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Four Winds Digital Signage Nathan Byrer, MCITP:EA Technology Director University College, IUPUI 1.

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1 Four Winds Digital Signage Nathan Byrer, MCITP:EA Technology Director University College, IUPUI 1

2 Create/Consume/Upload Content Text Web based interface Fetch media from other servers XML (RSS) DatabasesPowerPointNativeFlash Range of Supported Formats (JPG, TIF, WMV, MOV, Mpeg4, FLV, AVI, WAV, etc. Range of Video Formats SoundBackgrounds Image Video Live Video Cameras Broadcast Television Closed Circuit Web StreamsInteraction Wayfinding FAQs Content REUSE 2

3 Schedule Content Each item has its own independent schedule Ability to schedule to start in the future Start Date/Time and End Date/Time Ability to display an item for portions of a day Ability to schedule content to multiple screens at one time Ability to sync schedules of playlists in a layout (to make sure content shows on the screen at the same time) Ability to sync scheduled of playlists across screens 3

4 Different Types of Devices Scrolling Marquee Outdoor Signage Computer Monitors Large TVs Video Walls Projectors Multi monitor Installations Different Resolutions/Layouts (16X9, 9X16, 4X3, 3X4, other sizes of displays Screensavers 4

5 Emergency Management Interface to Integrate with Existing University Emergency Notification System (IU Notify) IU Notify uses Blackboard connect for notification Automatic Override of Existing Message Ability to Change display within 2 minutes of sending message Ability to send messages to all players Ability to send message based on location Ability to change layout (Full Screen) 5

6 Connections to Outside Content XMLDatabases RSS Feed Web Images Web Pages Room Scheduling Systems (EMS Enterprise) Weather Databases (NOAA) Text Files 6

7 Application Programming Interface (API) Full programmatic access to system 7

8 Management Features Security Active Directory user and group aware SSL Workflow Multilevel Approval Creating content, scheduling content, managing players, etc. Modes of Operations (Normal, Alert, Special Event, Fire, Tornado, etc) User/Group defined access to media resources Granular Access to all tools needed Grouping of players; Multilevel Ability to delegate authority to manage Remotely manage players Updating software Manage resolution Enable/disable sound Change volume Boot players Republish content Change layouts Discrete Access to all tools needed 8

9 Interactive Signage Touch Sensitive Web enabled Database Driven Ability to provide feedback 9

10 Screen Layouts Ability to subdivide a screen into unlimited playlists content Ability to schedule layout changes Ability to copy layouts from screen to screen 10

11 Reporting Amount of times media has been displayed Access lists Notifications (Emails, Growl Messages, etc) Ability to opt-in/opt-out Active Notifications 11

12 Network Diagram 12

13 Client Options Rack Mount Players Small Form Factor Display Integrated Wireless Multiple Display Ports 13

14 Enterprise Ready Ability to scale to thousands of screens Use standard Ethernet to communicate with players Database Driven Push Model of content delivery (no streaming) Ability to be in Active Directory 14

15 IU Implementation Cost: Current projection is $125.00 per player per year Timeline Phase 1 Pilot: Now through January 31 st (No live deployments; Replicate existing signs in new software) Phase 2 February through April (Additional pilot participants; Limited deployments for phase 1 participants) LiveMay 15

16 IU Implementation Work still to be done Policies Hardware Specifications Integration with IU Notify How to get involved ListServ: SUBSCRIBE dsign-l Become a pilot participant Email: 16

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