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PICTO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

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1 PICTO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Ayla Information Technology

2 Agenda Overview System Management Module Accounting Module
Inventory Module Manufacturing Module Cheques Module Purchasing Module

3 PICTO Overview

4 PICTO Overview PICTO is designed to meet the needs of company managers
It aims at facilitating the process of managing companies. Provides managers and owners more insight into the resources of their business

5 PICTO Overview Offers both Arabic And English interfaces

6 PICTO Overview Designed in a modular fashion to enable customers to purchase only the needed system for their business.

7 System Management Module
The system management module includes the following functionalities:

8 Account Setup

9 Starting Balances Determine the starting balances for each account in the company account tree

10 Year Ending

11 User Management View a list of currently logged in users
Manage Store Security for each user Grant users accessibility to certain system accounts Manage unlimited number of users

12 Backup/Restore The back-up & restore functionalities enable users to back-up or restore company data by a click of a button

13 Log History Log History: Follow up the Transaction that happened on the vouchers and the work of users

14 Accounting Module The accounting module is divided into:

15 Accounts Management Create an unlimited number of accounts

16 Accounts Management Ability to search for an account using any of the entered data

17 Accounts Management Using Accounts hierarchy
Ability to view all information related to an account and important numbers

18 Accounts Transactions
The accounting module supports the following vouchers Normal Vouchers Cash Payment Bank Payment Users can move between vouchers using the arrows at the bottom Payment Receipt Services invoices Using F2 Service/ Assets Using F1

19 Accounts Transactions
Accounting Module Accounts Transactions Using the F3 key Ability to quick search accounts

20 Accounts Transactions
Accounting Module Accounts Transactions Using the F6 key Ability to view all descriptions Ability to Use the immediately previous voucher description

21 Accounts Transactions
Users are able to update any number of vouchers at the same time Ability to search for a certain voucher using any entered data

22 Accounts Transactions

23 Reports Accounting Module Unique, multipurpose reports That Are :
Analytical Graphical Easy to comprehend Can be easily transferred to Excel

24 Reports

25 Inventory Module The Stocks Module is divided into:

26 Items Management The Item Management enables users to manage the stocks items Groups Items hierarchy enable users to divide stocks items into three group levels.

27 Items Management The forth level includes actual stocks items. Items

28 Items Management Four different Price levels

29 Items Management The user is able to view the items details

30 Items Management

31 Items Management Users are able to search for an item using any entered data

32 Users should setup stores before they are allowed to use the stocks module

33 Stocks Setup Unlimited number of stores along with separate system accounts for each stores Users are able to create new stores and connect it to the accounting system by

34 Stocks Module PICTO supports:

35 Stocks Module Items Transactions
The stocks vouchers supports the following transactions Items Receipt Invoices Items Adjustment Returned Sales Stocks Transfer Issue Voucher Sample

36 Items Transactions Ability to search for a certain voucher
From the search results, vouchers can be printed and viewed Ability to search for a certain voucher Users are able to update any number of vouchers at the same time

37 Stocks Module Items Transactions

38 Stocks Module Reports

39 Cheques Module The Cheques Module is divided into:

40 Issued Cheques The system presents the user with the Bank Payment voucher

41 Issued Cheques

42 Issued Cheques The system presents the user with a search option
Using Any of the data entered Or manage accounts or print chq To edit Or View

43 Issued Cheques Manage accounts is divided into

44 Cheques Module Issued Cheques

45 Receipt Cheques The system presents the user with the Receipt voucher

46 Receipt Cheques

47 Receipt Cheques Cheques Module
The system presents the user with a search option with similar functionalities as that of the issued cheques

48 Cheques Module Reports

49 Reports The user will be able to choose the following before running the report:

50 Reports/Customize Cheques Report

51 Reports/Customize Cheques Report

52 Reports/Customize Cheques Report
The report will display:

53 Purchasing Module

54 Quotations

55 Quotations Post Quotations Go to Internal Requests

56 Internal Requests

57 Internal Requests Approve Internal Request Move to Formal Requests

58 Formal Requests

59 Formal Requests Post Formal Request Move to Order

60 Orders Post Order to show on delivery or to close order (to show qty on order) close order… when QTY delivery and finish –

61 Orders

62 Deliveries To Delivery the actual QTY received
Post Delivery to shown in the item receipt under Inventory Module

63 Reports

64 Manufacturing Module The Manufacturing Module is divided into:

65 Equations Manufacturing Module
Users are able to add and edit various manufacturing equations

66 Equations Users are able to search and view equations

67 Equations Users are able to enter the availability of a particular product

68 Batches Manufacturing Module
Users are able to enter various information about batches : Manufacturing Batches Packaging Batches Users are able to update particular batches and view them

69 Sales Module Sales module have the following Functionalities:

70 Approved Quotation Order

71 user creates quotations by entering items details (Like price, quantity, and discount) , quotation Period and sales man. After creating these quotations user sends them to clients to gain their responses.

72 When the user have the customer response, they may send the accepted quotation to the order section or reject the quotation


74 user able to create orders for approved

75 User here edits the quantities and the order to satisfy the client needs and finally issues orders to delivery section. Posted order Delivery


77 The user could search for the pending orders, choose the order and create delivery for that order


79 The user can transfer accepted delivery to issued invoices


81 Also the sales module may be used for the services company


83 Quotation Send to the customer and accepted by them order Posted Delivery Updated Delivery Issue invoices

84 Thank You

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