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The Rotary Club of Southbank. to the community and the world give back something ? Have you always wanted to.

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1 The Rotary Club of Southbank

2 to the community and the world give back something ? Have you always wanted to

3 in your area network Community minded professionals with other ? Would you like to

4 That could help others in local or international communities passion Project be translated into a ? Could your

5 the world For the better ? Would you like to change

6 helps Extraordinary things ordinary people to do The Rotary Club of Southbank to know more about us?

7 Our History While Rotary started in Chicago in 1905 and has been in Australia since 1921, our Club was established way back in 1999… (Our first club portrait, colour photos hadnt come in yet)

8 Our Vision …Like all Rotary Clubs, we are a community service organisation part of the worldwide Rotary International organisation, dedicated together to Service Above Self. Our Clubs Vision is: A Club that is enterprising, caring and productive; developing fellowship and implementing activities rich in choice for the benefit of the community.

9 Who We Are Our Clubs average weekly meeting size: 20-40 people

10 Who We Are Our Clubs members ages range from: 25-70+ years of age

11 Who We Are We pride ourselves on increasing our diversity across: Gender Age Ethnicity professional backgrounds views

12 Who We Are We meet: Weekly round The year …and conduct projects: over dinner

13 Wed love to work with you and hope that you can make your dreams real alongside us.

14 Examples of our Projects Heres some

15 The Community Service Awards The Rotary Club of Southbank annually hosts the Community Service Awards Gala Event celebrating the relationships between Community Service Organisations and their supportive corporate partners. The prizes provided reward these community organisations with significant funding to encourage and foster further community development work. The Business Leaders Boot Camp The Business Leaders Boot Camp is an intensive course drawing together CEOs, business and market leaders to benchmark their business performance against worlds best practice standards. As well as introducing business social responsibility concepts, all profits are returned to the community through the Rotary Club of Southbank. Homeless World Cup The Club maintains ongoing support for Street Soccer programs helping homeless and unemployed Melbournians turn around their lives through participation in sport. Culminating in the Homeless World Cup, the program has a proud history of helping participants reintegrate into society and work.

16 Social Inclusion Week Created by Southbank Rotarian Dr Jonathon Welch AM, Social Inclusion Week aims to help ensure all Australians feel included and valued, giving everyone the opportunity to participate fully in society. Its about connecting local communities, workmates, family and friends in order to build and strengthen relationships and networks, addressing isolation and exclusion by supporting people who may be unable to help themselves. First Steps A project of the Rotary Club of Southbank, The First Steps Youth Job Search Program is an interactive online program aimed at helping young job seekers develop confidence and competence as they undertake the job search process. A free service, The First Steps provides tips, interview cheat sheets, advice on how to make your resume and how to answer tricky questions at interviews, as well as much more. Found at: KIDS Foundation The Rotary Club of Southbank has been proud to support numerous projects of The KIDS Foundation, a not-for-profit, health promotion charity dedicated to reducing the incidence of childhood injury and death by promoting injury prevention education.

17 Vocational Training in Timor Leste The Rotary Club of Southbank has for many years supported the Xanana Vocational Training Trust assisting Australias youngest neighbour, Timor Leste (East Timor) with job related training for young people to assist them in obtaining skills that will foster development of employment and industry in Timor Leste. End Polio Now Rotary International's signature project through the Rotary Foundation End Polio Now, is an initiative that protects children around the world with Polio vaccines to globally eradicate Polio forever. The work contributed by Rotarians from around the world (including The Rotary Club of Southbank) together with our partners has seen the incidence of polio reduced by 99% with an end to Polio in sight. Clean Water in Bali The Rotary Club of Southbank has partnered with the Rotary Club of Bali Taman in Indonesia to bring clean water to remote villages in Bali by providing vital water infrastructure development. This project has alleviated illness, economic and educational disadvantages and allowed positive redistribution of labour and costs that was being consumed in supplying clean water from other remote areas.

18 Hanover House The Rotary Club of Southbank has been partnering with Hanover House for over eight years. Hanover is a leading Melbourne based community agency providing a range of services to Victorians experiencing housing crisis or homelessness.. Steps Outreach Service Steps Outreach Service is a small team of dedicated workers and volunteers who spend time at the Steps of Flinders St Station, forming relationship with young homeless people. The Rotary Club of Southbank has been extensively involved in supporting Steps both on the streets as well with projects like the production of the book Under The Bridge, detailing the stories and poems of Melbournes homeless. Swags 4 the Homeless The Rotary Club of Southbank are partnering with Swags 4 The Homeless to develop projects to easily help alleviate the indignity and discomfort of sleeping rough on concrete and cardboard by providing weatherproof swags to people experiencing homelessness..

19 Ambassadorial Scholars As part of the clubs contribution to The Rotary Foundation, The Rotary Club of Southbank is proud to have sponsored university students from around the world through Ambassadorial Scholarships. The scholarships sponsor undergraduate and graduate students, as well as qualified professionals pursuing vocational studies in order to promote international understanding and friendly relations. Group Study Exchange The Rotary Club of Southbank has a history of successfully nominating participants to the Rotary Foundations international cultural and vocational exchange. The Group Study Exchange takes small group s of young, community minded professionals in the early stages of their careers to other countries with a Rotarian to learn vocational and cultural insights which they can take back to their roles and lives at home while educating foreign countries about the Australian way of life and work to promote understanding and peace. Stella Maris The Rotary Club of Southbank has supported Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) in their work in the Southbank area in caring for the Spiritual, Social, and Material welfare of all Seafarers without distinction of colour, race or creed.

20 Not to mention: Community, Health & Environmental Projects Street Soccer – sponsorship, support and volunteering of Homeless World Cup teams Environmental - Tree Planting at Westgate Park Support of Port Phillip Special School Support of the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) Support of the Steps Community Outreach Program Support of Open Family Support of Hanover House Development and distribution of Emergency Medical Information Booklet Support of Bowelscan campaign Support of Know Your Numbers Blood Pressure campaign

21 Not to mention: Public Oriented Major Projects (Fundraising, Promotion and Membership) The Worlds Biggest Garage Sale Southbank Business Breakfast Speaker Series Christmas in July Major Event International / Rotary Foundation Projects ShelterBox provision of shelter, cooking utensils and clean water following disasters Donations-In-Kind contributions of surplus corporate goods to Timor Leste Rotarians Against Malaria supply of mosquito nets Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) - providing medical treatment for children from developing countries (below)

22 Not to mention: Youth Projects Youth Achievement Awards Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment Camp Quality Rotary Youth Exchange Vocational and Club Service Projects Vocational visits to businesses to learn about how they operate Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships Business Breakfasts Golf Days

23 You What would like to do? Care for the homeless Inspire new generations of Australian Youth Foster worldwide peace End the cycle of poverty Provide safe drinking water for communities at risk Care for and protect the environment Rebuild nations following civil, military and natural disturbances Support ethical and humane medical research Build childhood and adult literacy See the end to the Polio virus Call us Ph: 0404475000 Email us Or find us on

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