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BY NAKIA HAWKINS & KEITH ROBB How to Run a Meeting By Antony Jay.

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1 BY NAKIA HAWKINS & KEITH ROBB How to Run a Meeting By Antony Jay

2 Functions of A Meeting Define the team or group Efficiently use of human resources Helps define the goals of members and what they have to offer Provides support for group decisions Usually the only occasion when supervisors have the opportunity to guide the group

3 Types of Meetings By Size The Assembly-100 or more members The Council- 40 or 50 members The Committee- up to 10, max 12 People: too many members can harm the meeting, 4-7 is ideal, 10 is acceptable, 12 is too many

4 Managing Meeting Size 1. Determine whether each agenda item needs everyones input 2. Decide if separate smaller meetings would be better 3. Determine whether topics can be ruled out before the meeting; requiring less people

5 Defining the Objective 1. Informative-Digestive: strictly informational 2. Constructive-Originative: create a new plan 3. Executive Responsibilities: implement the plan 4. Legislature Framework: a system of rules or routines

6 Agenda Accelerates and clarifies meeting More details lead to a more organized meeting Highlights specific topics

7 Meetings Minutes Done by a secretary Includes: Time, date, location, and name of chairman Names of present members All items on agenda discussed and all decisions reached End point Date, time, and place of next scheduled meeting

8 Order of Meeting Topics Mental energy issues go first Most important item 15 minutes into meeting Introduce unifying topics before topics that may cause divide

9 Conducting a Meeting Lateness: do not encourage it Start on time Make a note of all latecomers Bring it to everyones attention Seating Chart: effects behavior Face to Face, facilitates opposition and disagreement Side by Side, makes disagreement harder Dead Mans Corner, on the Chairmans right Closest to the Chairman signifies favor Dealing with the People:

10 Dealing with the people Control the long winded: Create a sense of urgency Indicate the need for brevity Pick a phrase Encourage the clash of ideas Promotes further discussion between members Watch out for the suggestion- squashing reflex Come to the most senior people last Close on a note of achievement Any successful point in the meeting

11 Meeting Tips Meetings should be about 1 ½ hours Record the meetings start and end times Dont spend too much time on one topic If meetings are too long, set a fixed end point Circulate agenda ahead of time, about 2 0r 3 days Do not leave extra time for Any Additional Business

12 B I N G O? B I N G O?

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