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Dante and the Road to Salvation, Part II The Purgatorio.

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1 Dante and the Road to Salvation, Part II The Purgatorio

2 Lets review hell. Even the just man sins seven times a day. Dantes situation in Canto 1 Three heavenly ladies in Canto 2 The Lesson of Francesca: Sin is…. The Lesson of Ugolino: Sin is….

3 Inferno Gruesome Spooky Majestic

4 Purgatorio: Busy

5 Purgatorio: Spectacular Andrea Pierini, The Meeting of Dante and Beatrice in Purgatory

6 Purgatorio: Serene and Hopeful Henry Parker Payne, The Valley of Vision

7 Purgatory Themes of conversion and repentance Conversion Today ?

8 Conversion Today Private affair – me and God thing – Confession (to priest in secret box) – Arguments against even going to confession 12-step programs – lock-step? Short-term conversions – losing 10 lbs. Zeal of the converted – bothersome? kooky?

9 The Lesson of Casella Purgatorio, Canto 2 John Flaxman, Casella

10 The Lesson of Casella No complaining Spurred from without (the Just Old Man) Part of a flock Child-like openness, curiosity, eagerness, concentration, remorse Pigeon-like vulnerability – first eating, not strutting or proud – then frightened into flight

11 What is Sin? Having a heart of stone Refusing to admit responsibility Complaining and blaming everyone else Being too self-reliant and not reaching out to others (either to comfort or for comfort) Hanging onto the familiar (even when it is unhappy and unhealthful)

12 What is Conversion? Having a heart of flesh – Being curious and reaching out – Becoming eagerly absorbed in experience – Taking pleasure in sweetness Taking responsibility and not complaining Listening to correction from others Priorities Rushing to mend ways (even when you dont know what to expect)

13 The Lesson of Sapìa Purgatorio, Canto 13

14 The Lesson of Sapìa Unabashed admission of guilt Reliance on others (Pier Pettinaio and Dante) Replacing sin with its opposite: envy fellow feeling and pleasure at Gods favor to Dante But also vestiges of sin? – restore my name among my kinsfolk there – scorn for Sienese still (foolish hopes and admirals)?

15 The Lesson of Beatrice Canto 30

16 The Lesson of Beatrice Review of previous lessons – Child-like remorse – Spurred from without (Beatrice) – Priorities Public confession Intense emotion Clarity of right path – not hard or obscure or unreasonable

17 Where next? The Paradiso – Focus on God – Communion of saints and Christian communities – Poetic pyrotechnics

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