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1) Sign up through this link :

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3 1) Sign up through this link : 2) Completely fill out the sign up form and ensure that payment details are present, otherwise, registration wont go through SIGNUP PROCESS

4 3) Once your account has been created, you will receive an automated welcome email from us that looks like the below: SIGNUP PROCESS

5 4) Please ensure to add our email address to safe sender status. See screenshot below on how to do this in Gmail: SIGNUP PROCESS Note : Steps vary with other ISPs. Refer to this link as guide to do that with other ISPs : Email-Address-to-your-Safe-Senders-List/Page1.html

6 1) Login to your affiliate account with your correct details through this link : CREATING CAMPAIGN

7 2) On Home Tab that shows Dashboard Report, Click Create a campaign link CREATING CAMPAIGN

8 3) Fill-in the details of the campaign (Name, Revenue Model, Brand) and click Create Tip – use a relevant campaign name that would help keep track and easily identify a campaign CREATING CAMPAIGN

9 1) After creating a campaign, proceed in adding media to your campaign by clicking Add new media to this campaign ADDING MEDIA TO CAMPAIGN

10 2) Select the media locale (language) and click Fetch Media to direct you to the banner farm ADDING MEDIA TO CAMPAIGN

11 3) Select the media / banner depending on what size you require. Afterwards, input media name on the description and click Add Media. ADDING MEDIA TO CAMPAIGN

12 4) You will see the message The media has been added to your campaign Note : if you cant find your desired media – contact us so we can organize an exclusive media for you. ADDING MEDIA TO CAMPAIGN

13 1) Get the campaign tracking link by clicking Back to Campaign Media LOCATE AND EMBED THE TRACKING LINK

14 2) The tracking link is shown on the HTML box as highlighted below. Start embedding the tracking link to your websites. LOCATE AND EMBED THE TRACKING LINK

15 Please contact us to say hi and we will assist in getting you started. CONTACT US Eva Loire - Marketing Manager Email: Skype: eva.loire Louie Wilson - Affiliate Manager Skype : louie.wilson14 Cristine Reyes - Affiliate Manager Skype : cristine.reyes888

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