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Upgrade Utility/PassThru Beta

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1 Upgrade Utility/PassThru Beta
Jennifer Lisser – Dorner Manufacturing Bob Herold – Bruno Independent Living Aids

2 Outline PassThru Beta Program Background Upgrade Utility
Software released GA New options to get upgraded to Epicor 9.05.X Hardware, OS, SQL Server, Progress and Epicor 9.05 options Pre/Post Upgrade process checklists Recommendations Why do it? Additional Discussion or Questions

3 PassThru Beta Program Epicor was interested in getting existing customers involved with the program Program began in Fall of 2010 and had about 15 customers participating Program went through several updates to overcome problems Hardware Requirements Run time to complete upgrade UOM Conversion issues GL Conversion issues Epicor closed Beta prior to an existing customer successfully going live on 9.05

4 Upgrade Utility GA release date was end of August 2011
Available to current users with support contracts Talk with your CAM to get download information Product is being supported under standard support

5 Data Migration Options
Epicor Data Conversion: Send Database for test upgrade Send Database for final upgrade Manual Conversion: Upgrade to latest 8.03 (409c) Upgrade to latest 9.04 Upgrade to latest 9.05 Epicor Data Conversion – only get the 2 conversions, not that you’d need more than 1 test… but… Manual Conversion: Possibly run 9.04 and 9.05 conversion on same server with Progress workaround Direct Upgrade Still need to be on the latest 8.03 version Runs the conversion multi-threaded, should be much faster than the manual conversion (had given up on ours, so don’t have stats) The Direct Upgrade Utility should synch up with the latest service pack eventually; currently it is behind (604a vs 606) Direct Upgrade Utility: Upgrade to latest 8.03 (409c) Direct Upgrade Utility ( a) Upgrade to required 9.05 (607a)

6 Dorner Environment 409C Data Upgrade Test Environment 2003 R2 64-bit
SQL bit Vantage C 32-bit Progress 10.1b 32-bit Data Upgrade 2008 R2 64-bit SQL bit SQL2008 R2 64-bit Epicor a 32-bit Progress 10.2a 32 bit Test Environment SQL 2008 R2 64-bit Epicor bit Progress 10.2a 64-bit Dorner Environment 409C data conversion 904 schema update 904 data conversion (multithread) 905 schema update 905 data conversion GL conversions conversion

7 Bruno Environment Epicor 9.05.606 409C Server
VMware 3.5 ESX Server 2003 R2 32-bit SQL bit Progress and Vantage 32-bit Low end system to get current version to 409c and run Part 1 of UOM conversion Epicor Dell Precision Workstation Dual Quad Core Pentium 32 GB Memory 2 Raid GB SSD drives 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 R2 64-bit Progress and Epicor bit

8 Sample Checklist – Upgrade process
Restore live database to 409c conversion box Remove any SQL custom items Run 409c data conversion Run UOM scan Backup MfgSys & UOM databases Install pass thru, DBs restored in install Run fix programs Run 904 schema Run 904 data Run 905 schema Run 905 data Import posting rules Run GL Conversion * Can run GL Conversion after cutover, need to maintain 9.04 version of database. Only days are mapped, data is all there though. Dorner GL conversion is around 30 hours per fiscal year.

9 Sample Checklist – Post Upgrade
Reimport custom SQL items Transfer SQL security Run post upgrade programs (e.g. bit flag) Fix menus Fix default report styles Purge personalizations Validate customizations Import solutions (fixed customizations) Check UOM codes Fix new functionality data (e.g. packaging defaults) Run mass changes (e.g. all parts flagged buy to order)

10 Recommendations SSD!!! Lots of hard drive space
Remove custom SQL objects Screen capture software – Set at 15 minute captures Count on plenty of time for fixing customizations. What we saw: Custom tabs “gone” BPM methods change BAQ field formatting Menus orphaned Default report styles lost SSD - Epicor saw 20 hours for conversion of 65GB ; we were over 100 hours and our DB is almost 80GB now Hard Drive Database and log files will bloat (100GB wasn’t enough for a 74GB db plus log) SQL Objects Triggers cause conversion to fail UOM scan reads custom views, stored procedures – removing them saved ~40 hours (use TSql scan) Screen capture software - Capture screen shots to assist in determining long process or points that the conversion requires user input Customizations Custom “Dorner” tab wiped out of every screen leaving all the UD fields abandoned, cheater work around Epicor tweaked screen performance by using new methods, old ones are still there just not called, BPM validation doesn’t error on these. In general, plan on touching every BPM in Method Directive maintenance as well as testing Fields defined as numeric 9.99 crashed a BAQ if the number was greater than 9.99 in E9; worked fine in V8

11 Why Upgrade? Currently on Vantage A – Epicor Support tests on C The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be They are getting to a stable point Functionality available in 9.05 that we want

12 Why Upgrade? continued Features
Package customization pieces as a “Solution” Same table called twice in BAQs BPMs separate between environments Alt Bill To on RMAs and Service Calls Buy to Sales Order Paving the road for Business Intelligence tools

13 Resources on EpicWeb Epicor 905 Feature Summaries Epicor 9.05 eBook Guides Epicor 9 Performance Tuning Guide (Virtual Environment) Performance Tuning Guide (SQL) Schema Changes v to Epicor 9

14 Additional Discussion or Questions

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