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The Point-to-Point Authority Limited (PPA) Chairman Simon Claisse.

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1 The Point-to-Point Authority Limited (PPA) Chairman Simon Claisse

2 PPA – MATTERS ON ITS AGENDA PPA Accounts PPA Budgets Annual Fees Horserace Betting Levy Board Annual Grant to Point-to-Point meetings Creating a financial reserve Point-to-Point Racing Company (The PPA is a 50% stakeholder) - financial performance Communication – ongoing improvements to the Website, Facebook page, Twitter, e-route newsletter and the Talking Point Telephone service. Pointer Magazine New methods of communication – text messaging Management of National Sponsors Search for new National Sponsors National Dance & Awards

3 Cont...... Stewards Seminars in liaison with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA)/ Content / Retirement age / Recruitment Implementation of changes to BHA Regulations / Instructions Administrative help to all participants, organizers and people involved in the sport on a day to day basis and weekends through out the season. There is always someone on call to help. Help desk for all point-to-point enquiries All administration of Point-to-Point Pony Racing. Responsible for timely availability of all Participants application paperwork – Riders Qualification Certificates (RQC) and Hunter Certificates (HC). RQC administration including the medical side of the application process. Processing of all Point-to-Point Stewards Enquiries and fines imposed and collation of data on behalf of the BHA. Processing of all medical and veterinary returns

4 SIMON CLAISSE Independent Chairman LUCY TUCKER Executive KATY ARINC KELLY SIMPSON ACCOUNTS MEDICAL ADMINISTRATOR OFFICE MANAGER RICHARD FULLER STEVEN ASTAIRE MIKE FELTON RICHARD RUSSELL HEATHER KEMP TABITHA CAVE PPORA PPSA MFHA Jockey Club Independent Independent Jeanette Dawson PPA Tim Easby Statistics / Hunter Chasing Sponsorship & PR Legal Sara Wethered Health & Safety 14 Area Reps 14 Area Chairmen Lesley Courtney 4 Riders Reps 14 Area Secretaries Dilys Hart 1,800 Members 14 Area Public 198 Fixture 1 86 Hunt Secretaries Relations Officers Secretaries Company Stakeholders: The Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association (PPORA ) 25% The Point-to-Point Secretaries Association (PPSA) 25% Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) 25% The Jockey Club 25%

5 The PPA – What does it do? The Office – 11 Trull Farm Buildings, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Lucy Tucker – Executive Kelly Simpson – Office Manager Katy Arinc - Adminstrator Julie Ellis – Accounts Our Customers: 198 Point-to-Point Fixture Secretaries The British Horseracing Authority 120 Senior Vets The Horserace Betting Levy Board 116 Senior Doctors The Point-to-Point Secretaries Association 14 Area representatives The Masters of Foxhounds Association 358 Point-to-Point Stewards The Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association 77 Senior Stewards Point-to-Point Pony Racing 750 Riders The General Public! 3,000 horses / owners

6 The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) Make annual changes to the Regulations & Instructions in agreement with the BHA ahead of the forthcoming season Organise & administer the annual Point-to-Point Stewards Seminars Compilation & circulation of the weekly Stewards Assistant Report to: Senior Stewards, the BHA, Stewards Assistants, PPA Board and Area Secretaries Verifying the eligibility of 358 Stewards & 77 Senior Stewards Verifying the eligibility of 120 Vets Horse performance – monitoring & recording poor performers & behavioural issues Fallers – monitoring of fallers at every fence at 199 Point-to-Point meetings Collation of the meeting returns – Stewards Enquiries, Racecards, Results etc Chasing payment of unpaid fines Administering the Forfeit list Organise & administer the Point-to-Point Doctors Orientation Day liaise over content with Doctors@Events Establishment of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) to oversee all medical aspects, to help 116 Senior Doctors. Administration of the Riders Insurance Scheme

7 The Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB) Checking & Processing each Fixtures Annual accounts for onward transmission to the HBLB Production of the annual application to the HBLB highlighting why Point-to-Point Courses need the grant. Devising the breakdown of the HBLB grant between the 117 Point-to-Point Courses for submission to the HBLB for approval Checking payment details (BACS) are correct ahead of payment of the grant to the host hunts

8 The Point-to-Point Secretaries Association Provision of the Agenda papers & Minutes for the biannual Committee meetings Attendance at the 14 Area Meetings Circulation of the annual Point-to-Point Fixture Application paperwork Support to Fixture secretaries prior to the paperwork return deadline concerning administrative issues. Compilation of the annual Fixture list in conjunction with the Area Representatives Checking all relevant signatures are received in relation to the application – Landowner consent / host hunt permission Pre-season mail out to: 198 Fixture Secretaries, 146 Clerk of the Courses, 51 BHA Course Inspectors, 435 Point-to-Point Stewards, 116 Senior Doctors & 120 Senior Vets Fixture issues – rearranged meetings / acquiring the relevant authorisation for changes to details published with the National Point-to-Point Planner i.e. Race time changes etc Assistance in finding replacement officials at short notice such as senior doctors & vets via PPA databases Chasing of unpaid entry fees

9 Annual update of relevant paperwork prior circulation Liaison with MFHs over signatures for the owner / rider paperwork Provision of information relating to the numbers qualified with each hunt at the end of the season. Close liaison over giving support to hunts staging fixtures. Monitoring qualifying issues. Collation of data collected from members so as to monitor feedback as to the ease / hardship of the various aspects of staging a fixture. Representation on the point-to-point sub-committee. The Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA)

10 The Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association Owners Arrange the mandatory Public Liability Insurance Registration of Hunter Certificate via Weatherbys Registration of PPA Horse Sponsorship via Weatherbys General help with everyday enquiries Riders Arrange the annual insurance premiums & cover Administer the Riders Insurance Scheme Assist new applicants with any aspect of their application Liaise with the BHA Medical Department over individual applications concerning medical issues Confirm fallers who have had and suffered an injury so as to aid with payments if due from the Insurance Whenever possible make sure riders receive their RQC on time (even if it means delivering it personally to a point-to-point where they are riding!). Attend PPORA Riders seminars

11 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Responsibility for the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee – meetings and communication throughout the season Compilation of the annual fixture list Provision of information for the National Point-to-Point Planner and, new for 2013, the Point-to- Point Pony Racing Planner Arrangement of Employers public & personal liability for those not covered under the MFHA policy Updating of the Pony Racing Authority (PRA) Website with all entries, results and news on a weekly sometimes daily basis Liaison with the Chief PRA Steward over registrations of Riders and Ponies. Research of qualification / eligibility enquiries / objections Chasing of paperwork for incomplete registrations Management of national sponsorship Administration and organisation of PRA / PC Training Pony Racing Days PPA Executive - a Director of the PRA Board the Regulator of Pony Racing under both codes – Racecourse & Point-to-Point. Attends all Board meetings General day to day Enquiries / Complaints!

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