entry (MPX) 4. Checks deposited Physically 5. Documents retained for 1 year Assign batch number in MPX Checks endorsed manually 1. Mail Opener Sorter Machine 2. Batch Listing 3. Scanner captures 4. Deposit sent electronically 5. Digital Image Archive Opens/extracts mail Counts total mail processed Conveyor/Stacker Holds about 1000 Checks and Reply/Response Devices Edit and Verify Extract Files (Import to MPX) No endorsement necessary

8 Processing Time Comparison
Manual Operations vs Image-based System 10-15 minutes per batch 5-7 minutes per batch 5-6 batches per hour batches per hour

9 Reply Devices Font type and Font size
“consistent” RD must be Font type and Font size - OCR : OCR-A, 10 point font, black The X and Y coordinates for the OCR line Set the code to print an exact amount of space from the left side of the RD whenever possible. - Optimum would be ½ inch from left edge ¼ inch from top and bottom of codes/fields The Distance between codes/fields Set the number of spaces between codes/fields to be the same every time - 1 to 2 spaces

10 Example (Good)

11 Example (Bad)

12 Example (In-House)

13 BENEFITS: Faster access to your money Make fewer trips to the bank (Cash Only) Productivity Faster receipting of gifts Easy to install and use Historical data at your fingertips (paperless)

14 DEMO How does data get into MPX How checks are deposited

15 Questions Thank you. ©9/25/2008 Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and Aqubanc, LLC | All rights reserved | |

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